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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Wednesday 7th December 2022 update

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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld Wednesday 7th December 2022 update; Lakshmi telling that if they will not come out then she will come there. She comes there and couldn’t see anyone there. She thinks decorators left all stuff here and left. She takes out the stuff and goes to keep. Rishi and Malishka hide under the table. Lakshmi keeps the stuff there, when her phone falls down and goes inside the table. Malishka and Rishi are shocked. Sonia comes to Ayush and asks him to give car keys as she wants to go on a long drive with his friends. Ayush asks her to let him sleep. Sonia says I will go to Bua and complain against you.
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Ayush says I will complain to Neelam Mami and says then you will say sorry to me. Sonia says she will tell her that he spends time with Shalu. Ayush gives the keys and tells that he doesn’t want to hear lecture from mom and asks her to go. Sonia goes. Ahana hears them and tells Ayush that she will not tell anyone, as she knows that Shalu is not his type. Lakshmi sits to get her phone and looks inside. She gets her phone. Rishi and Malishka are behind the table.
Malishka says we have to meet secretly. He says there is no other way. Malishka asks him to make her feel that he is just hers. He says I am yours only. Malishka says I will go and meet Mom. He says why she didn’t come here. Malishka says she was tired. Rishi asks her to remember that she don’t need to win from anyone, and hugs her. Malishka leaves.
Lakshmi is in the kitchen. Virender comes and asks if she didn’t sleep yet. She says she was going to sleep. Virender says he was making preparation, as Maa and Neelam go and feed the people next day after anniversary. He says Karishma will also go. Lakshmi asks shall I come? Virender says kids don’t come there and says if she wants then she can come. Lakshmi says ok, I will handle house work. Virender asks her to rest too. In the morning, Ayush is having breakfast and asks Lakshmi not to tell Rishi that he came here just now. Rishi comes there and sees Lakshmi and Ayush. Ayush says he came one hour back and will come to office late. Rishi asks Ayush to check the mail. He opens his laptop to check the mail. Lakshmi asks Rishi to have sandwich. Rishi says I am working. Lakshmi says you are working using hands and asks him to eat food. She makes him have sandwich and then tries to make him have juice. Rishi says don’t do this. Lakshmi says I will not tell that you fed me that day. Ayush smiles. Rishi gets a call from Malishka and she asks him to say I love you. Rishi says there is I love you in lyrics and says I love you. Ayush gets up and says I will wait for you in the office. He goes. Lakshmi asks whose call was it? Rishi says I am getting late for office and gets up to go. He asks her to inform Mom and dad when they come from temple. He comes back to Lakshmi and takes his pen. Lakshmi smiles. Aashiq banalu…..plays……She thinks of Gurucharan’s words, Rishi’s moments with her, catching Malishka with love band and Rishi’s clarification.
Ayush and Rishi are in the car. Rishi asks why he came in his car? Ayush says Sonia blackmailed and took his car. Rishi asks what happened? Ayush asks if it was Malishka’s call. Rishi says yes. Ayush says now you are married, such things are not good. Rishi asks him to stop the car. Ayush stops the car. Rishi says I don’t regard this marriage as marriage, tells that he is not bad, and don’t love Lakshmi. Ayush says she loves you. Rishi says you knows that Malishka and I love eachother. Ayush says whatever you both have is not love. Rishi asks are you married or have any girlfriend? Ayush says no. He says I know better what is love, and says Lakshmi came in my life for a year and that’s it. He asks Ayush not to feel bad and says he is not ignoring Lakshmi and will keep her happy. He says I understand your feelings, think about me, what I might be going through. He says I was alone in jail and the way she was protecting me and taking care of me, I got Lakshmi’s thoughts and later understood that I was thinking about her as there was nothing else in jail. He says he is clear about his love for Malishka and says we shall not talk about this again. They sit in the car again.
Ayush thinks you shall clear and not me. He thinks it is high time, you shall realize that you love Lakshmi and accepts marriage with her. He says I will make you realize this.
Sanjay opens the door. A lady asks can I meet Rishi? Sanjay says nobody is at home. The lady Jennifer asks him to call his wife. Lakshmi comes there and sends Sanjay to bring snacks. Jennifer introduces herself and tells that she came to remind Rishi that he has to come at 2 pm for inaugurating their jewellery store. She invites Lakshmi there too. She says they have sent the invite 2 months ago, when he was not married. She says if she will come, then they will feel good. Jennifer says I will call him. Rishi picks the call and says I will come on time. Jennifer says I have a request. Rishi is busy checking the file. Jennifer asks can you bring Lakshmi with me. Ayush says phone is on. She asks will you bring? He says yes, we will come on time. Jennifer asks Lakshmi to come. He tells Ayush that the showroom is of Malishka’s uncle so they shall go. Ayush says if you are going. He sees Malishka behind Rishi. Malishka hugs Rishi. Rishi gets shocked and says this is shock. Rishi asks Ayush to say. Ayush says I will attend the meeting and goes. Rishi says you naughty girl. Malishka asks him to hug her and she then hugs him.
Rishi getting a call. Malishka asks who is disturbing us? Rishi says Lakshmi and picks the call. Lakshmi asks when he will come home? Rishi says 1:15 or 1:30. She asks what shall I wear? He says anything. Lakshmi says if you want me to wear something special then tell me. Malishka takes his mobile and ends the call. She reminds him that they have to go to the inauguration of the jewellery store. She says I will meet you at your house at 1:30, and will go with you, will park my car there. Lakshmi thinks he must be busy, what shall I wear? She gets a call. She picks Shalu’s call and says it is good you called. Shalu asks why she is in tension? Lakshmi says Rishi has to inaugurate the jewellery store. Shalu says I know, I am on social networking site. Lakshmi says even I am going, what shall I wear? Shalu asks her to wear gown and says the jewellery store is for both men and women. Lakshmi says she don’t have any gown. Ahana says she will arranged the gown and calls a designer to send the gown. Malishka calls her uncle jewellery store. Jennifer picks the call. Malishka asks her about the theme of the storeroom. Jennifer says off white and asks her to tell her boss that she has invited Rishi and his wife for the inauguration. Malishka gets angry and throws her mobile.
Lakshmi gets ready in yellow gown. Shalu asks Ahana about the gown. Ahana says it is simple. Shalu asks her to come out. Lakshmi says it is very strange, I will not come. Ahana and Shalu sees Rishi coming there. Rishi tells that he needs to change his clothes and is about to go to the changing room. Lakshmi comes out of the changing room. She doesn’t see Rishi and tells Ahana and Shalu that she is looking strange. Rishi says no, you are looking beautiful. He makes her wear the dupatta. Lakshmi says she has worn thinking what people will say. He asks her to wear whatever she wants to and goes to change.
Lakshmi asks Shalu why she didn’t tell her that Rishi is here. Shalu teases her. Ahana says Bhai lost his consciousness seeing you and told that you are looking beautiful. Rishi comes out of the changing room. Lakshmi tells that she is coming in 5 mins. Malishka calls Rishi and informs him that an employee from the showroom had gone to your house and invited Lakshmi. Rishi is shocked. Malishka says we have made these arrangements and says she will go. She asks him if they are going together. Rishi says we are going together. Lakshmi comes out wearing red saree. Virender scolds Ayush for troubling Shalu. Ayush asks him to close his eyes, and see Shalu’s clever face. Virender scolds him and asks him to bring file. Ayush says everyone call me devil and thinks to ask her, thinks she will tell the truth.
Lakshmi asks shall we leave. Rishi gets a call and goes out. Shalu tells Lakshmi that whatever she wears, she looks beautiful. Ahana says Bhai is praising you a lot without any hesitation. Shalu says when true love happens, then this happens. Lakshmi asks them to be quiet. Rishi pretends to get a call and tells that the event is cancelled and inauguration is not happening. Lakshmi says it is good, I was nervous. Rishi says I am going to office. He goes. Shalu and Ahana get upset. Lakshmi says I have to make arrangements of Karwachauth and asks them to go. Shalu teases her. Lakshmi pulls her tears. Ahana tells Lakshmi that she was looking beautiful in that color gown and says even the receptionist must have worn of that color.
Malishka comes to the jewellery store and hugs her uncle. Rishi also comes there. Malishka sees Jennifer wearing the similar gown and asks her to go and change. Jennifer says did you tell boss, that I have invited Lakshmi also. She says I don’t have extra dress. Malishka asks her not to come near her, as she don’t want to spoil her pics. Jennifer thinks why Lakshmi haven’t come, and thinks to call and request her. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Virender has given her Tab. Shalu asks Lakshmi to thank him when he comes and goes out. Jennifer calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi picks the call, but Ahana disconnects the call. Jennifer calls Lakshmi again. Just then Malishka comes there, and asks her to bring scissors. Lakshmi hears Malishka. Jennifer thinks what is the use of calling her now, inauguration is happening. She asks the employees to post the inauguration on social media. Rishi is about to inaugurate the showroom. Shalu sees it on social media and calls Lakshmi. She tells that Gracious jewellery showroom haven’t cancelled the inauguration. Lakshmi is shocked. Shalu says Jiju is alone there. Lakshmi says may be he thought I am nervous and that’s why he went alone. Shalu says jiju can’t go without you, and asks her to call him. Lakshmi says I will call Rishi and will inform him that I am reaching there. She tells Ahana that Rishi must be calling her. Ahana says ok. She praises Lakshmi. Rishi tells Malishka’s uncle that the scissor is not working. Uncle asks her to get it changed. Shalu calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi reaches there and says she has arrived there. Shalu thinks who is with Jiju and sees Malishka’s back. She thinks the way Jiju has kept his hand on her back. She gets doubtful and recalls his lie.
Lakshmi comes there and sees Rishi and Malishka inaugurating the showroom. Shalu says jiju is with someone else. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.