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Untangled on zeeone, Friday 7th October 2022 update

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Untangled ZeeOne

The series begins with Piya on cycle. She hears a woman crying that her daughters are getting old and they aren’t getting married. Diya says your daughters can brighten up your future. They can buy you a big house. It can’t be the end till it’s all good. Educate them, they will get married anyway. Her dad makes tea for his wife.

He says a guy’s family is coming to see our Piya. They are relatives of our accountant. The guy is smart. I hope they like Diya. She says don’t be hasty. Did you ask around about the guy? He says who knows about life? I want her to be taken care of if I am gone. She says don’t say that. He looks for Diya and says I made your favorite tea. Where is she? He asks his wife Mira where did she go? She gets scared.

Diya stands at the cliff. She recalls Babblu wanted to eat fish. She says how will I catch the fish? Let me check. She asks a fisherman for the net. She says okay I am going. The fisherman says it isn’t your work. You can’t do it. They say go from here. We have to work. Diya says they are right. They are working. What should I do? Diya’s dad says what? She doesn’t see time and leave. Babblu said he wants to eat fish and she left to find it? Where will she get it from? Diya says baba made a rule that we can get fish only thrice a month but I am not buying it. I am catching it. She catches it using a wheel.

Scene 2
Diya’s friend stops her and says don’t you have to go to college? She says I have a badminton tournament. Her friend says did your dad agree? You said he’s looking for a guy for you. Diya says did he find one? And don’t girls who play get married? I will win a 10k prize. Baba would be happy if I win. She goes home. Diya comes outside. She hears her dad says my day doesn’t start without seeing her face but she doesn’t see all that. She only sees my anger. He comes out. She hides. He leaves. Diya comes in. Mira says because of you I got scolded. She says baba’s anger is his love. You got it. It got Babblu the fish. It was so much fun. She takes out her badminton racket. Mira says you took this curse out again? She says this will make me win. I have a tournament. If I win, I will get 10k. She says you won’t go anywhere. A guy and his family are coming today. She says what? And you didn’t tell me. Mira says the guy is good. You will also like him. Diya says I am not saying no. But I am saying if I win 10k Babblu’s fees would be arranged. She says your dad is there to arrange it. You get married, he will be okay. She says I play badminton reduce his tnesions. I can get a job on the sports board because of badminton. Mira says girls don’t look good in-ground, rather in the house. Diya says I will be back before they come. Mira says they will come at 6. Diya says I will come before that. Don’t worry. Diya says baba forgot his lunch? Mira says now he will stay hungry. She says I will give it to him. Mira says no. He asked you not to go outside today. He went to his boss’ villa. She says I will handle it. She leaves.

Scene 3
Diya’s dad comes to his boss’ house. He says sir I wanted to get this file signed. He says boss looks in good mood. I can talk about the loan as well. He says sir, I wanted to talk about.. The boss ignores him to get tea. It falls on him. He gets angry and asks Mohan to help the waiter. Mohan picks the glasses. Diya is on her way.

A couple plays badminton. Mohan collides with them. He says sorry to the girl. The guy says are you blind? Diya comes outside. He shouts clean the shoes. You ruined them. Diya comes there. The girl says those are my branded shoes. I will wear them to the tournament to win the trophy from Karan Mathur. Clean them. Mohan says sorry. Let me clean them. Diay comes and stops him. She says baba, what are you doing? Why would you clean their shoes? Branded shoes won’t make you win. It won’t get you talent. The girl says now they tell me what is my talent. The guy says they are poor people. They don’t know. Diya says how do you say such cheap things? According to you people, whoever talks about self-respect is poor? No. You are poor, the one who steps on someone’s self-respect. Mohan says Diya please go from here. She says baba but.. He says go from here. He cleans the shoes. Diya is in tears. The girl smiles. Mohan leaves. The girl says I am your dad’s boss’ daughter. Always remember your birth. Diya says this fight isn’t over yet. We will talk about the worth in badminton court. This isn’t the end. Diya leaves. She says does this girl play badminton? The guy says yes she wins all local tournaments. The girl says I will teach her a lesson.

Mohan says to Diya why do you have to fight everywhere? She says your lunch. He says go from here. Diya says why does it happen to good people only?

Scene 4
Arjun drinks at the bridge. He says you won inside the court but not outside? He drives in anger and says I will ruin your name from badminton. Diya is on her way. She says I have to defeat her. Arjun is on her way. He recalls how people used to chant his name. And now media did his trial. Diya recalls how her dad was insulted His car comes in front of Diya. She goes to side. Arjun hits his car on the tree. Diya takes him out of the car. His head is injured.

Diya looks at Arjun who is lying in her lap unconscious. She asks people to help her. They bring water. Diya sprinkles it on him and tries to wake him up. Arjun grunts and gets up. Diya asks if he needs water? Arjun tries to control himself. A man taunts him for over-drinking. Arjun asks them to get lost. Diya says you could have hurt someone. Arjun says no one was hurt, I got hurt and my car took the burnt so you all leave. Everyone leaves. Diya glares at him and says do you understand the meaning of drunk driving? Did you fight at your house? Arjun ignores her. Diya asks if it’s about a girl? No problem can be big enough to put your life in danger. Arjun tries to ignore her and asks her to get lost, you are a stupid girl. Diya says I had important work but I had to take care of you, stay here and I will bring a bandage. Arjun says you can call the police, my name is Arjun Agarwal. Arjun gets a call from his family, his bhabhi asks him to come for his father Amitabh’s birthday party. Arjun says if I come to the party then people will make fun of my name again. He ends the call. Diya tries to wipe his wound and says I am not a girl who would leave someone that’s bleeding. I am late for my tournament so you will give me a lift. Do you know who is Karan Mathur? It’s his tournament. Arjun recalls how he used to play with Karan. How they were badminton enemies. Diya says let’s go, I am late. Arjun says fine, let’s meet your Karan Mathur.

At Arjun’s house, everyone is ready for the party. Niharika scolds her staff for cheap decor. Maa asks bhabhi if Arjun is coming? Bhabhi says he ended the call. Niharika says he always wants to insult us. Amitabh comes there and she is right, we have to control him. I know who can control him, that’s Tina. Only she can handle him. Niharika says you are totally right, they are a good match. If Arjun marries Tina then he will benefit but our whole family will benefit also. Her husband comes there and says you are thinking about Arjun’s benefit now? Were we with him when the incident happened with him and he needed us? His brother asks him to stop it Kush. Arjun’s mother says we shouldn’t talk to him about the marriage. Amitabh says I will announce theri marriage tomorrow, there is nothing to talk about. All look on.

Arjun drives Diya to the tournament center, she can’t take off her belt and asks him to help. Arjun says you should try closing your mouth first. He says I will have to open it with a knife, your tournament will be gone. He comes out of the car and looks at Karan’s poster. Diya screams for help so Arjun comes near her and takes off her seat belt. She says are you crazy? I would have taken your class if it was not for my match, she runs inside. Arjun says your cycle? Diya has left it with him. Arjun looks at Karan’s poster and recalls how people used to be fans of Arjun. How the media maligned his name. The flashback shows how Arjun shouted at the media that he didn’t take any drugs, he didn’t do anything wrong. Some people threw black ink on his face. Karan smirks at him. Arjun says he couldn’t win in court so he made me lose outside the court. The flashback ends. The guard asks Arjun to take away his car, Karan Mathur is coming soon. Arjun looks on.

Diya’s tournament starts. She enters the court and glares at Mounika. Mounika taunts her that I wouldn’t spare you in the court now. Diya tells the umpire that she is here. He asks if she will play in a kurta? She says yes. He says okay. Diya prays to win the match for her father’s self-respect.

Karan arrives at the venue, all media people run to him. Arjun glares at him from a far and says I won’t spare him today.

Dadi tells Amitabh that it’s not good to do this without telling Arjun. He says Tina is a nice girl, he will come on track after marrying her. Niharika says he needs someone to control him before he goes to the mental hospital. Arjun’s mother asks her to control her tongue. Deepika Bhabhi tells that it was not Arjun’s mistake. Kush says Arjun was framed for drugs but we didn’t support him.

Amitabh says I will do what is right for this family’s honor. I will announce Tina and Arjun’s wedding tomorrow. Tina enters the house and she is a stylish girl.