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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Monday 7th November 2022 update

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Unfortunate Love

Mr. Oberoi telling Rishi that the necklace was given to Neelam by his mother and then Neelam will give it to his wife. Neelam says you have forgotten to take medicine. He takes it. Rishi asks Neelam to come and says he has to attend important meetings too. Ayush says tomorrow he is going to france. Neelam says I know, my son is getting international hotelier award and my son shall only get it. Rishi asks her to come. Neelam asks her husband to come along with her.

Lakshmi is in the jeweller’s shop and recalls Rano blackmailing her to marry Balwinder, as she told everyone in the village and asking if she wants to hurt her parents. She tells that she told Gurucharan also, and he was happy. She tells that Balwinder cried and rubbed his nose. He apologized to me and is ready to apologize to you. Balwinder comes there and apologizes to Lakshmi asking for a chance. Rano asks him to go and says I will talk to her. She tells Lakshmi that he is folding hands to hold her hands and asks who does this and asks her not to ruin her life, tells that she will not such guy again and asks her to think. She hugs her. fb ends. Lakshmi thinks she will do anything for her parents’ peace. Rano and Balwinder are also in the shop. Rano says I will see something else in another shop and takes Balwinder with her. Rishi comes there with Neelam and Mr. Oberoi. Mansukh jewelers welcome them. Mr. Oberoi asks about the necklace which they gave for repair. The jeweler says it is ready and asks them to come. Lakshmi is seeing a bangle and it falls down from her hand. She goes to get it and collides with Rishi. She says sorry and turns her face. Rishi says sorry and turns. Lakshmi looks back, but they don’t see their faces.

The jeweller shows the necklace to Neelam which is repaird. Neelam checks it and says beautiful. She asks her husband to sit. Her husband says very nice. The jeweler asks them to see the new design. Rishi asks mom, are you taking new necklaces. Neelam says Mansukh ji is the owner and insisting to see, we shall keep his respect. Lakshmi selects a light weight mangalsutra. Rano comes there and asks Balwinder to pay for her necklace. He says it is very costly. She says she is giving him lakshmi worth crores.

Neelam likes a necklace, while Mr. Oberoi asks the jeweller to pack it. Rishi asks Mom, where is the our ancestral necklace? Neelam shows the necklace and tells that it is for my bahu, and she will be the one in crores. Rishi says she shall be special. He checks the necklace and drops the necklace to the ground floor by mistake. The necklace falls in Lakshmi’s neck. He says sorry to his Mom. He sends Ayush to get the necklace. Rano asks Lakshmi who gave this necklace. Lakshmi says it has fallen down by someone mistakenly. Rano says it is yours now and asks her to come. Lakshmi says whoever necklace it is, they will come to take it and says she will return it. Rishi gets a call and stops to attend it. Ayush comes to Lakshmi. He says you are the one who was in the hotel that day. Lakshmi asks if it is your necklace. Ayush tells that it is of Rishi’s mom and thanks her for saving it. Lakshmi says my babu ji says always that we shall not keep someone else’s stuff, if something is in our destiny then will get it. Rano asks how we know that this is yours, and says if you are thief then? Manager says this necklace is of Rishi. Rano gives necklace to him. Ayush thanks her and tells that you don’t know how much important, it is for Rishi’s mom. Ayush calls Rishi and asks them to wait. Rano takes Lakshmi with her from there. Rishi comes to Ayush and says thank god, you are life saver. Ayush says that girl who asked for promise, that girl got this necklace and tells that there is some connection with her. Rishi takes the necklace and gives to his mother.

Rano shows the necklace to Neha. Neha says she wants it. Rano asks her to demand from her husband and says it is from my hard earned work from balwinder. Chacha asks where is Lakshmi? Rano tells that Balwinder is very eager to marry her tomorrow itself and tells that he is doing the arrangements. Shalu hears them and goes. Rano asks Chacha to ask when Gurcharan will give us keys, money and property. Chacha calls him.

Balwinder comes to the Manager of Rishi’s hotel and asks him to get his marriage done here. Manager refuses. A guy comes there. Manager asks him to get the ball room repaired and asks him to place the placard and mention outside that it is under repair. He says Rishi Sir will get upset, if the arrangements are not proper. The guy says ok. Balwinder hears and asks him to give ball room to him and says there is no entry board, so nobody will know. Manager says Rishi will fire him. Balwinder emotionally blackmails him and asks him to get him married in the ball room. Manager says if Rishi sir goes to France the ball room is yours. Balwinder hugs him and goes.

Balwinder comes to Lakshmi and tells that he will have a grand marriage with her, in hotel Oberoi radiant. Lakshmi recalls her arrest there. Balwinder says I have to get my sherwani. Gurucharan comes there and asks someone where is Preetam Bajwa’s house. Lakshmi sees him and runs to hug him along with her sisters. Gurucharan asks if they are happy. Rano says everyone is happy, and Lakshmi is very happy and likes the guy so much. Lakshmi says it is good that you came, I am feeling as if babu ji is with me. Rano asks her to keep the tears safe for marriage. She says we have taken so much loan for marriage that we have to sell this house, or Bhaisaheb’s village house. Gurucharan says lets go in and talk. Shalu tells Lakshmi that marriage is happening so soon. Lakshmi says babu ji will be at peace. Balwinder calls another driver and asks if Rishi sir went. Driver tells that he has dropped him to airport and he went inside, seems like flight is on time. Balwinder sits on the horse while the band guys plays the song. Rano, Preetam, Gurucharan, Lakshmi and her sisters come to the Oberoi radiant. Manager asks them to go inside through back door. Rano tells Gurucharan that she got all the decorations done and tells that the marriage happens lavishly in city. Neha thinks she shall marry Rishi and looks at his pics on the walls. Rano asks her to see the dreams. Balwinder asks someone to go inside and tell that groom came. Rano asks everyone to come out as groom came. Neha clicks the pics. Rano tells that Gurucharan shall see too, how Lakshmi’s destiny is changed by her chachi. They all come out and see Balwinder drunk and couldn’t hand too. His friend asks if he is very drunk. Balwinder greets Rano and Preetam. Rano takes off his bad sight and keeps the money. Balwinder asks if she saw, how much he has spent in decoration and asks if she ever thought that her marriage will happen here. Rano says yes. Gurucharan hears him and gets shocked seeing Balwinder’s state. Preetam asks Rano to take him inside. She asks Lakshmi to come inside too. Gurucharan says I need to talk to you. Rano says later, first marriage shall happen. Gurucharan says regarding this matter only. Shalu asks Lakshmi not to marry Balwinder. Lakshmi says it is too late now. Rano argues with Gurucharan and asks what will happen if the groom drinks. He is shocked to see Balwinder’s friends asking to call the bride. He asks did you hear what they are talking about? Rano says rich people drinks wine, poor people don’t. Dadi calls Gurucharan and asks if Lakshmi is happy. Gurucharan says Lakshmi will be happy if others are happy. He feels bad and says Manoj should have been fine. He says I will come out and talk. He goes out. Balwinder’s friends insist that the bride shall dance. Rano brings Lakshmi there and asks Balwinder to marry. Balwinder says marriage will happen when you welcome us.

Preetam says we made you wear garland. Balwinder says today Lakshmi will dance for everyone of uys and holds her hand. Lakshmi is shocked.

holding Lakshmi’s hand and taking her to dance. Rano says she is a bride, she can’t dance. Balwinder says then your daughter will dance. Neha hides behind Rano. Balwinder says let Lakshmi dance and asks his friend to play music. He dances holding her hand while his friends also dance around them. Lakshmi cries and recalls her moments with her father. Shalu and Bani cry seeing everything. Shalu switches off the recorder. Balwinder shouts who switches off the song. Gurucharan looks at Rano and Preetam and goes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi cries. Gurucharan questions Rano about what was it? Rano says this is a modern times, and brides dance in the marriage. Bani prays to God to stop the marriage. Rishi tells Ayush that his flight is cancelled and he is going home. Ayush says I had told you and asks him to come to hotel first. Rishi says I will inform Mom. He calls Neelam. Neelam comes to the dining table to have dinner with her husband Mr. Oberoi. She picks his call and asks him not to make a video call while driving. He stops the car and says sorry. He tells that his flight is cancelled. She asks him to come home and says I told you that I am not feeling well. She tells Mr. Oberoi that they shall wait till he comes.

Rano takes Lakshmi to the mandap and asks her to make Balwinder wear garland. Lakshmi recalls her father’s last words that she shall marry else he will not get peace. She makes Balwinder wear garland. Rano then asks Balwinder to make her wear garland. Balwinder is about to make her wear garland, but it gets torn and falls. He asks Rano to bring another garland. Gurucharan says this is inauspicious. Rishi comes to the hotel and asks Receptionist to call Mukesh. Mukesh thinks he was about to go to france, what is he doing here. Rishi says I got a call from operator and asks ballroom repaired work is shifted for tomorrow. He says something is going on today and says work should have started today. He asks what is going on there. He says he will check himself and finds a guy having paan and asks who is he? The guy asks if the hotel is of his father. He spits paan there. Rishi is shocked. Other guy comes there drunk and spits the wine and then throws it on floor. Rishi says I will find out what is going on there. Manager gets tensed.

Rano tells Pandit ji that she got another mala. Balwinder asks the bartender to give the wine. Bartender refuses and says it is very costly. The guy throws wine on the way and says today is my brother’s marriage and I will throw all the wine. Balwinder tells the bartender that he is not afraid of Oberoi and says he will tell him that he has drank. He says both Rishi and his father are thieves and tells that he is Balwinder and steals from them. He says he takes much money from them, and puts fake parts in the car. His friend says he is going to spit paan . Balwinder asks him to spit it here. Mukesh comes there and says sorry sir. Rishi says I will talk to you later. He asks Balwinder, if he knows what his relatives are doing and tells that he and his dad worked hard to make this business and asks how dare he to do this. Balwinder tells that Ballroom was empty so he thought to marry here. Rishi says you wanted to marry here and says how do you think that you will marry here after doing all the mess. He turns and sees Lakshmi. He recalls their meetings and gets shocked seeing her. He looks at Balwinder and goes to Lakshmi. She says you are the one who was locked in my office, and asks if she is marrying him. The fire catches…Rishi asks what is this drama Balwinder. He sees fire all around his hotel due to the short circuit and the thrown liquor. Rishi says my hotel has caught fire too. He asks Sunil to set off the fire. Sunil sees the fire all over the place and tells Rishi. Rishi asks everyone to get out from the building. He asks Lakshmi to go and run and asks shall I tell you separately. Shalu and Bani run holding Lakshmi. Lakshmi’s necklace falling down while running out. Neha tells Rano that Rishi didn’t see her once and tells that she will show herself to him. Rano asks her to save her life first.

Rishi knocks on all the rooms and take out the guests from the rooms. He gets in a room and asks if someone is here. He gets locked in the room due to the fire security. He breaks the glass and tries to open the door. He coughs and tries to jump off from the window. Lakshmi realizes that she has lost her mother’s necklace inside. She runs inside. The staff member asks someone to inform Mr. Oberoi about the fire in the hotel and also about Rishi. Rishi shouts for help. Lakshmi hears him and knocks on the door. Rishi faints. Lakshmi tries to open the door. She shouts for help and tries to open the door. She thinks of her father’s motivational words and takes a rod to break the door. She gets inside and coughs. She sees Rishi unconscious and asks him to get up. Main Phir bhi tumko chahungi plays….She takes out the bedsheet from the bed and keeps Rishi on it. She then tries to drag him out holding the bedsheet.

She sees fire catching up to his feet, tries to set off it. She then takes out her ghunghat and tries to set the fire off. Rishi opens his eyes a bit and sees Lakshmi trying to set off the fire caught his feet.