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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Wednesday 5th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Episode starts with Rhea telling Prachi that Mummy booked honeymoon tickets for Ranbir and me, as she don’t regard you as her bahu. She says Mummy and I have heart relations, and even Ranbir and I have heart relations. Prachi says Mummy likes you as she dislikes me.


She says you don’t have heart relation with her, and says Ranbir and you have anger relation, says he was angry with me and that’s why married you. She says don’t think that he is coming closer to you, but infact he is going far from me. Rhea says you have good explanation to make you heart understand. Prachi says if any tree refuses to give the shelter, then the people will buy umbrella, and says you are that umbrella. She says it breaks something with the wind. Rhea says tomorrow is my wedding night with him and you will be kick out from here.


She says until I return, you can be peaceful here, and then you can go, and says Sushma aunty is not with you, and only Shahana is there. She says I can help you, and says I can complain against you to Police, you will get shelter and food and asks her to take Shahana along with her. She goes. Prachi gets restless.

She comes to Dida and Shahana. She hugs Dida. Dida says don’t worry, Ranbir is not like that, he don’t want to have honeymoon with Rhea. She says I won’t let it happen. Dida asks Shahana why did you say that Prachi will not stop Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding night. Prachi says I had decided not to stop them but Rhea said something and made fun of my love and relation, and I got angry and challenged her that she can’t have honeymoon, I won’t let her. Shahana and Dida get happy. Prachi says we have to something different and says I will do this alone. Shahana says think with us and says plan is made altogether. Prachi says I will make plan alone and says I am doing this as I have to win this challenge from Rhea, and not because I have feelings for Ranbir. Shahana and Dida look at Prachi. Prachi asks about the hotel name and goes. Shahana enacts Prachi infront of Dida. Dida laughs and says she wants to get back Ranbir and that’s why don’t want him to go near Rhea. Shahana says Ranbir also lies. Dida says both are liars. Prachi comes back and hears them. She says I will make my own plan and scold them for making fun of her. Dida asks why are you lying to us. Shahana says you love Ranbir. Prachi says I don’t love him and doing this to win this challenge. Dida asks her to think something fast else Vikram’s driver will take Ranbir and Rhea.

Ranbir looks at the sky standing in the window and recalls Prachi’s words. He recalls Rhea’s words that she will help him to fulfill his third dream. Prachi is also standing in the window and thinking about Ranbir’s words. He says I couldn’t keep Prachi happy, I will go far away from her, so that she stays happy. Prachi says I won’t let Rhea take you away from me. Rhea looks at Ranbir’s pic and says we are not going for our honeymoon, but away from Prachi, where we will unite for forever.


Prachi slips. Ranbir holds her. They have an eyelock. Prachi asks him to leave her and says I don’t need you. Ranbir says I don’t want to help you. Her mangalsutra get stuck in his shirt. Ranbir asks shall I try to take it off. Ali Maula plays…..They free it and go separate ways. Ranbir thinks what is happening with me, I have to move on, but my heart is stopping me. Prachi thinks I shall not forget what he has done with me, he is nothing to me.


Next day, Pallavi asks Neeti to get all the stuff kept in the car. She does Ranbir and Rhea’s aarti. Aaliya says they are not going for war. Pallavi says I am blessing them for safe and happy journey. Rhea asks for Aaliya’s blessings. Aaliya says it is with you always. Ranbir asks where is Dida? Dida says I have come and thinks Aaliya has manipulated Pallavi. Vikram asks Dida to act. Dida asks why can’t I do what I wanted. Vikram says the war is going on between Ranbir and Prachi and when they realize their mistake, everything will be fine. Neeti comes back after keeping the stuff. Pallavi says Driver will drop you both and says she would have sent them abroad. She tells that the manager is her friend and asks her to call her, if there is any problem. Rhea thanks her. Aaliya asks Rhea not to leave Ranbir’s hand. Dida says yes, you might fall. Rhea looks for Prachi and thinks if she will come to see us off. She says I have forgotten something and goes. Ranbir thinks she went for some other work. Rhea comes to Prachi’s room and calls her, thinks she has gone herself. She says what she was saying yesterday, and says Ranbir himself is taking me for honeymoon. She says you couldn’t have slept all night and that’s why accepted defeat and went. She says I will be relaxed and will go for honeymoon, and will prepare myself that I have won. He says Ranbir and my honeymoon is more special now. Ranbir calls Rhea. Rhea goes. Prachi comes to her room and sees her going.


Vikram comes to the room and tells Pallavi that he is sending urgent mail and then con call. Pallavi says Ranbir and Rhea haven’t gone yet and asks him to see them off. Vikram says Aaliya is there with you. Aaliya comes there. Pallavi says they will feel bad, we shall go and see off them. She says I need to talk to you. Vikram says sure. Pallavi asks Neeti to call everyone downstairs.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she had gone to Prachi’s room to sprinkle salt on her wounds, as my good shagun. She says Prachi was not in the room. Aaliya says where did she go? Rhea says I am sure that she has accepted defeat. Everyone sees Prachi standing near the car.


Rhea telling Aaliya that she is very sure that Prachi has accepted defeat. She looks at Prachi standing near the car. Aaliya, Pallavi, Ranbir and others look at Prachi as well. Pallavi says she has come to do new drama. Rhea says I will talk to her. She asks Prachi what is she doing here? Prachi says I will go with you and then asks her to relax, says I don’t like to go on honeymoon, it is yours, not mine and don’t want to drop you to Manali, and says just like I can’t bear you, I can’t bear to sit in car for long time. She says you wanted to go today, so I thought to say bye in my style. Pallavi says we haven’t arranged this car. Prachi says I know, and tells that the car which Dad had arranged couldn’t come, as the driver is unwell. She says your honeymoon is important so I arranged other car and driver and says no need to thank me, as Ranbir’s company will pay the bill for it. Pallavi says I will talk to the driver, how he got unwell. Prachi says if you don’t trust me then call him. Rhea asks Prachi why is she doing this, and says you have challenged me that you will not let me go, and asks why do you want me to go, you have the chance so you can spoil it too. Prachi says it will be spoiled when it starts, and says your honeymoon will be spoiled, just go, it will be done. Pallavi calls the driver. The driver is resting on the bed and tells that he is unwell and couldn’t come to work. He says I called the landline number, and informed Prachi. Pallavi ends the call.


Aaliya tells Pallavi that the car is luxury car and Rhea and Ranbir can go in it. She asks Prachi not to interfere. Prachi says thank you Buji. Rhea hugs Pallavi. Ranbir thanks Prachi for making his day and gets upset. He holds Rhea’s hand and asks her to come, says it is very cold in Manali. Rhea sits in the car. Ranbir says bye Prachi. He goes to Dida and hugs her. Prachi wishes Rhea, happy journey, and says your honeymoon and my challenge starts here. She says I just spoiled your honeymoon. She asks her to think all way, why I didn’t delay your honeymoon, though I have the chance. She asks her to have fun. Ranbir sits in the car and asks what happened? Rhea says nothing. She calls Prachi and says we will miss you on our honeymoon. Prachi says you will not miss me for long.


Dida tells Shahana that Prachi brought the car and tells that Prachi has some plan, but she is not telling us. Shahana says I shall say sorry to her, and says she is spoiling her honeymoon as she wants to stop Rhea. Dida says Prachi is hiding her feelings from us, and might stop talking to us. Shahana says how to find out her plan. Dida says we shall keep eye on her. Shahana says yes.

Pallavi tells Aaliya that she is finally relaxed, as Rhea and Ranbir went. Aaliya says she is not yet relaxed and says Prachi will do some drama. Pallavi says Rhea and Ranbir will enjoy the life and we will handle Prachi here, and says she doesn’t deserve to be my Servant and she calls me Mummy ji. She expresses her hatred for Prachi. She says Rhea and Ranbir are not here, and we should teach a lesson to Prachi and take advantage of the situation. She says I won’t let her sleep in my son’s bedroom.


Prachi opens the cupboard and takes out her saree. She recalls her love confession to Ranbir while it is raining, and Ranbir asking her why she is blushing seeing him, as she already told him that she loves him. He holds her and says you can’t hide anything from me. Prachi says I will tell you, and says I was thinking to tell you I love you, when we go on our honeymoon. Ranbir gets happy and hugs her. He says he always thought to go to cruise with her. He asks why you didn’t tell me? Prachi says your family was upset and my mother was missing. He says if you had told then I would have created such a situation. Prachi asks what we would have done on honeymoon. Ranbir asks her to say what they will do. He says what we shall do. Prachi says don’t make fun of me, and says I always think that you didn’t apply me sindoor with your hand, and says you will apply it on our honeymoon. Ranbir says after that, what we will do. He says we will decide there itself and asks what you have decided, where we will go. Prachi says my favorite place, Manali…I love Manali. Ranbir hugs her. fb ends. Prachi wipes her tears and recalls Ranbir telling Rhea that they shall go to Manali for their honeymoon, and holding her hand while going and Rhea’s words that she will miss her. Prachi says it is good that you challenged me, your honeymoon will not happen.

Rhea and Ranbir are in the car. Rhea thinks why Prachi let us go, and why did she help us, she arranged car for us and asks herself why she is overthinking and thinks not to think and should enjoy. Ranbir says why Prachi was smiling today and thinks I came with Rhea to prove to Prachi that I have moved on with her, but what will I tell Rhea, if she will feel bad.

The driver stops the car and tells them that it stopped working. Rhea asks Ranbir, when they will reach hotel. He says till 10:30 pm. Rhea tells the driver that the place is scary. Ranbir says if she is scared. Rhea says she was bit scared and says this scary night turned into romantic night with you. The driver says the car seems to be fine, but gives some problem in cold. He asks Ranbir to push a car a bit and says there is mechanic near by, and if we get late then the garage will be closed. He says there is hotel also near by, where people come and go. He says I can’t push the car as my hand is hurt. Ranbir says I will push the car. Driver says you can’t push it alone and asks Rhea to push it too. Rhea thinks she is very sure, Prachi has done this to spoil my honeymoon. She asks driver to call car from company. The driver says our office is near your home and it will take much time. Ranbir says 8 hours. Rhea thinks they have to reach honeymoon suite somehow. Driver asks them to push the car. Ranbir asks Rhea to sit in the car. Rhea and Ranbir push the car. Rhea says my favorite dress has become dirty. Ranbir says that’s why I asked you to sit in the car. Driver makes a video call to Prachi. Prachi watches them pushing the car in her mobile. Dida hears their voice and peeps in Prachi’s room. She says how Prachi is seeing Rhea and Ranbir’s car not working. She realizes that both car and driver is of Prachi and she stopped them. Rhea thinks Driver is still on video call and not saying anything. She gets doubtful. Driver tells Prachi that he has to end the call, as Rhea is coming. Prachi says let her come. Rhea asks with whom he was talking to and takes his mobile. Prachi says Bingo. Rhea looks at her.

Rhea asks if the driver is talking to Prachi, she takes the phone and is shocked to see Prachi sitting there who says that she told her that Rhea would not be able to miss her as she will come infront of her soon, Rhea mentions she knew Prachi is not that nice and it was a drama when she came to see them off as she has purposefully made sure their drier got ill when Prachi mentions she did not make anyone ill but is surely behind the planning and plotting, Prachi thinks when she was waiting for the driver, she asked the driver to go back home, informing anyone who calls him that he has gotten ill when the driver refused to take the money, Prachi informed the entire truth about how she is going to ruin the honeymoon of Rhea and Ranbir because he also doesnot like Rhea, she then called Mahesh who is the driver with her elder mother, she once again informed him about her plans.

Prachi mentions she had only listened that one can do anything with the money but has now seen the power, Rhea exclaims she should not have done this and wait to see what happens, Prachi exclaims she is already seeing how distressed Rhea is looking and as for the honeymoon it will also be ruined, Rhea exclaims she has caught her by surprise but should not have done it, Prachi replies Rhea is the one who does something as she married her husband on her back, so should never say anything like this ever again, Prachi asks Rhea to hand the mobile to the driver, as she must push the car which will eventually start but how will she be able to ush this car and spend the night, as she is really happy with how she is looking with the moonlight in her face, Prachi ends the call wishing Rhea a happy car pushing, Rhea in anger throws her mobile, Ranbir is really shocked to see her so angry.

Prachi standing up thinks she has sacrificed her happiness for others but not anymore, she is only going to do what is the best for her and not anyone else, not anymore since she is not that old Prachi, and now needs to remain happy at any cost even if someone else is forced to sacrifice their happiness, she exclaims that it is nothing to be worried about if Rhea sacrifices happiness for her.
Sahana is standing when she asks Dida why is she dancing, Dida mentions she is really excited and feels she has gotten twenty years younger, Sahana also asks her to reveal the plan since then she would also dance, Dida explains that she found out Prachi arranged the honeymoon which worried her and she began to think if Prachi has laid down her arms but is really excited since she arranged the car and also the driver who has now stopped the car in the middle of the night, so Rhea is going to celebrate her honeymoon on the middle of the road, they both start rejoicing, Aaliya hears their conversation hiding behind the door.

Ranbir comes to Rhea asking what has happened, she informs that this has happened because of Prachi and it is not done, the driver secretly picks up the phone, Ranbir replies that he knows everything happens because of Prachi, Rhea replies but this time she has taken it a step further, as she desires that Rhea should push the car so that her clothes get dirty and he leaves her, which is what she wanted, Ranbir asks what is she saying since she first said Prachi wants to separate them both but now is trying to ruin her clothes, Rhea mentions it is because she doesnot love him but to ruin her life with him, Prachi is really jealous with her, she doesnot want it to happen anymore. Ranbir turns exclaiming Prachi has really gone so low as if she had just asked him he would not have left for the honeymoon, rhea asks what is he saying when Ranbir exclaims he was just thinking about something, Ranbir says that why did the person say everything is fair in love and war as they can even talk nicely but what does it mean, Rhea questions what is he saying, Rnabir replies he is also suffering but not just her, Rhea mentions she knows they both are suffering and even he would not like how she is looking but she is going to make sure that Prachi pays for her actions, Ranbir thinks they both have started fighting once again, he tries to calm her but Rhea is really frustrated she sees the driver walking away so calls him from behind.
Prachi in the room exclaims she should have been the one to go with him on their honeymoon but he went with Rhea, she is the one who insisted him that they need to go to Manali but he went with Rhea, she feels he is a really bad person, she suddenly feels something in her stomach so thinks that she would not let Ranbir know about his son, she is going to make sure he stays away from this family especially his father, she saw this dream of a happy life with his father but he went to spend some life with Rhea, she is the only one who has the right over him.

Rhea asks the driver if he was on a video call with Prachi to show her that she is pushing the car, she threatens to make his video and make it viral on the social media, she informs he would not be able to get any work after this, she orders him to sit and start the car, she sits when she questions if the car was not broken, he agrees hearing which Rhea gets tensed so starts quarreling with Ranbir. The driver leaves them when Ranbir tries to follow him, they both call for their bags so the driver throws them out, Rhea questions why is he not saying anything against Prachi, Ranbir explains they would not achieve anything like this and so exclaims they need to cancel this honeymoon and go back but Rhea assures she is not going to be her puppet.

Ranbir sits on the bags asking Rhea to also sit since she also pushed the car however Rhea starts thinking about a plan, she turns to Ranbir mentioning the driver said there is a hotel not far from here.

Ranbir and Rhea reach the hotel, he is shocked to hear about the name of the hotel so immediately refuses to go inside, however Rhea exclaims they do not have any other choice but thinks that she cannot wait to win the game against Prachi. She insists that Ranbir should also come inside.


Dida is sitting when the worker hands her tea, she asks if Pallavi has gone to sleep however she informs that Pallavi is with Aaliya madam. Dida sees them both coming and feels Pallavi is really angry when she even asks the worker to see if she feels Pallavi is angry, the worker also says the same. Pallavi immediately questions Dida if it is true that Prachi desires to ruin the honeymoon of Rhea and Ranbir, Dida doesnot answer when Sahana comes asking about her bag, Pallavi scolds her saying they both are talking. She questions why Dida did not answer her questions, Aaliya asks how can she answer when she herself heard her saying to Sahana how Prachi desires to ruin the honeymoon, Dida standing exclaims what is wrong in it, Sahana assures there is nothing wrong, Pallavi getting angry orders her to pack her bags and leave this house.


Rhea and Ranbir are shocked after seeing the room, she exclaims it is a really nice room and even praises the worker who comes to place their bags, he even asks Ranbir who replies he has not seen a better room, Ranbir questions that a lot of tuck drivers would come to the hotel, the worker replies even wealthy people come here just like him, he asks if he can leave when Ranbir exclaims he will call if he needs anything, the worker doesnot leave but keeps saying Good night, Ranbir gives him some money so he leaves.


Ranbir questions what Rhea is doing, she replies she is going to make this room even more romantic, she requests him to call for some food so Ranbir goes to sit on the bed, Rhea calls Prachi informing she is on top of this world, since Prachi left them on the road but she has brought Ranbir to a hotel where they are going to celebrate their mini honeymoon. She gives her a complete tour of the room. Prachi exclaims the driver told her how she was shouting at him but should not do the same with Ranbir since he is going to leave her, Rhea replies it will not happen as all this happened because of Prachi, if she had not paid the driver to ruin them but that worked out so well for her even when she was not able to celebrate her honeymoon in Manali but has a perfect room, Rhea asks her to not look so much at Ranbir, he leaves informing Rhea that he is going to come back after a while, Prachi questions if Ranbir is fine with staying in that low grade hotel.

Pallavi questions if Sahana did not hear her, she must leave this house. Dida questions why is she scolding Sahana because of her, Pallavi exclaims it is not anger but Sahana came to celebrate lorhi so is she going to stay till Holi, Aaliya also supports Pallavi mentioning that everyone is in control of their own respect, she must have thought about it before plotting against Rhea and Ranbir, Dida questions she can also say the same about her, Aaliya getting shock questions what does she mean.

Dida mentions she should stop instigating Pallavi and let their be peace in their house, Pallavi exclaims there would be peace in the house once Sahana leaves.