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Jacqueline Staph Biography, Age, Husband, Divorce, Net worth

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Who is Jacqueline Staph?
In this piece, we want to talk about American model and fellow blogger, Jacqueline Staph, better known as the wife of the famous actor Orlando Jones. Orlando Jones is a famous comedian and actor known for being one of the original cast members of the comedy series, MADtv.
Rest assured that herein, we will examine as much as you need to know about Jacqueline Staph. Let’s take a look at her profile summary.
Profile summary
Name Jacqueline StaphDate of birthJuly 4th, 1983ZodiacCancerAge39 yearsHusbandOrlando JonesNationalityUnited States of AmericaNet worth $1 million
Jacqueline Staph Biography
Jacqueline Staph, who was once said to be interested in modeling, is now an American fashionista and blogger. The July 4th, 1983-born American is a wife to the prominent American actor Orlando Jones. She is 39 years old.
We gathered that Staph majored in International development at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her dad, a healthcare provider, was a dentist who managed a mobile dentistry clinic in the States. 
Jacqueline currently lives in Southern California with her two children (details of whom are hidden from the web) and no husband. The succeeding paragraph will help you understand her marital status better.
Jacqueline Staph Marital Status
Tying the knot with Orlando Jones is probably one of the best moments in Staph’s biography as far as we have come to gather. If any, one of the things Jacqueline got attracted to in Orlando was his uniqueness. 
She met her husband, Orlando Jones, at a friend’s party in Las Vegas in 2005. According to her, while others had gone wild during the party, she noticed Orlando remained just as composed. 
Jacqueline definitely won’t forget the role Orlando has played in her life for the time they spent together. 
In 2008, Orlando proposed to her with a unique engagement ring for about a century to stand out to his partner. However, he also revealed that he didn’t propose to Jacqueline directly. Instead, he said his bulldog proposed to her while having the ring around its neck.

“I wanted to give her something she would never see on someone else,” Jones says, so he chose a nearly century-old platinum engagement ring. The jubilee-cut center stone is framed by two princess-cut diamonds.
Jones according to instyle.com
There was a sense of intimacy in their wedding ceremony as it was organized like a dinner party for the forty-two guests that were said to be at the table. Lighting was maintained at the party, held at the Hotel Bel-Air in LA, with lanterns, votives, and pillars. They wedded on On January 2, 2009.

Jacqueline Staph and Orlando Jones weddingJacqueline Staph and Orlando Jones wedding
Jacqueline Staph Divorce
Despite the uniqueness of the marriage ties between these spouses, a recent source unfortunately established that the couple dissolved their marriage in 2021. They divorced following irreconcilable differences. Jacquelin and Jones share a child together.
Jacqueline Staph Career 
Jacqueline has channeled her passion for modeling into blogging about fashion. She owns the TheBeautyProof website in this niche, where she makes non-sponsored content to help people with helpful tips at her fingertips. 
Jacqueline reportedly founded her website in 2012 as a way of empowering buyers and users of cosmetics. She saw that, in a way, a person’s beauty routine could affect their health—so it was a go-to area for her since she developed a passion for healthcare like her father. 
Since she started blogging, many don’t know her for it and would rather refer to her as the wife of Orlando Jones, so her husband’s (now ex) title overshadows hers.
Jacqueline Staph Ex-husband
Jacqueline Staph’s ex-husband, Orlando Jones, is a recognized American comedian born on born April 10, 1968. He is 54 years old currently. Although Jones’s father was a professional baseball player, Jones took interest in the entertainment industry, comedy specifically. One of the things that made Jones famous was him being one of the original cast members of the comedy series MADtv. He is also famous for playing the funny commercial role of the 7 Up spokesman from 1999 to 2002. Jacquelin married Jones in 2009, but they’re now divorced.
Jacqueline Staph Net worth
Jacqueline has made bread and butter from her career over the years, such that she can be regarded as a wealthy woman. A 2022 article reported that Jacqueline’s net worth is around $1 million. 
Her major source of wealth would be traced to her involvement in blogging. 
Success Lesson
Jacqueline’s dad was a source of inspiration for her career as a healthcare blogger. Her blog notes that her major aim in creating the site is to support women’s health in developing countries. She learned this act from touring with her father to several countries where he goes to provide dental care to disadvantaged individuals. 
This act of care is something vital to learn from Jacqueline. 
Her blog is still up and running despite dissolving her marriage with Orlando, and Jacqueline’s passion for what she loved remains.