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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Sunday 13th November 2022 update

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Unfortunate Love

Balwinder ringing the horn and asks Abhi to move his car. Abhi smiles and drives off. The taxi driver Sanjay stops the car and tells that he will check the car. Preetam, Lakshmi and her sisters get down from the taxi. Preetam says there must be some wire problem.

He says it is raining and we will not get taxi or rickshaw. Pragya comes there and calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi says they are going to Hotel Oberoi Radiant. Pragya asks them to sit. They sit all in the car and leaves. Balwinder reaches there and asks Sanjay. Sanjay says they left already with some Madam.

Neha gets the rope in the house and looks at the ceiling. Rano checks for Neha and sees her putting rope in her neck. She knocks on the door and gets inside. She stops Neha and asks what is she doing? Neha says if she has no Rishi in her life, then she will die. She says she would have got crores of jewellery, car, house etc, but Lakshmi snatched everything from her. Rano promises to get back her destiny from her.

Pragya congrats Lakshmi when her sisters tell about her marriage today. Lakshmi invites Pragya for the marriage. Rano tells Neha that she will get her married to Rishi. Neha says it is too late. Rano says I will make it fine, nobody can get Lakshmi marry Rishi. Sushma calls Pragya and asks if she left from saree showroom. Pragya says she had left and met Lakshmi on the way. Lakshmi greets Sushma. Sushma asks Pragya to go and attend her friend Neelam’s son wedding in Hotel Oberoi Radiant. Pragya asks Lakshmi if she is marrying there. Her sisters say yes. Pragya says now she has to go as invite came from both sides.

Pragya reaches Oberoi radiant with Lakshmi and others. Neelam identifies Pragya and asks about Sushma. Pragya says she couldn’t come and that’s why sent me. Neha and Rano reach the hotel. Rano asks Neha to wear the copy of Lakshmi’s bridal dress. Balwinder is outside the hotel. They kidnap the shehnai guys and change with their costume. Abhi comes there and greets the khiyam chacha. Balwinder says he doesn’t know Khiyam. Abhi thinks who are there. Balwinder comes inside and looks at Lakshmi. Rishi comes wearing his sherwani for the marriage. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi also looks at her. Main phir bhi plays… Neelam introduces Rishi to Pragya. Rishi then comes to Lakshmi and they smile. Balwinder thinks he was about to marry Lakshmi in the same hotel and now nobody can stop him from marrying her. Abhi comes there and asks where is Khiyam Chacha? Balwinder says I didn’t know. Abhi sees Pragya there and smiles.

Karishma tells Rano that stylish is waiting in the room. Rano goes. Neelam introduces Pragya to Karishma and tells that Sushma couldn’t come. Pragya says she is from Lakshmi’s side too. Abhi comes there. Karishma asks if he is your husband. Abhi says yes. Neelam introduces Rishi to Abhi. Pragya asks him to come and talk to him. Abhi teases Rishi and asks what happened in the corner when a wife calls her husband. He says romance don’t happen. He says Mr. Oberoi is smiling and it seems he understood. He asks Rishi to smile and from tomorrow, he will be in his category. He says excuse us.

Pragya asks Abhi what was he doing and what he said. Abhi says he is from the groom’s side and tells that he was following someone else. She asks if anyone comes to marriage like this. He says he shall wear good looking and wears jacket, says now I am looking as your husband.

Shalu and Bani take Lakshmi and Rishi’s pic. Pragya says from where did you get jacket. Abhi says this is marriage house. Pragya gets upset with him. They have an argument. Rishi’s friends come there and ask him to dance. Rishi asks Lakshmi to dance with him. She says she couldn’t dance well, as she just knows dance of her village. He says I have a solution and tells that he will do bhangra today. He does bhangra dance. Abhi senses Balwinder’s sight is on the bride and the groom. Rishi takes Abhi to dance. Pragya and lakshmi dance.

Lakshmi comes to Abhi and offers him water. He says no, thanks her. She says Pragya di and you are both good. They have a talk. Abhi praises Lakshmi’s eyes spark. Lakshmi says you are like Pragya, as she said that she can see light in my eyes. He says she uses hindi.

Neelam asks Lakshmi to go and get ready in the bridal room. Rano thinks once you go to the room, I will make you unconscious and will make Neha sit with Rishi for marriage.

Preetam asking Rano where is Neha? Rano says if she sees you then how will she marry? Preetam asks what, I didn’t understand. She asks him to watch. Pragya overhears Balwinder’s conversation with his goons, telling that they will kidnap Lakshmi, and will take her to temple and then he will marry her. He says she is mine and I won’t let her marry someone else, once she marries me, I will teach her a lesson. Pragya goes to them, but they leave. She tells Rano that she hears someone talking and tells that someone don’t want Lakshmi to marry. Rano thinks if she heard Neha and my conversation. Pragya says I heard a guy telling that he will take Lakshmi to temple and marry her. Rano asks her not to tell anyone, as they will get worried. She says she will be with Lakshmi, asks her not to worry. Rano thinks to warn Lakshmi and asks waiter about her room no. She then goes to Lakshmi’s room and takes off bad sight from her. Rano goes to Neha and asks do you know who has come? Neha says I wish Balwinder comes and takes Lakshmi from here. Rano says you should have asked Rishi. She tells that Balwinder told his plan aloud and Pragya heard her, but she handled her. Neha asks her to call Balwinder and help him. Rano calls Balwinder and tells that she called to tell him where is Lakshmi? She asks him to hear and asks him to keep knife on her and on Lakshmi’s sisters so that Lakshmi go away with him silently. She tells him about the way to the room. Balwinder says ok.

Beautician asks Shalu and Bani to come so that she can do their make up. Pragya asks Lakshmi if someone wants to stop her marriage. Lakshmi says Balwinder. Pragya says Balwinder wanted to kidnap and marry you, I told your Chachi and she said that she will tell everyone. Rano comes there and tells that she told Lakshmi’s Chacha and he will handle. Pragya says she will talk to Neelam to make the security tight, asks them to sit and do not open the door for anyone. Rano closes the door. Pragya calls Balwinder. Balwinder says yes and then pretends to talk on phone. He comes to the room and thinks where is Lakshmi? He knocks on the door and tells that he is waiter. Rano is about to open the door. Shalu and Bani ask him not to open the door. Rano says nothing will happen. She sees Balwinder and asks what do you want? Balwinder looks evilly. Rano acts and warns him not to touch Lakshmi. His goons keep knife on Rano, Shalu and Bani. Lakshmi shouts for Rishi. Balwinder says you are looking good, but will become mine. He asks her to come with him silently. Lakshmi takes a glass and tries to hit him, but he moves back. The goon hurts Shalu. Lakshmi says I will come with you, but leave my sister. Shalu says kill me, but Di will come with you. Bani asks Lakshmi to go to Rishi. Balwinder says I am your jija and Rishi can’t stop me. Mr. Oberoi asks who will go to bring Lakshmi. Rishi says I will go. Ayush jokes. Rishi goes and collides with Neha. Neha falls on him again and tells that there is some connection between us. He says you fall wherever I go. He says I have connection with Lakshmi and will check if she is ready. Neha says I don’t do it intentionally. He says cool. Neha says you are good, and that Lakshmi is inauspicious and will bring badluck for you, asks him not to marry her. Balwinder asks the goons to take Shalu and Bani with them. He asks the goons to take them. Rano pretends and then smiles. Neha says Lakshmi has done bad with Balwinder and is unlucky. Rishi tells that Lakshmi is unlucky as you are her sister and talking bad things about her. He says I know her well and is sad that you don’t know her. Neha thinks she hates her.

Rano thinks if Lakshmi returns and tells that Balwinder told her forcibly, then I have to say that, but then thinks that she shall tell everyone that Lakshmi went with Balwinder and her sisters with her wish.

Pragya takes the vase and thinks how to stop them. She pretends as if holding the gun and asks Balwinder to leave Lakshmi. She says leave Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani, else I will shoot you. She says I will count till three and starts the countdown. Balwinder leaves Pragya, Shalu and Bani. He sees Pragya not holding gun in her hand. Pragya throws the marbles and runs with Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani. They come back to the room. Rano asks how did you get saved. Pragya asks Balwinder and the goons to leave them.Balwindr asks the goons to lock Pragya and Lakshmi’s sisters in the cupboard. Abhi hears the sound, as they lock them in the cupboard. Then they switch off the lights, before leaving with Lakshmi. Pragya knocks on the cupboard. Abhi hears and opens the cupboard. He opens the rope. Pragya says Lakshmi’s sisters and chachi are locked in the bathroom. Abhi opens the bathroom. Shalu asks him to save Lakshmi. Abhi says she must be in the cupboard. Pragya says Balwinder took Lakshmi with him.

Abhi and Pragya come and stop Balwinder. Abhi asks Balwinder to play the shehnai. Pragya asks what are you doing and asks Balwinder to leave Lakshmi.

Abhi asks Balwinder to leave her, else he will not say next. Pragya asks Abhi to stop him. Balwinder asks the goons to take her. Shalu and Bani try to stop Balwinder while Abhi beats the goons.