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Amie Yancey Biography, Age, Daughter, Parents, Husband, Net worth

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Who is Amie Yancey? 
Amie Yancey is a famous Canadian-American interior designer, real estate broker, and reality television personality widely known for making appearances in the American reality TV Hit Show “Flipping Vegas,” aired on A&E from June 18, 2011, to September 2014.
In this article, I’d share all there’s to know about Amie and other exciting things you probably didn’t know about her. But before I do that, let’s take a quick look at her profile summary.

Profile Summary
NameAmie YanceyBirthday/AgeAugust 30, 1967 (55 years old) Birth City Lethbridge, AlbertaNationality Canadian, American Parents Carol and Stephen Husband Scott Yancey Profession Interior Designer, Real Estate Broker Daughter SarahInstagram @amie_gtTwitter @Amie_Yancey Ethnicity White Net Worth$20 Million

Amie Yancey Biography, Age 
Amie Yancey was born on August 30, 1967, in the Lethbridge province of Alberta, Western Canada. She is 55 years old, and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Amie spent her childhood years in Canada and is a Canadian-born citizen. Currently, she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America. Therefore, she holds American citizenship by either marriage or neutralization; by marriage since she is married to an American citizen. 
Amie Yancey’s Parents, Siblings, Pets
Carol is the name of Amie’s mother, while Stephen is her father’s. Four of her ten siblings were adopted by her parents, while five were her biological siblings.
Amie’s father, Stephen, owned a ranch in Lethbridge, Alberta, where Amie and her nine siblings were raised. Because of that, she developed a great love for animals, especially dogs, horses, donkeys, and pigs.
And speaking more about her love for animals, she has three Ridgeback dogs named Zuma, Tallulah, and Flip. She has two horses named Tieme and Heinke, two mini pigs named Lucy and Bacon Bits, and a mini donkey. She lives with all of them, including her husband, Scott, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Amie’s Education 
Amie had her elementary school at a local school in the neighborhood of Lethbridge. Later, she enrolled at Catholic Central High School, Lethbridge, where she graduated with a High School Diploma. After graduating high school, she enrolled for a four years degree at the University of Lethbridge. 
She relocated to the United States to pursue a college diploma. Around this time she and her husband, Scott, met in 1988. At the time of their first meeting, Amie was 21, while Scott was 19.
Scott and Amie Yancey’s Marriage 
Amie and Scott met each other for the first time in 1988. In 2000, they married at a private wedding party held at Saint John, Virgin Islands, in the United States of America. The officiating ceremony had their parents, siblings, and a few close friends in attendance.

Scott and Amie Yanceys MarriageScott and Amie Yancey’s wedding picture
After their marriage, they started a new life in Arkty, Utah, United States. However, they relocated to Las Vegas to start their real-estate firm, Goliath Company. According to our findings, their current house address is Malibu, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Park City, UT.
Amie’s husband, Scott Yancey, was born Scott E. Yancey on July 9, 1969, in Los Angeles County, California. He is 53 years old. He grew up in Studio City, California, and had his high school education at North Hollywood High School. He and Amie rose to the spotlight at the same time. For his career, he is an American real estate investor, book author, and reality television star. 
Amie’s Daughter, Kids
Although Amie and her husband, Scott, have been married for more than two decades and counting, they do not have a child together. However, Amie has a daughter from her previous romantic relationship whose name is given as Sarah. Information about her partner and the father of her daughter has remained unknown. Apart from Sarah, Amie does not have any other kids. 
Amie Yancey Scam 
Amie and her husband, Scott, were reported of leading a real estate scam in 2017. According to my reports, they created a program tagged “the Scott Yancey program.” A program where the participants were asked to pay about $2,000 for a more than three hours, three-day seminar. The seminar aimed to show people who wanted to earn from the real estate market all it takes to penetrate the market, regardless of whether or not they (the participants) have zero experience in the industry and have no money to invest. 
But there was more. Once a participant pays the first amount of $2000, they’d subsequently pay up for the next level of the program, at which point they will have access to the precious classes, seminars, funding, and mentorships. In reality, the intensive cost of the program is $30,000. The participants claimed that the couple enticed them with incentives, including free meals, electronic gifts such as a digital camera or tablet, and their marketing material – this was one of the reasons why it was reported and tagged “a hoax.”
Participants filed a case that’d accused them of scam when the scheme came to light. 
Amie Yancey Body Measurements, Weight, Height 
Amie stands five feet two inches above the ground, estimated to be either 1.5 meters or 157 centimeters. Yet, details about her other body measurements, such as her weight, bra, and shoe sizes, are unknown. Regardless, a glance at her pictures shows that she has an athletic body type that suits her age and looks even younger than her age. 
Amie rose to the spotlight in 2011 following her appearance on the American A&E’s hit show, “Flipping Vegas.” This hit show premiered on June 18, 2011, and aired from then to September 2014. Accordingly, she and her husband were featured along with other realtors from their brokerage company, “Goliath Company,” as they buy, fix and flip houses in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Amie Yancey and ScottScott and Amie Yancey’
Goliath Company is a brokerage company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amie’s husband is the founder and CEO. On the other hand, Amie works as a real estate broker for the company. That said, the “Flipping Vegas” show was produced under the production company Loveable Scoundrels Productions, running for three years, and aired 41 episodes in 5 seasons. 
Amie Yancey House
Through her career as an interior designer, Amie has designed, remodeled, and sold nearly 1,000 homes with the Goliath Company. Recount that she and her husband sold a remodeled 1949 farmhouse in Malibu, California, called Zuma Farms to actress Reese Witherspoon for $6.25 million in June 2019. Moreover, we found that the same farmhouse, which has a two-acre estate and is located above Malibu’s Zuma Beach, was the home they used as the venue of their 2000 wedding. A little more crawl around the web also shows that the home has multiple outbuildings, a horse stable, a guest house, and a main house. 
Net worth 
Amie has an estimated net worth of about $20 million. Her net worth is made from her growing career in the real estate industry and her career as an interior designer. On the flip side, her husband has a net worth estimated at $25 million. 
FAQ About Amie Yancey 

Where in Canada is Amie Yancey from? She is originally from the Lethbridge province of Alberta, Western Canada. 
 How old is Amie’s daughter? Amie’s daughter’s age is not known. Yet, her name is given as Sarah. 
 How old is Amie Yancey? Amie is 55 years old as of February 2023. 
 What are Scott Yancey and Amie doing now? They are still married and live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they live their best lives with their pets. 
 How many kids do Scott & Amie have together? Amie and Scott do not have any children together. 
 How tall is Amie? She is five feet two inches tall. 

Share your thoughts on Amie’s profile rundown. Is she one of your favorite real estate brokers and interior designers? Are you a fan of A&E’s show, “Flipping Vegas?” Tell me all about it in the comments section.