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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Sunday 6th November 2022 update

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Unfortunate Love

The driver Balwinder coming to Rishi. Rishi asks if the car is ready and him to get the girls arrested, as they stole the auto and ran. He tells Inspector that he is going for important meeting and his driver will file the FIR on his behalf. Lakshmi and her sisters come out and gets shocked hearing him saying this.

She calls Rishi and says you have promised to let us go and asks constable to leave them. Inspector asks them to act in Police station. Shalu says how can he break our trust, he has promised. Lakshmi says we shall never trust city guys. She runs out and tries to stop Rishi, but the lady constables catch her. Rishi sits in car, while she tries to stop him. Ayush says he can also drive the car. Rishi says someone shall drive, who can fly the car, else we can’t reach super model contest.

Chacha ji tells that he couldn’t find the girls. Rano says we shall tell that Lakshmi ran away and asks him to think what to tell about other girls. Shalu shows Rishi’s pic to Police and tells that he promised not to get us arrested. Inspector asks them to come. Chacha ji gets a call from Police inspector and gets shocked. He tells Rano that they have entered the 5 star hotel. Rano says you was worried about them and they are enjoying there. He says we shall go and talk to Police. Chacha ji talks to Inspector and asks him to leave his nieces, but he refuses. Lakshmi tells Rano that auto driver was taking them to isolated road etc, and they got saved. Chacha ji tells Lakshmi that Inspector didn’t agree. Lakshmi asks him to tell that she is guilty, but her sisters are innocent. Chacha ji goes to tell. Lakshmi says that guy was not trustable. Rishi is sitting in the super model contest and gets hiccups. Ayush tells him that the girl must be talking bad about you. Rishi sees a supermodel’s heels breaking and rushes to hold her. The model says she will win due to him. He says pleasure is mine. Chacha ji asks Inspector to leave other girls. Inspector tells that he can leave the girls if the complainant takes back the complaint. He asks him to talk to their driver. Chacha ji and Rano see Balwinder and think he stays in their neighborhood. They ask him not to file the complaint and say nobody will know if you file complaint or not. Rishi crowns the model as supermodel. Neha says he can’t do anything. Balwinder says he can do anything for his family. He pretends to make a fake call and tells inspector that Rishi asked him to free the girls. He frees the girls. Neha gets to know from Lakshmi that Rishi got them arrested.. she says why she didn’t get me arrested. Rishi sees the model Veronica refusing to get the pic clicked for kids NGO. He asks Veronica to pose with him, then says that the pic looks empty and asks the kids to pose with them. Veronica poses with them. Rishi tells the kids that he will send Veronica’s audio in which she tells that she don’t want money from them. The kids get happy and thanks Rishi. Ayush says you have fooled a model. Rishi says she might be beautiful, but to win my heart, she needs to be beautiful from within and not by face.

Neha tells Chacha ji that she will not share her room with anyone. Lakshmi says we will sleep somewhere else. He says this house is small and tells that they sleep in hall. Rano takes them to storeroom and asks them to sleep there. Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani clean the room. Bani tells that she is feeling hungry. Lakshmi says I will bring food. She goes to hall. Rano asks what happened? Lakshmi tells that Bani and Shalu are feeling hungry. Rano tells that old food, of 10 days back must be in fridge and asks her to take it. Lakshmi takes food for her sisters and tells that there was much food, but she eat it when Chachi ji insisted. Shalu says even Maa used to say this. She makes Lakshmi eat food. Later they ask how to sleep without pillow. Shalu and Bani sleep on Lakshmi’s hand. Rano makes Lakshmi and her sisters work in her house. She asks Neha to show market to Lakshmi, and tells that from next day she will only bring. Shalu asks her to drink tea. Lakshmi says she will drink later. Balwinder eyes Neha. Lakshmi looks at him and understands his bad eye is on her. Neha asks Lakshmi to hold the bags. Balwinder gets Rishi’s call and lies to him that he came to PS to handle the case. He comes to Chacha ji and Rano’s house and tell that he is Rishi Oberoi’s driver and that is not less. He says he shall have wife. Chacha ji says yes. Balwinder asks him to give Neha.

In the market, Rishi is driving the car and hits a vegetable seller cart. Rano tells Chacha ji that they have formula to solve all problems. Rano says you have pushed him out and tells that he will not marry Neha. Rano tells that they shall get Lakshmi marry to him. Chacha ji says he will beat Lakshmi. Rano says he will mend his ways and tells that he will get money for us from Gurucharan.

The vegetable seller says nobody is helping me to pick it. Lakshmi says I will help you. She helps him pick the vegetables. Rishi comes out of car and asks Lakshmi, how she is freed from PS, she shall be locked.

Rishi getting down the car and sees Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks if he don’t know driving then why is he driving. Rishi asks how did you come out? Lakshmi asks him to see that the vegetable seller’s loss. Neha sees Rishi and gets excited. Rishi says he will give the money. Neha says it is not needed and gives her intro. Rishi says hi Neha. He says sorry to the vegetable seller and sits in his car. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…..Rishi calls Balwinder and asks how dare he, not to file the Police complaint and lied to him. He says he saw one of the girls on the road. Balwinder says I had filed the FIR and they were arrested, may be they got released. Rishi asks him to shut up and ends the call. Balwinder sees Chacha and Rano coming there. Rano tells that they came to give shagun and tells that he will become their damad. Balwinder asks if Neha agreed? Rano says wrong number and tells that your marriage will happen with Lakshmi. He says he likes Neha. Chacha says your marriage will happen with Lakshmi. Rano says you can’t fulfill Neha’s demands and tells that Lakshmi is a villagers and will stay quietly at home. She says if you marry Lakshmi then the colony people will respect you. He says he wants to take a test drive with Lakshmi. Chacha asks what do you mean? Rano says he wants to spend time with Lakshmi and invites him home in the evening. She comes home and informs Lakshmi that she has fixed her marriage and tells that today the guy is coming here to meet Lakshmi and take her outside. Shalu says we don’t meet before marriage. Rano asks if this is village and tells that they know the guy, who helped them evade the arrest. She praises Balwinder and emotionally blackmails her telling that her father will not get peace if she don’t get married. Lakshmi agrees for her father’s peace. Neha thinks it is better to die rather than marrying Balwinder.

Later in the evening, Rano asks Lakshmi to go and open the door. She asks Neha to go to room. Lakshmi opens the door. Balwinder stares her. Rano asks him to take her out and thinks marriage shall be fixed.

Balwinder and Lakshmi are in the car, while he is driving. He says your Chachi said right that you will listen to me. He stops the car and says we will have drink on our date. He asks her to drink it and says if she doesn’t drink then he will break the alliance. He asks her to drink at once. Lakshmi drinks and coughs. He says your Chachi was right, you will do what I ask you to do and will not fight with me like my second wife, tells that he will marry her, but before that kiss him. Lakshmi asks what nonsense? Balwinder says you will not agree so easily, I will show you. He drives the car fast and threatens to throw her out of car, if she doesn’t kiss him. Lakshmi finds her head shaking. He brings her to the lodge and asks why is she feeling ashamed, as they will be marrying soon. He asks her to get down from the car. Lakshmi asks where to go? She says please take me home. Balwinder says this is your would be home. Lakshmi says my head is shaking and you are drunk. He says I made you drunk a little and asks her to come inside. She asks if family is inside. She says there is nobody here in the room. He says just you and me and tells that his wife took his kids as well. He asks her to kiss him. Lakshmi pushes him and asks what are you saying? He says if Chachi comes to know? Balwinder says I will call her. He calls her and tells that he likes Lakshmi, and asks if he can do anything with her, if she is giving permission. Rano says yes, my full permission is with you, do whatever you want and tells that she will make arrangement of marriage. She ends the call. Lakshmi is shocked to hear Rano permitting him. He tells Lakshmi that he will have wedding night with her and throws her dupatta in air. Lakshmi asks him to leave her. He pushes her on bed. Lakshmi pushes him and runs out of the room. Balwinder asks her to stop and asks her to make him happy. Lakshmi closes the door and runs from there. He knocks on the door telling that he will tell her Chachi. Lakshmi comes out of the lodge and cries. She runs from there. Rano tells Chacha ji that Balwinder agreed to marry Lakshmi and tells that she will take flat in a tower and will take top floor. Chacha says first call that Gurucharan. Rano says I will take keys from Gurucharan. Lakshmi is running on the road and crying.

She thinks of her father’s words and cries. She thinks she don’t want to stay here, nobody is here. I want to go home. Rishi stops his car and says you came again. Lakshmi cries and starts walking. Rishi gets down from the car and asks why she is crying and tells that he can help her out, and asks her to share her problem. She sees him and thinks he has broken his promise. She runs away. Rishi asks her to listen and asks what is the matter? Lakshmi rushes home and locks her in the room. Shalu and Bani get worried. They knock on the door. Chacha and Rano ask what happened with her. Lakshmi opens the door and tells Rano that she don’t want to marry Balwinder. Neha comes there and tells Balwinder came. Rano goes to talk to her. Balwinder tells Rano that he don’t want to marry Lakshmi and says she is mad, and slapped me as I tried to hug her. He says I will not marry Lakshmi, but will marry Neha. Neha says she will kick him and leave. Rano scolds him and says you would have waited for marriage and says she is Lakshmi, pure and says she is of village and not of city. She asks him to drink desi and search someone of his type. Balwinder says sorry and tells that he was drunk. He says she is pure and will marry her. He says he will gift her a necklace. Rano gets greedy and tells that she will do. He says he will marry after 2 days.

Rishi tells Ayush that the same girl came infront of his car. Ayush says there is surely some connection with her, that destiny is making you meet her again and again. His Mom comes there. Rishi says good morning. Ayush says good morning Mami. She asks if he is going to hotel. Rishi says I am going to jeweller shop with you and tells that he will come. She says work is small. Rishi asks Ayush to cancel his appointment. He asks why is she giving the necklace to a small jeweller. His mother Neelam tells that it was made by the same jeweller and it is heritage shop.

His father comes there and tells that the necklace is ancestral and it was given to Neelam by my mother, and Neelam will give this to your wife. Rishi looks on. Lakshmi thinks if she is destined to be Balwinder’s wife.