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Untangled on zeeone, Saturday 8th October 2022 update

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Untangled ZeeOne

The tournament starts and Mounika is winning it. Karan comes to his room and tells his staff that he won’t go to the court because of the crowd, I will just go to give the trophy. He watches the match on TV. He likes Mounika’s play. Diya’s game starts with another contestant. All taunt her clothes. Diya recalls her father’s insult.

Mohan tells his wife that Diya has to make an issue everywhere. Leave it, is Diya ready as the guy’s family is coming soon. Meera says she will come and get ready fast.

Diya is playing her game and wins the first round. Karan watches her on the TV.

Mohan asks Meera where is Diya? Meera says actually.. Diya’s brother Bablu comes there and says she went to get the notes from her friend. I will call her. Mohan says why did she have to go today only? Call her back fast. He leaves. Meera asks Bablu to bring Diya back fast, her father is angry.

Diya is playing her rounds and winning all of them. She wins the group round. Karan asks who is this girl? His staff says she is Diya. Mounika’s couch tells her that Diya is a good player, you just play and I will handle outside the court.

Arjun uses the knife to open an alcohol bottle. He drinks and enters the court. He recalls his fame and then his incident. Diya turns to see him there and says this ill-mannered is following me around. I will get my cycle back. Diya’s court tells her to not go anywhere. Arjun goes from there.

Tina is calling Arjun but his phone is off. Amitabh says he will come back soon. Tina says he has to come back to me only. I have bought a designer suit for Arjun for tomorrow’s party. I have brought gifts for you all. Amitabh says this is our new daughter in law. He tells Tina that he has a surprise for her tomorrow. He takes her from there. Arjun’s mother cries and says nobody is asking my son what he wants.

Arjun is in the tournament center and looks around for Karan.

Arjun’s mother is tensed for Arjun. Dadi says don’t worry, Arjun will come back, you have to be there for him. His mother says it’s good if I die as he doesn’t care for me. She cries and says I am scared for Arjun, he is drunk driving these days.. what if.. Deepika is trying to call Arjun but his phone is off. Maa says I am really scared. He wouldn’t like the engagement news tomorrow. Deepika says we should tell him about it.

Bablu comes to the court and asks Diya to come with him, it’s important. Diya tells the umpire and goes with Bablu. Mounika’s couch goes behind her. Bablu tells Diya that papa is asking for you, he is very angry so come with me. Diya says it’s just my last match. Mounika’s couch Jitendra tells his men that we have to stop this girl going in the court. Jitendra calls a staff member and gives her some idea. Diya asks Bablu to go back, I am coming back in a bit, he leaves. The staff member tells Diya that Karan wants to meet her before her last match. She takes her in a room where Jitendra is present with his men. diya asks what is all this? He says we will end your game. The grab her and tie her to a chair. Diya is screaming for help. Jitendra smirks and says you won’t play a match with Mounika now. They leave from there. Diya is tied to a chair and has a cloth over her mouth. Arjun is passing by the door and hears some noise. Jitendra’s men are keeping an eye on the room.

The match starts between Mounika and Diya. Diya is not present.

Arjun asks Jitendra’s men if they have seen Karan around? They say no. Arjun finds a dupatta near the room and hears some noise. He asks the men who is inside the room? They ask him to leave. Arjun beats them and opens the door to find Diya tied to a chair there. Diya cries seeing him. Arjun says you again? Looks like God doesn’t want you to win. He starts to leave but Diya cries. Arjun says I was joking. He takes off his ropes. Diya says I am losing my match, just free me fast. Arjun says if a person can’t stand up to a talent then they do all this. In the court, there is a count down going on for Diya. Diya thanks Arjun and leaves from there.
In the court, they are about to disqualify Diya but she arrives at last minute. Mounika is tensed seeing her. Karan watches the match on the TV. Diya thinks I will take revenge for my father’s insult, she tells Mounika that I will end this match after winning only, this match is about our standard now. Mounika says so you will lose, Diya says we will see.

Meera asks Bablu where is Diya? He says she is coming back after her match. Mohan asks where is Diya? Meera looks on.

Diya starts her match with Mounika. Mounika’s parents are there and they recognize Diya as Mohan’s daughter.

The groom’s family arrives at Mohan’s house. Mohan greets them and is tensed.

Diya is playing the match with Mounika and losing it. Diya recalls her father’s insult and tries to calm herself down.

The groom’s family asks Meera to bring her daughter Diya, she wants to meet her. Meera gets tensed. Mohan takes Meera aside and asks where is Diya? Meera cries and says she went to play badminton, he is angry to hear that.

In the match, Diya loses the first round against Mounika. Diya tries to have a comeback. Arjun comes there and watches the match closely. He recalls how Diya kept scolding him. he looks around for Karan. Arjun watches Diya playing and remembers how he used to play with similar technique.

Meera tells Mohan that Diya would be back soon, I will bring her to the guests as soon as she arrives. The guest asks Mohan to bring Diya in the room fast. Mohan is worried.

Diya and Mounika’s match goes into the intense stage. Diya wins some points against her.

The guest asks Mohan where is Diya? Mohan says she went to take notes from her friend, she will be back soon. The guest says we were coming here and she left the house? Did she go for notes only? If she can’t listen to her parents then how would she listen to us? They leave the house. Mohan is broken.

Karan is watching Diya play on his TV and likes her play.

Mohan tells Meera that Diya destroyed my respect for badminton today. It’s my fault as I gave her that freedom. I will rectify my mistake today.

Diya plays with dedication and wins the match against Mounika. Karan smiles and says she is very good. Diya recalls how Mounika insulted her father. She falls down to her knees and cries happily. She thinks I took revenge for my father’s insult. Arjun looks at her.

Mounika screams Jitendra and says I was insulted by that cheap girl. Her father sees her crying and says Mohan has to pay for his daughter’s act.

The announcer welcomes Karan on the stage. Arjun sees him and recalls his incident. He is angry seeing him. Karan says Diya was fantastic today, she is a rising star. He gives her the trophy and all clap for her. Mohan comes there and grabs Diya’s hand, he glares at her while all look on.

Mohan comes on the stage and grabs Diya’s hand. She says I won against Mounika. Karan says she is talented, you should encourage her. Mohan drags her away. Arjun tells Karan that some big man must have bought her talent. Karan gets angry seeing him and says Arjun? Arjun says thank you for making me like this. Karan asks the security to throw him out. Arjun says I have to thank you, he throws a shoe at him but Karan moves away. The security grabs Arjun. Arjun screams that he is a fake and cheat, Karan Mathur my foot. Karan is angry hearing all that in front of the media and says I ended his career till now but now I will destroy his life, that will my mission.
Arjun is thrown out of the venue, he is laughing and gets Deepika’s call. She asks why is he laughing? Arjun says I saw a funny movie, I am happy today so ask anything you want. Deepika says tomorrow is dad’s birthday so please come home. Arjun says fine, I will be there.

Mohan brings Diya home and is angry at her. Meera says she is your daughter so don’t be harsh. Diya tells Mohan that I won your honor back by winning against Mounika. Mohan angrily slaps her.

Deepika tells Maa and Dadi that Arjun is coming home tomorrow. They are happy to hear that.