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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Sunday 19th December 2022 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love On Zee world Sunday 19th December 2022 update, Rishi making Lakshmi sit on the chair. Neelam gives water to Lakshmi and Malishka. Malishka says I am not fine. Lakshmi feels the burning sensation as Rishi holds her hand. Karishma says Malishka’s hand is burnt fully. Neelam asks Rishi to take Lakshmi inside and ignores Malishka. Rishi takes Lakshmi inside. Virender asks Ahana to bring first aid box. Sonia brings first aid box.

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Virender takes the ointment and asks Rishi to apply on Lakshmi’s injury. Malishka feels neglected, and thinks Lakshmi was right, you care for her, although you refuse. Rishi applies ointment on Lakshmi’s hand and then on her neck, and blows on it. Malishka cries, seeing his care for Lakshmi. Viraj touches Malishka. Malishka feels pain. Viraj says I am sorry. Rishi asks if your hand is burnt too. Malishka says I will leave. Karishma says Malishka is very hurt, she didn’t expect this big injury.

Viraj says we shall leave. Malishka says you can stay, I will leave. He says we have come together and will leave now. Malishka goes out. He thanks the Oberois, and looks for his car keys. Dadi asks him to check in the garden area. Viraj goes. Rishi asks Ahana and Devika to take Lakshmi to room, so that she can rest. Lakshmi says she is fine. Virender takes her to room along with others.

Sonia tells Karishma that she can never think that Bhai will hurt malishka so much. Rishi goes behind Malishka. Malishka says she is tired of hearing his fake I love you. Rishi says Malishka. Malishka says Lakshmi, your wife. You have her name on your mouth. Rishi says Lakshmi was hurt and her hand was burnt. Malishka shows her burn mark and says you couldn’t see me, I was standing near you, but you ran to save Lakshmi. She says if my life was in danger, and says you left me alone in fire for Lakshmi. She says you have left me in life, and says you went to Lakshmi. Rishi says I didn’t do it intentionally, trust me. Malishka says you are not doing anything intentionally, but getting drawn towards Lakshmi yourself. She says I can see everything and asks him to go to Lakshmi. She says she has taken my place and you gave her my place. Rishi says enough and says I am hearing, and that’s why you are going on saying. He says I am telling for the last time, I really love you and nobody can take your place. Malishka says I feel everything is a nonsense. Rishi says I have become of Lakshmi, will it touch you?

Virender makes Lakshmi sit on the bed. Lakshmi looks at him. Virender asks what are you thinking? Lakshmi says let it be. Virender says I am your Bau ji and asks her to say. Lakshmi asks why are you getting worried. Virender says if anything happens to you, then something happens to me, and says my life is in you. He asks her to tell if she is fine. Lakshmi gets emotional, recalling her father telling the same thing. She gets tears in her eyes.

Rishi asks Malishka to check her phone, and says I had called you so many times. He says he has just one thought that he wants his Malishka back and says I really love you. Malishka doesn’t believe on him and says it is dead. She says I didn’t feel anything when you told I love you 5 times. She says whatever was between us, was over now. She says you care for Lakshmi and her feelings matter to you and not me. She says you are happy while doing this, and says I am nowhere in your life, neither in your mind nor in your heart, or anywhere. Rishi says no, I love you. Malishka says you think that you love me, but it is not true. She says I had become your habit and that’s why you are having problem to leave me. She says you fear to get rejected by me and that’s why I am giving you a chance to reject me.

Virender tells Lakshmi that he is not angry at her. Lakshmi hugs him and cries. Shalu says even our Bau ji used to say this and scold her like you. Bani says just as you said. Virender asks Lakshmi not to cry and says if you cry, then I will cry too. Ayush gets tears and wipes it. Shalu, Bani and Virender look at him. Ayush says even I got some tears, no problem. Virender says you are her Dewar and has the right to cry for her. They have a group hug. Virender says I am Bau ji of you three.

Malishka tells Rishi that she knows him and says their relation is over. Rishi says you knows me well and asks why you couldn’t feel my love. He says you want to check and it is your problem. He says I say I love you with the same intensity as before. Malishka says if it was with the same feeling, then would have reached me. She says you said that you are jealous seeing Viraj and me. She says what I saw, that you yearn and die for that Lakshmi, seeing her injury. She says you don’t love me. Rishi says I love you. Malishka says you didn’t look at me even once, as she is very important to you than me. Rishi says really I love you. Malishka says really. He says yes. Malishka asks him to kiss her. Rishi says what are you saying? Malishka says you will not kiss me, as you think Lakshmi is your wife and will feel like betraying Lakshmi. She asks him to kiss her. Rishi holds her against the pillar to kiss her, but he gets Lakshmi and his moments flashes and he fails to kiss Malishka. He moves back. Malishka sees Viraj bringing his car there. She gets in the car and leaves with Viraj. Rishi gets upset.

Rishi asking Lakshmi not to praise him. Lakshmi says this is truth, you have supported me from day 1 and reminds him that she had come to his office and hid in his cabin. She says Shalu saw your photo there and told that you are handsome. Rishi asks what did you think? She says nothing, but there was some connection between us, not of this birth, but of many births, and that’s why we met and united. She is about to go, he holds her Pallu. Alvida song plays….Rishi says first you have to tell everything. Lakshmi says what? He says anything and says I like to hear you, and feel peace at heart. Lakshmi says we get compliments about the looks and you are complimenting me on my talks. He asks her to continue and smiles. Lakshmi says don’t look at me this way. Lakshmi says it feels strange and asks him to say. He asks if you feel peace when I talk. She asks shall I copy you or say something original. He says original. Lakshmi says when you talk, I feel your existence in my life. He says this compliment is good. Lakshmi says it is good. Rishi asks her to say. Lakshmi asks him to ask her and says she will reply. He asks whom you like the most? Lakshmi says Bau ji. Rishi asks her to take some other name. She says my sisters. Rishi says not blood relatives and asks whom you like in our house. She says mummy ji. Rishi says leaving everyone, and says whom you like between Ayush and me. Lakshmi says I like Ayush more than you. Rishi says you are strange, and says you like everyone and says you took everyone’s name, leaving my name. Ayush comes there. Lakshmi says I don’t like you. Rishi says you don’t like me. Lakshmi ays you are in me, my identity and soul. She says that’s why I just don’t like you, but love you. She says I love you and hugs him. Rishi holds her hesitantly. Ayush smiles hearing her love confession. Sindoori lagta hai….song plays….

She hugs him again. Rishi holds her. Ayush comes out of the room and thanks God, for making this Jodi. Karishma comes there and asks what is he doing here? Ayush wears googles and asks if he is looking nice. Karishma is going to Rishi’s room. Ayush stops her and says don’t go there. Karishma says I want to talk to Rishi, it is urgent. She says Malishka’s mom called and said that she might do something. Ayush says it is nautanki. Karishma says I need to talk to Rishi and is about to go. Ayush acts and says I am your step son. Karishma says go and see your birth certificate. Ayush says it might be fake, and shows his tears. He says I feel that I am your step son, you don’t concentrate on me. Karishma asks what happened to you, my son.

Lakshmi comes to Rishi and asks can I say? Rishi says yes and asks her not to keep her feelings in heart. She says don’t keep wet towel on the bed and says it is a bad habit. She says I am seeing this from the day 1 and says smell will come from the bed, you stay clean and asks him not to do this. Rishi says you scold me much, as I am liking it and you are scolding me with your rights. She says I am telling seriously. He promises her.

Karishma asks Ayush what happened? Ayush says he had breakup and asks her to stay with him for 2 days. Neelam comes there. Karishma tells her about Neelam. Neelam says we shall get him married to that girl, we must handle this with care and shall meet that girl’s family. She asks who is that girl? Karishma says yes and Ayush didn’t mention about her. Ayush runs to seek Virender’s help.

Lakshmi and Rishi collide with each other. She collides with him again. He asks why she collided with him. She tells the village reason that black dog will bite them. He laughs and collide his head with her. She says this is said in our village. She collides his head with him and they fall on the bed.

Ayush comes to Virender’s room and tells that Rishi and Lakshmi were hugging, and I got emotional and got teary eyes. Virender gets happy. Ayush tells that Mom came there and I stopped her from going there and gave reason of break up. He says Mom told Mami about my breakup. Now they want to know about the girl. Neelam and Karishma come there. They ask about the girl with whom he had broken up. Ayush says Mama ji knows everything. Neelam says what happened to you, who knew everything and didn’t tell me. Virender says I didn’t know and says I didn’t know that he has interest in guys. Karishma asks if my son will bring husband in this house. Ayush says I am fine and okay. Karishma asks are you fine? Virender says there is nothing like girl and guy, he got emotional as he lost business project. Karishma says you are stressed about business. Ayush says when I lost that project, I felt breakup. Karishma asks him not to feel bad and says you will get another project. Ayush thanks Virender.

In the morning, Lakshmi moves the curtain and the sunlight falls on Rishi’s face. She keeps her hand on his forehead so that his sleep don’t get disturbed. Tu thodi der plays……Rishi opens his eyes and looks at her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.