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Untangled on zeeone, Wednesday 7th December 2022 update

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TV series

The inspector says Amitabh has to go with us. Madhuri cries for him. Amitabh says you shouldn’t cry, you have compromised all your life but what did I do for you all? I might have lost my business and respect but I have found my family. You all are with me and that’s what matters to me. Amitabh tells Love that you have always followed me for business but now you have to take care of this family also.

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He tells Kush that you have cared for our family but you have to help Love now in business also. He tells Madhuri that I know I have asked a lot from you but I know you will keep this family together. He tells Diya that I never accepted you, I never believed when they said you are a blessing, I thought you were a curse but you proved me wrong, you are a blessing for us and you have become hope in Arjun’s life so take care of him and my family. He sadly looks at Madhuri and starts leaving. Arjun looks on. Amitabh turns to Arjun and says forgive me if you can son. Arjun is surprised. Amitabh leaves with the police. Madhuri cries for him. Diya consoles her.

At night time, Diya comes to her room and sees lights turned off. Arjun is crying silently, she says I know you are blaming yourself but baba went to jail because of his mistakes, I know you always cared for him. The gap between you and baba was filled today with emotions. She hugs him as he cries.

Scene 2
Karan is sitting in the investigation room and recalls Arjun. The inspector says Khurrana wants to talk to you, Karan takes the call and says why are you calling now? They arrested me but you were not there for me. Khurrana says the news was out in the media so I couldn’t do anything but I will pull some levers to get you out of there soon, just calm down. Karan shouts that I will destroy Arjun and his family. Khurrana says don’t do anything drastic as the media is watching you, Amitabh is not a powerless man so just remain calm. I will think of what to do with Arjun. Karan says no, I will take my revenge, just take me out of here. Khurrana ends the call and asks his manager to work Karan’s bail.

Diya tells Arjun that Love and Kush are talking to lawyers to bring baba out of the jail. I think you should help them, please forgive baba as he was helpless too somehow. This family is incomplete without baba so bring him back.

Love tells his lawyer to use all his power to bring Amitabh out of the jail, use money and power to bring him out. He says Karan blackmailed him so prove that. The lawyer says I have to talk to Amitabh as he might say something else in the court. Love says don’t worry about that, I have talked to him already so just do your work. The lawyer says I will work on his bail. He leaves. Arjun comes there. Love says Arjun doesn’t care about baba, he just wanted his revenge, I don’t need him, I will do anything to bring him out. Kush says we don’t need to fight, baba was involved in all this but we can come out of it and then he can focus on the business. Love says all investors have backed out so what will we do now? He asks Arjun if he can do anything with his non-existent badminton career? You both are useless but I will fight till the end to save this business and baba.

Love gets Khurrana’s call and he asks if he is worried about his father? Love says I am very worried, I just want to request to not take back your funding. Khurrana says Amitabh is a good friend of mine, you can talk to me and then I will tell you how to handle your business. Don’t tell anyone about this conversation. Love ends the call and looks on. Deepika comes there and asks him to eat something. Love says you don’t care about me or baba so just leave me alone.

Khurrana asks Love to come and meet him if he wants to save his business. Love looks on.

Diya aks Madhuri to eat something. She says I am worried about Amitabh, I can’t eat anything. Arjun asks her to eat something. Madhuri says I can’t without knowing how Amitabh is. Arjun says not eating is not a solution. Diya’s mother Meera arrives there and says I had to come here, sorry for not informing before. Arjun says you are part of the family. Meera tells Madhuri that I was like you but if we don’t eat then our kids won’t eat also. These kids are already worried so we have to take care of them. Madhuri says he is in jail because of me. Meera says don’t worry, a mother won even if a wife lost. You did the right thing by taking Arjun’s side and your husband will be out soon.

Karan is locked in a cell. He is angry with the officers but they don’t listen to him. Karan finds Amitabh in the same cell. He grabs him and says I will destroy you. Amitabh says I was scared before but I have lost my business and honor so I am not scared of your threats now. Karan says you couldn’t stop your son? Amitabh says I am happy that the truth is out in front of the world, it’s proven that you trapped Arjun in a fake case. Amitabh says you think I don’t know you got Dr. Singh killed? Karan grabs his collar and says I won’t spare you. The inspector comes there and pulls Karan back, he takes him away from there.

Khush is on the call with a journalist and says papa did a mistake because he was threatened by Karan. He ends the call. Niharika says papa would be happy how you are taking up duties but Love is under stress right now. I think you should be involved in the business, he needs you to share his responsibilities. He says you are the best, I will talk to him. He leaves. Niharika smirks and says I am a good actress. She says I will control this business and Khush will help me. Diya can’t stop me now.

Meera tells Diya that I don’t have a right to say anything but you are all my people so I want to say that we should give another chance to people. She tells Arjun that you still love your papa so give him another chance. Arjun looks on and says I have some work, he leaves. Meera tells Madhuri that everything will be fine. She says I will leave now but Niharika brings snacks, she says you have to eat something. Meera recalls her insulting her before. Niharika says I have changed my ways, please forgive me. I have nothing against Diya now. Niharika says we couldn’t find a better girl for Arjun. She gives her sweets. Diya smiles.

Arjun is driving a car and recalls Amitabh insulting Diya and calling her a thief. He recalls Amitabh always caring for his business and not caring for his family at all. Arjun stops the car and is stressed. He recalls pleading Amitabh to take his side when Karan filed a drugs case against him but Amitabh didn’t help him. Arjun screams in anger.

Dadi comes back home. Madhuri says I am sorry that your son had to go to jail. Dadi cries and says my son is in jail but he did some mistakes so we have to accept this truth. Diya comes and pours water into the pot. Deepika says what are you doing? Diya says we can’t change what happened, we have a good future together as a family so let’s forget everything and find solutions of this problem. We have to bring papa out of jail as our enemies must be planning to attack us. We have to be together in this. Niharika says I am with you. Dadi says Arjun and Amitabh need to reconnect.

Love meets Khurrana, he says I am sorry but you know how Arjun is. Khurrana asks how is his business going? Love looks on. Khurrana says if I move away from your business then you will be on the roads. Love pleads him to not do that. Khurrana says ask Arjun to take his case back against Karan then Amitabh will be framed. Love says but they have proof against Karan. Khurrana says we will take care of those. Love says Arjun won’t agree. Khurrana says another option is that you let Amitabh stay in jail and you should become a king of this business, just hold my hand and forget about your father. Love looks on.

Arjun comes to meet Amitabh in jail. Arjun says I won’t ask you any questions but you have hurt me the most, still I am here in front of you. I don’t know why I came here. Amitabh says I know I have taken away your dreams and never trusted you, I did injustice but you are still here. I was always selfish and never thought to motivate you, never thought about your dreams. He says I thought you would forget the sports and join my business but I never thought it could be your dream. I wanted to save my business and forgot about humanity. I became stubborn and turned a blind eye towards you. I thought badminton would destroy you but I was wrong. He cries and says please forgive me. Arjun leaves from there.

Love comes to his office and thinks about Khurrana’s words. A manager comes there and says we need Amitabh’s signatures for any business-related matter. Love nods. He makes some calls.

Arjun comes back home. Diya says thank you for doing all this. Arjun says I never thought I was ready to forgive him. Diya says you are listening to your heart now, you are a good man. I know you are angry with papa but you still care about him. Arjun says I couldn’t see him today, I was angry at him but today when I saw him, I felt weird, I was hurting seeing him so broken and lost. Diya says he is your father so you did the right thing, I am proud of you. Arjun pulls her closer and hugs her tightly. He thanks her. He gets a call and leaves from there.

Karan is still in the cell and is angry. he calls someone and says come back fast, I really need you right now. I never asked for anything from you but I need you now. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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