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Clary Fisher: Biography, Career, and Marital Journey

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Within ten years, celebrities have a 40% chance of divorcing; however, for Clary Fisher, hers was four years. She almost had the perfect love story where a childhood friend becomes a forever-lover, a story like the one YouTuber Jemma Middleton had, but her husband had his eyes on the singer Adele. You know, sometimes when you read through celebrity stories, you wonder, are men really sc*m?
Clary Fisher is one of the many individuals who have gained public recognition due to their association with prominent figures despite being a sensation in their career path. She is globally acknowledged as the former spouse of Simon Konecki, a British charity entrepreneur. Fisher’s expertise lies in fashion styling; she styles for various media, including TV programs, music groups, and fashion shows. Read this post till the end to get the full gist about Clary Fisher.

Profile Summary
NameClary FisherProfessionFashion StylistNationalityBritishEthnicityMixedMarital statusMarriedex-husbandSimon KoneckiHusbandPaul CollicuttChildren2SchoolLondon College of FashionWeight59kgHeight5 feet 3 inches
Early Life
We must give to her; Clary is one of the most-secret celebrity wives. She has maintained a low profile before and after getting married to her celebrity husband, Simon Konecki.
Clary Fisher values her privacy, leading a discreet life away from public attention or controversy. To safeguard her privacy, she has not disclosed any details about her birth date, birthplace, or early life.
There is no information available online about her parents’ names or siblings. Her fanbase begs questions about her background, but Clary is unwilling to tell. They are understandably curious about her family background, but Clary has kept this aspect of her life under wraps. The only facts about her early life are that she was born in February, grew up in Hove, comes from a mixed ethnicity, and is of British nationality.
Education and Career
Clary Fisher is a renowned fashion stylist and designer. If you meet her person, you will immediately know she has an eye for details and color matching. She had her education at the prestigious London College of Fashion. And subsequently, she enrolled at the University of Arts, London, to bag a degree in fashion design.
In addition to being a successful business as a personal stylist, Clary also focuses on practicing yoga and environmental sustainability in Hove, her hometown.
Marital Life
From where it all began, Clary Fisher and her former husband, Simon Konecki, were childhood neighbors who grew up together in the City of Hove in East Sussex, England. Growing up, they shared the same friend circle, and their proximity fanned the flames of a relationship that they thought would last forever. Before tying the knot, they were good friends, and their relationship developed over time.
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After dating from their teenage days to adulthood, Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki married in 2004. Their union gave birth to a child. Their marriage faced turbulence due to Simon’s job as CEO of Drop4Drop, which had him going in and out of the city and meeting people to grow his business. But was he only meeting business clients? Well, rumors have it that he was having a thing or two with Adele while he was still with Clary.
Unfortunately, after four years, Clary and Simon’s marriage ended in divorce in 2008. The couple shares the responsibility of a daughter they gave birth to in 2007. After the divorce proceeding, Clary won custody of her daughter with Simon and chose to keep details about her daughter private due to privacy concerns.
Strong and resilient Clary continued her life and found love with Paul Collicutt, an Athletics coach, Illustrator, and Storyboard artist.

Clary Fisher and Paul Collicutt during their wedding.
Their wedding was held in July 2016 by the seaside in East Sussex and was attended by close friends and family members. Clary went on to confirm their union when she shared a post on Twitter on August 2016 saying it was her favorite photos from their wedding day.
Clary moved on with her life, but her ex-husband probably did not.
After the divorce, Simon officially began dating the “Easy on Me” singer Adele in 2011 following an introduction by Ed Sheeran. And in October 2012, they had their first and only child, Angelo Adkins. They secretly married in 2018, and things were moving smoothly until Adele filed for divorce in April 2019. Their divorce proceeding was completed in 2021, three years after their marriage. Still, before that, Adele had already spent £ 8.53 million in 2019 for a Beverly Hills home just feet away from Simon’s residence so they could co-parent their son. She even went ahead to release a song about her divorce from Simon in 2021, and as you may have guessed, the son is titled Easy On Me.
The reason for Adele and Simon’s divorce was not made public, but Simon was caught texting his former wife on Christmas and her birthday in February. He even asked her for a coffee date, but whether Clary obliged was unclear.
Clary has two young children, one from her previous marriage with Simon and the other from her current marriage with Paul. Her first child, a daughter, was born in 2007. She gave birth to her second child, Paul’s child. She changed her surname from Fisher to Collicutt after getting married to Paul.
Clary Fisher and her daughters
Clary’s husband, Paul Collicutt, is a famous name in the world of illustrative arts. He has been doing art since 1984 and studied illustration at the Brighton College of Art. He was awarded the Parent’s Gold Choice Award in America for his picture book, This Train. His business is located in Brighton, East Sussex, where he publishes his art. He was once the coach of Brighton Phoenix Track Open and BMC Races. He is happily married to Clary, and they have a child, Bob Collicutt.

Paul Collicutt and his wife, Clary
Paul and his wife, Clary, engage in marathon walks to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support in appreciation of the assistance provided to Bob Collicutt. Paul Collicutt completed a full marathon, covering 26 miles, at the South Coast Mighty Hike 2022 on June 11, 2022. His wife also participated in a full marathon on September 10, 2022, during the Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2022.
Clary’s ex-husband, Simon Konecki, is a thriving charity entrepreneur born in New York on April 17, 1974. He is 48 years old, and his zodiac sign is Aries. He co-founded Drop4Drop with Lucas White and is now the CEO of the charity business whose objective is to provide clean water to underprivileged communities in developing countries. Simon’s organization has received support from notable figures such as Sid Owen and Stephen Fry.
He made the news after marrying Adele, but their union did not last long, as they split in 2021. Since 2021, he has stayed away from the media and maintains a low profile.
Net Worth and Lifestyle
It’s unclear what Clary Fisher’s net worth and salary are. Still, given her successful career as a fashion stylist and connection to high-profile individuals, she will likely earn a significant income. She prefers to keep her personal life private and away from public attention, and she isn’t active on social media platforms.
In summary, Clary Fisher has navigated the complexities of being in the public eye due to her relationships with high-profile individuals while simultaneously building a successful career as a fashion stylist. Despite facing marital challenges, such as her divorce from Simon Konecki, she has exhibited remarkable resilience and determination. She has managed to maintain her privacy, prioritize her family, and find happiness with her current husband, Paul Collicutt.