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Unspoken Bond Starlife, Saturday 16th July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Shobit crying for Charmy. He falls down. Darsh comes to his room. Nandini shuts the door and cries. He asks why did you lock the door, open the door. She packs her bag. She sees Darsh’s pic and recalls his vows. Aapki nazron ne samjha….plays… She says I thought to see the world with you, to live happy, but I m leaving in seven days. She asks him to wait.

Unspoken Bond Series
Unspoken Bond Series

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She says if he can’t respect me, then I m enough for myself. Rajvi says I got a big car decorated beautifully and made reservation of a suite in another resort, Darsh and Nandini should go, I have planned another surprise for Shobit and Gunjan. Vipul laughs. Shobit hears Charmy’s recording again and cries. He says I should have not come in your life. He throws a glass in anger. Darsh comes there. Shobit coughs. Darsh hears him and goes to him. He asks are you here. Shobit says yes. Darsh asks are you fine, you are drinking, alone, you could have called me. Shobit says you don’t need this. Darsh hears Charmy’s voice on phone. He says I need to talk to you. Shobit asks what do you want to talk now, I had told you on the wedding night. Darsh asks what did you tell me.

Shobit drinks. He says I had told you…. The man comes and says Nandini wants to meet you outside the resort, she said its urgent. Darsh says tell her I m busy. He asks Shobit what did you tell me. Shobit says that I m happy. He thinks you forgot what I told you. Darsh thinks you will tolerate pain and not tell me, I promise I will bring you out of this situation soon. Shobit asks him to go, its urgent, Nandini is calling. Darsh thinks why is Nandini calling him, is she going back home, why do I feel bad, I wanted this.

The man comes to Nandini and says Darsh has called you outside the resort urgently. Nandini says I think he found a new way to trouble me, I have to scold him before leaving. She goes. Vipul says you asked them to come urgently, right. The man says yes. Vipul says Rajvi, they will be happy seeing your surprise. She smiles. Darsh calls out Nandini. Nandini asks why did you call me here. He asks did I call, you had sent that man to call me, why will I call you. She says you think I will have any interest to talk to you. He says I don’t want to talk to you, you locked the door and left me outside the room, how dare you, this is my family, don’t try to insult me.

Nandini says you always insulted me, you locked me in the bathroom, you made me have hot soup and didn’t let me sleep on the bed, you treated me like animals, Rajvi got fine, I will leave now, you got this car decorated, this won’t work. He asks what, you think I have time to waste on this, did you do this, maybe, you would have thought to sell the car and get money, you married me for money, I wish I could know it before that you are a gold digger. She throws the flowers and says I didn’t marry you for money, I m not greedy, take the word back. He says gold digger, I will always say this, its the truth. The family comes and looks on. Rajvi stops Vipul. Darsh says you have taken an advantage of my family. Nandini shouts enough.

Darsh says don’t shout, you ruined my life by marrying me, do you want to shout and scare my family, do you want money from them. Rakla and Nirali come. Darsh says you would have thought this. Nandini says I had thought a lot, but it doesn’t happen as we think, I used to thank Kanha that I got a loving husband, not rich, but I know that you will not understand anything, you made big promises when you married me, I was so foolish to fly on the clouds, you said respect will be more than love in our relation, I didn’t know you will break the promises after marriage, the way you hit Kalash, you splashed milk on my face in the rasam, I didn’t doubt you, I thought you really got tired, I didn’t know that you will get tired of me and our relation, you had done Shraddh of old Darsh, you did good, you aren’t my Darsh, you are someone else, I don’t know you.

Darsh says you think I m proud of what I did, who forced me to do this, who cheated me, who used me, who broke my heart, after Shamika, I thought to not marry, you trapped me cleverly, its my mistake, if you could risk life for a tv, how did I love such a materialistic girl. Namrata says this had to happen one day, I told you, these girls have an agenda to come here, are you happy now mom. Rajvi worries. Nandini says I didn’t risk life for tv, but for Bansuri’s happiness, I can risk my life for any dear one. Darsh says you mean you can destroy anyone’s life for your sister, I wish I met Charmy before marriage and got to know the truth. She asks what. He says Charmy told me everything about the condition you kept for marriage. Nandini and everyone get shocked. Rajvi thinks Shobit loved Charmy, why didn’t he tell me. Nandini says its a lie, Charmy lied to you. Darsh says you had kept this condition to Rajvi that you will marry me if Gunjan marries Shobit. They all get shocked.

Darsh saying you had kept this condition to set Bansuri’s life, you ruined Shobit’s life, you knew my mum can do anything for her sons, you took an advantage of her. Nandini says I don’t know anything. Darsh says you will always be the culprit, I had told you that whoever makes my brother cry, I will fill his/her life with tears. Rajvi shouts Nandini didn’t do anything. She says I spoke to Vanlata Parekh, she kept this condition in front of me, I had agreed for this alliance, Nandini doesn’t know anything. Vipul asks Rajvi did you accept this condition. Rajvi says I did this, Nandini doesn’t know. Namrata says you thought its fine to ruin Shobit’s life, Nandini manipulated you. Rajvi says she didn’t know anything. Namrata says maybe Nandini sent Vanlata to you, Charmy had seen her talking to that man.

Nandini says its a lie, I don’t know why is she saying this, how can you blame me, were you there. Darsh asks her not to talk to Namrata like this. He says sorry Namrata, I spoke to you badly because of her, she deserves each and everything that you said, Shobit’s life…. Rajvi asks where is Shobit, someone call him, I want to ask him why didn’t he tell me that he loves Charmy. Vipul says even if you didn’t know, then also you did wrong, I didn’t expect this from you. Darsh says its not mum’s mistake, we didn’t know that Nandini is a big gold-digger. Rajvi says stop it, don’t say this, I blindly trust Nandini. Nandini asks why didn’t you tell me this truth. Rajvi says I got mad and blind in my son’s love, I knew he loves you, you would have refused if I told you, Vanlata insulted me a lot and refused for the alliance, I left from there, she stopped me midway. She tells everything.

She asks what’s Nandini’s mistake in this, you locked her in the bathroom on the wedding night, what happened to you, its not my upbringing, from where did you learn this. She apologizes to Nandini. She says my son got me ashamed today. Vipul says you should be sorry, who are you to decide for other’s life, Shobit paid a price. Rajvi says I didn’t know that Shobit loves Charmy, he is my son, I love him as much as I love Darsh. Chetan gets Shobit there. Chetan says Shobit was crying at the pool with Charmy’s pic. Rajvi asks why didn’t you tell me about Charmy, I have to stay with this guilt, I wanted Darsh’s happiness, I didn’t wish to sacrifice your happiness, what did you do. Darsh asks why did you made this big sacrifice, I got to know the truth, can I stay happy always. He says mom did a mistake to convince Shobit for this marriage, we made enough mistakes, I won’t let you make a mistake to trust Nandini, why would Charmy lie, what’s her enmity with Nandini. Nandini asks did Charmy see me with that man. Darsh says no, she was locked in the room. Nandini asks did she hear my voice, did she say that I had answered that man, call Charmy right away, make a video call and lets hear the truth from her. Shobit says we can’t talk to her, she left. Vipul asks where would she go, outside India, we can talk to her. Shobit cries. Vipul says she got upset with your marriage. Rajvi asks who was that man who had told wrong to Charmy about Nandini, did Vanlata plan this, maybe Vanlata locked Charmy before marriage, she kept this deal to me, she is clever, she can do anything, maybe she asked that man to do a drama in front of Charmy. They see Gunjan. Gunjan worries. She says trust me, I don’t know anything. Rajvi says I don’t doubt you. Parul says but you know Vanlata, why did you accept her condition. Rajvi says I wanted to see Darsh married, I knew Darsh will never tell me anything, I could see how much he loves Nandini, Vanlata’s condition was accepted by a mother, if I knew about Charmy and Shobit, I would have not told him, I didn’t know that he will sacrifice his love, I knew Vanlata wanted to get Gunjan married in a rich house, her way was wrong, I thought girl should be good, I was okay with it. She apologizes to Shobit. She says so sorry Shobit.

She says Darsh, you had punished Nandini, why, I blindly trust Nandini, she kept my trust, you ashamed my trust, you love Nandini, how did you doubt your love. Nandini cries. Rajvi asks how did you believe Charmy, what’s this love when there is no trust, you never loved Nandini, I did so much for your love, all the relations shattered. Nandini asks her to take care of herself, she is with her. Rajvi asks till when. Nandini says I don’t understand what to say, I didn’t think that this relation was just a compromise, its my mistake, when Vanlata told me that you had sent Shobit’s alliance for Gunjan, I felt strange, if I had tried to know the truth, then four lives would have not got ruined. Shobit says five lives, its my mistake, Charmy is the fifth person. He cries. Rajvi says I didn’t know you will face hatred after marriage, I thought you both will be happy, forgive me.

Vipul asks Darsh to apologize to Nandini, fold hands, change your thin king and apologize to your wife. Darsh and Nandini think what all happened. Nandini says I don’t want his apology, its enough that his misunderstanding got cleared, he would still think I made Vanlata do this, I don’t care if he thinks I m materialistic and greedy, our relation broke that day when he called me thief and checked me, I don’t have to prove anything, broken house, heart and relation can join, but broken trust can’t form again, I can get Charmy and Vanlata in front of you to prove that all that was a lie, but why to prove anything, who said you are a judge and I m a criminal. Darsh says I m sorry Nandini. Nandini says if you try, then maybe you will get rid of these misunderstandings, you can never raise in my sight.

I’m not the girl to compromise my esteem to save my marriage, staying with respect is more imp than staying with husband. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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