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Blake Anderson Biography, Age, Net worth, Career

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Blake Anderson

Who is Blake Anderson?

Blake Anderson is an American actor, comedian, scriptwriter, producer, and also fashion designer. The actor is popularly known for the movie he co-wrote and produced in 2011 titled “Workaholics” which was streamed through an online platform Comedy Central that’s owned by Paramount Media Networks.

However, the movie “Workaholics” isn’t the only comedy movie he co-write and also produced, he has also been featured in other movies such as game over man and many more, during the years. In addition, the movie “Workaholics” led him to be nominated for the Young Hollywood Award For Best Threesome.

However, in this article, you will get to know more about Blake Anderson’s biography, net worth, and life lessons.

Profile Summary

NameBlake Anderson
Age38 years
Date of birthMarch 2, 1984
Net worth$5,000,000

Blake Anderson Biography

Blake was born into the Anderson family on March 2, 1984, by Tim Anderson, an Ex-Raider coach, and Lori Anderson in Sacramento County California, USA. Blake Anderson whose complete name is Blake Raymond Anderson attended the Clayton Valle High School in Concord, California. And later, he attended the Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, where he got to meet his co-producer of the movie Workaholics.

However, before he attended college, he joined comedy groups like “The Grounding” and also “The Upright Citizens Brigade”. But later left to be working as a pizza delivery driver to fund himself in college. Lastly, Blake has one daughter named Mars Ilah Anderson.

Black Anderson Career

Blake Anderson, who is also known as Blake Raymond Anderson is one of the most popular comedians you can find in America. Not only is he a comedian, but he is also a scriptwriter, he acts and produces movies, and also he is a fashion designer.

Blake started his career as a comedian, producer, and actor in 2006, when he, Ander Holm, Adam DeVine, and many others created a sketch comedy group known as the Mail Order Comedy, which got popular on the online streaming platform YouTube. This brought the idea to move further with his career as a comedian. And in 2013 he co-found a fashion brand named Teenage with his wife, now ex-wife Racheal Finley.

Blake Anderson Family

Blake Anderson got married in 2012 to his lovely wife Rachael Steak Finley. And in 2014, they gave birth to a beautiful girl named Mars Ilah Anderson. However, due to some personal issues that haven’t been known to the public, Blake and his wife Racheal Finley got divorced in 2017, five years after they got married. Although Blake’s daughter is now grown up, living happily.

Blake Anderson Net worth

Since the inception of Blake’s career as an actor, he has been nominated for different awards and has produced, acted, and has also written some other movies. However, with such achievements, Blake Anderson’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million.

Blake Anderson Social Media Handles 

Blake Anderson only got one social media handle which is Instagram. On Instagram, you can connect with him, and also get to know more about him, and some of the comedy he lost on Instagram.

So, to connect with Blake Anderson, you can do so through his Instagram by clicking the link https://www.instagram.com/blakeanderson/

Blake Anderson Life Lessons 

Black Anderson is such a person that’s able to walk to life finding out the means to survive all through his teenage life. From being a pizza delivery driver to a famously known comedian, here are some of his life lessons you should know, which are extracted from the movie “Workaholics”.

1. Priorities Todo List

Blake mentioned that individuals should make sure that they always keep Todo lists if they want to be efficient in all they do. However, keeping a Todo list isn’t enough. They should also make sure what they have listed to do on the list must be achieved.

2. No Dream is Unachievable

If you can dream big, you can also achieve it. There isn’t any dream that’s so big to be achieved. Blake was born in California but later had to leave his hometown to achieve his dream of becoming an actor, producer, and also comedian.

3. Be Disciplined in Achieving Your Goals

Blake said in an interview that when he and other co-producer first started their sketch ground Mail Order Comedy on YouTube, they were disciplined in achieving their goals by uploading comedy videos daily.

He added that, as an individual, you can achieve anything if you are disciplined with your goals.