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Viral Scandal on MaxTv Episode 5

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TV series

Viral Scandal episode 5, In todays episode, Abel speaks with Bea and she expressed how anxious she is for her sister. A flashback is shown as how Troy showed up to offer his help which she accepted. She comes to herself and there she packs and leaves.

Back in the prosecutors office, everything points at Rica being at fault for the attempted rape . Kakay gets angry at the testimonies from the friends whom Jigs had lied to of being in a relationship with Jigs.

Jigs plays dumb of not knowing that Rica was drunk and there kakay takes it out on him to stop the act. The attorney for Jigs claims that it indeed true that they spent time together and they start to throw up tantrums from each other and there kakay throws water at him and they leave. Just then, kakay throws up and they get worried that she might be pregnant.

Kakay asks what if after eight years of being away Rica was doing what they are accusing her off and Dani gets her to calm down because they all being upset isn’t good at all for Rica.

It seems that the bruises that Rica got was from the fight that she had at the camp with Jigs and the drama unfolds. While she gets up to confront Jigs,she throws up.

When they got out, the lawyer tells them that the guy that made the video go viral has been found and is due to be arrested. There kakay asks if they are at a disadvantage here since they have witnesses but there the lawyer assures them that they will surely pass through no matter what. While they talk, Bea tells Rica it will be important to share her side of the story online so that what ever Jigs said to twist the story will be nullified but she says that she won’t. While they talk, Rica gets meres of the incident of rape and how she almost killed her self. She gets an attack suddenly.

When they got,home Jigs father gets angry at him for always getting himself into trouble and they must find the guy who posted and be ahead of them. He gets angry that everything is getting tough and tighter.

The attorney for Rica gives report to Troy about the case. He tells her that he will make sure to find the guy who shared the video they claim he has left the country but he hasn’t but he will surely make sure he and Jigs pay for what they did to his daughter.

Rica cries to Dani that she is a product of her mothers mistake and that no one will like her and there, dani assured her that not
Matter what he will forever be his daughter.
Troy warns Audrey to stay out of the case of Jigs and there she warns of contradicting himself. Bea gets Rica a pregnancy test to take and there it turns out negative and her period came and that she wasn’t pregnant.

Bea continues to persuade Rica to go online to get the the lie out of people’s head and there she says that she is worried that even when she gets to speak to the public, her case will be null. She gets so sad telling Bea that she can’t even look into the eyes of a stranger and that she is trying to fight but not in the way she Bea wants her to. Bea gets sad and leaves her being .

The next day,kakay gets so sad about what’s going on and there Nico tells her how sad she is. Bea tells kakay that Rica got her period last night and she couldn’t help but cry. Raven asks her mother how she was able to forgive Troy after he cheated on her but she ignores her and sends her packing.

At Bea’s University, Jigs shows up there and Nico runs to tell her and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.