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Untangled on zeeone, Thursday 8th December 2022 update

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TV series

Untangled on zeeone Thursday 8th December 2022 update; The lawyer meets the family and says I always fight for the right cases. I was not ready to take up this case but Arjun convinced me. If he can forgive his father then I can take his case up. He tells Arjun that I will study the case and come up with a solution, he leaves. Madhuri tells Arjun that I am happy you are trying to fill the gap and trying to bond with your father.

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Niharika is preparing for the pooja. Khush comes there and smiles, he says I am happy to see you involved in family matters like this. Niharika cries and says I regret not taking care of the family before. Khush says just move forward. Niharika says I always scolded you but you are so responsible. Khush says you have made me realize my responsibilities, I will get more involved in the business. He leaves. Niharika smirks and thinks I will take up this business using Khush.

Arjun and Diya are leaving to meet the lawyer. Madhuri wishes them luck, they leave.

Love is looking at business files. He gets Khurrana’s call who asks what’s his decision? Love says I accept your offer. Khurrana smirks.

Khush tells Deepika that I will join the business and help Love. Dadi says this storm has brought our family together. Deepika says I will bring lunch for him. Niharika smirks.

Love tells Khurrana that I will need to get power of attorney from Amitabh first. Once he is out of the business then I will get funding from others. He asks Khurrana what’s your benefit in all this? Khurrana laughs and says you will find out soon. Love ends the call and turns to see Khush there.

Madhuri is sitting in her room. Dadi says we have to prepare for the pooja. Madhuri shows Amitabh’s shirt to her and says Arjun gifted it to him. Dadi says they both love each other, once the anger is gone then they will be happy together. Madhuri says Arjun is taking care of his father again. Dadi says everything will be fine. Madhuri says Amitabh has started valuing relationships also. Dadi says I am just worried about Karan and Khurrana, they will try to break our family apart.

Love tells Khush that I.. Khush takes off his headphones and says you were saying something? Love says nothing. Khush says I am here to help you with the business, you are not alone now. Love thinks if he joins the business then I can’t make a deal with Khurrana. He tells Khush that I am happy to see you here. He hugs him and smirks.

Arjun and Diya talk to a lawyer. The lawyer says Karan can prove he never threatened Amitabh, we don’t have any proof against Karan. Arjun says Karan lied and framed me, you can use those proofs. The lawyer says I will see if we can use it. Diya says papa will be out of jail soon.

Love thinks I have to get power of attorney from Amitabh before he is out of jail.

Arjun and Diya come back home. He tells Madhuri that this lawyer will work on getting Amitabh out of jail. He gets the lawyer’s call and says we need Amitabh’s statement that Karan threatened him. Then we need proof to confirm that. Arjun says I will try. He ends the call and tells Madhuri that we will go to meet Amitabh tomorrow.

Love says I need to meet papa tomorrow and get his signature on the papers. I will make him sign some random documents so he can’t know my intentions. I will own this business and house now. Khush comes there and asks what are those papers? He says these are some deals papers. Khush says I am going to read business and property papers to understand how everything works. Love thinks I can’t allow him to join the business. He takes the papers from Khush and says I will give them to you when we go home.

At the house, Diya says Khush is reading some business papers. Love thinks what if Khush took the papers from my back? It had the power of attorney papers also. Khush is checking the papers and looks on. Love goes to check on Khush. Arjun comes there and says it’s good Khush has joined the business. Love thinks Khush can’t find the property papers. He asks Khush to come for dinner first. Arjun starts taking away Love’s bag and some papers fall out. Love looks on.

Love picks up the papers before Arjun or Diya can check them. He asks them to leave. They all leave. Love thinks I have to get papa’s sign on these papers soon.

In the morning, Arjun asks Diya to get ready. She says I am, just looking for my phone. Arjun says I am ready, I don’t waste time like you girls. Diya says I am presentable unlike you, you can’t go out like this. Arjun says I just need to wear my shoes. Arjun says I just need 2 minutes. Madhuri comes there and sadly smiles at them. She says I don’t think your father will agree to give a statement against Karan. Diya says why do you think so? Madhuri looks on.

Love calls his manager and says I have to go and meet my father today so I can’t meet the investor. The manager says it’s an important meeting, you can’t miss it. Love says okay, I will be there.

Arjun, Diya and Madhuri meet Amitabh in the jail. He says I won’t give a statement against Karan. Diya says why can’t you do that? We have to prove that Karan threatened you. Arjun says we are all trying to get out of jail, all are praying for you and you are just silent? You can’t even give a statement? Give it to us at least. Amitabh says you won’t understand but I won’t give a statement. Arjun asks if he is hiding something? Amitabh says no, Karan is in a lock-up and his mission is to take revenge on my family. If I give a statement against Karan then Khurrana will destroy me and my business. Arjun says oh my God, you are still thinking about your business? You should worry about your family’s happiness but you are still worried about your business. That business has landed you in this jail. Diya asks him to calm down. Arjun shouts that we are doing everything to bring him out of jail but he just doesn’t care. Amitabh says it’s not like that, I gave more importance to business but I repent that mistake. I worry about my family but I can’t let them destroy my business just like that. I gave up my young age to make this business. I have worked hard to make this business, it’s all my hard work so I can’t let it go easily. This is my identity so I can’t lose it. This business is like my baby so I can’t let anyone destroy it. Arjun says you have 3 sons and we all stand together then nobody can destroy your business. Just trust us, we all have to be united then nobody can break us. We will take care of Khurrana, I promise you that nothing will happen to your business. We have to share our pains as a family. Our family is uniting in this crisis but our family is incomplete without you so just complete our family. Please. Amitabh wipes his tears and tells Madhuri that I never motivated this son but today he is taking a stand for me. I am ashamed of myself. Madhuri says he is your son, you did everything for the family and he is doing the same. Arjun says just give a statement against Karan and give all the proof to the police. Amitabh says okay, I will help you. He says there is a blue file in my room’s drawer, it has all the proofs against Karan. Arjun nods.

Arjun, Diya and Madhuri are leaving the police station when Madhuri feels uneasy. Diya says we should take her to the doctor. She says I am fine. Arjun asks Diya to go home and look for the file, I will take her to the hospital.

a policeman tells Karan that Arjun made Amitabh agree to give a statement against you. Karan says are they reuniting? he calls Khurrana and says what are you doing to take me out of here? Amitabh has agreed to give a statement against me and I am sure he must have some proof against me. Khurrana says don’t worry, I will do something.

Diya comes home. Deepika asks where is Arjun and Madhuri? Diya says Madhuri was not feeling so Arjun took her to the hospital. I came back to get some papers. She comes to Amitabh’s office and finds Love there. He says what are you doing here? Diya looks on.

Diya comes to Amitabh’s office and finds Love there. He asks what is she doing here? Diya thinks Arjun asked me to not tell anyone about the file. She says I was just looking for some papers that Arjun needed, she leaves from there. Love recalls how Khurrana called him and asked him to find the documents which have proof against them before Arjun could find it.

Diya calls Arjun and says Love was in the office so I couldn’t find the file. Arjun comes back and looks in the office for the file.

Love calls Khurrana and says I couldn’t find the proof file, I will need more time. Khurrana says if you don’t find it till tomorrow then you are gone. Love ends the call and says I will go and check again.

Arjun tells Diya that Amitabh must have been lying, there is no proof in his office. He throws away a file in anger and finds a USB drive in it. He says this might be the proof. They leave from there. Love comes there and looks on.

Arjun puts the USB in his laptop and starts a video. In the video, Karan is seen threatening Amitabh that if he wants to save his business then he has to go against Arjun. Arjun calls his lawyer and tells him about the proof. The lawyer says we just need this, I have got time from the court so we will present this.

Scene 2
Deepika has prepared for the pooja. Dadi asks Madhuri why does she look sad? She says Amitabh is in jail so I am not feeling well. Dadi says we always do pooja every year so let’s do it. Arjun also said he might give us good news. Diya says I will call him and ask where he is. She calls him but he doesn’t pick up her call. Diya thinks he never takes my call. Arjun arrives there. Madhuri asks where did you go? Arjun brings Amitabh there. Madhuri is surprised and says you got the bail? Diya asks Arjun why didn’t he pick up her call? Arjun says I wanted to surprise the family. All family members are happy to see Amitabh back. Amitabh tells Arjun to forgive him if he can. Diya says thank God everything is going back to normal.

Love calls Khurrana and says I couldn’t find the proof. Khurrana says you are useless, I won’t help you now. He ends the call. Love is angry at himself for being greedy and losing his family also. Niharika comes there and sees him tense. She says you have to come with me.

Diya comes to her room and finds Arjun in a towel only. She looks away and says why are you not wearing clothes? Arjun says don’t be shy and help me. Diya says what? Arjun says look at me, she says I won’t. He asks what’s the issue? I can’t find my belt, can you please look in the cupboard. Diya says I will go and look for it. You should wear something traditional in the pooja, you look handsome. She blushes and stops herself. Arjun says praise me more. Diya gives him a kurta and says wear it first. They both smile at each other.

Love asks Niharika how she got to know about the power of attorney papers? Are you blackmailing me? I did a mistake but you have done many mistakes. Niharika says I paid for my mistakes, if they find out about your mistake then papa will throw you out of the business. If you want me to keep my mouth shut then I want 50% of the business.

Love asks if she has gone crazy? Niharika says you can lose this business completely or just give me 50%. The choice is yours. Love looks on. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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