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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Wednesday 2nd November 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Prachi scolding Sahana for informing Pallavi about her pregnancy and says its good that Pallavi didn’t pay attention to her words or else there would have been a problem, she wants Ranbir to know first about her pregnancy. Sahana apologizes her. Prachi says nobody should know that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s child.

Vikram overhears their conversation and says he heard it. Rhea vents out her anger on Nick for shooting Ranbir and hits him.

Nick says Tony shot Ranbir, he wanted to shoot Prachi, but Ranbir as usual came in between. He says he tried to kill Prachi twice and its not his fault if Ranbir saved Prachi, he just needs his money and Preethi back. Aliya says she will give his money. Rhea says she will have to return to hospital and walks away. Aliya gives money to Nick and returns Preethi. Preethi asks about her job.

Aliya says she will inform everyone that Preethi went on a long leave and will call her back once everything settles down. Nick and Preethi walk away. Aliya thinks she shut both evidences’ mouth with money and now nobody can find out her crime.

Vikram asks what are they talking about. Sahana says she angrily confronted Pallavi, so Prachi scolded her and asked her to keep her mouth shut. Vikram says she was talking about some kid. Sahana says she is talking about Ranbir as Pallavi is worried about her kid. Vikram says Pallavi is very possessive about her son, she goes blind when something happens to Ranbir, even now she doesn’t understand Ranbir’s love for Prachi and reacted on Prachi. He asks Prachi not to feel bad for Pallavi’s rude behavior. Prachi says she can understand a mother’s concern and cannot imagine Pallavi’s pain. Vikram leaves. Prachi tells Sahana that she is feeling stomachache and asks her to check if a gynecologist is available.

Vikram consoles crying Pallavi and asks her to stop crying before Dida comes here. Dida comes here and asks about Ranbir. Doctor passes by and informs that Ranbir is out of danger now and the can meet him. Doctor performs Prachi’s ultrasound and scolds her for being careless about her baby and says she needs to take care of her baby well and cannot run around. Prachi recalls falling on floor with Ranbir and asks if her baby is fine as she fell down. Doctor suggests her to be stress free, speak to her husband about it and if she has problem, she should visit parent’s house and if she can’t, then she should visit her friend or go on a vacation, in short she needs to be stress free. She asks her gynecologist’s number as she needs to speak to her regarding high-risk pregnancy. Prachi gives her gynec’s number, reveals that her husband was shot and hence she is in stress, and leaves doc’s room.

Dida with Vikram and Pallavi visits Ranbir’s hospital room. Nurse says they cannot enter like that. Doctor says he permitted them. Pallavi shows her concern for Ranbir. Dida blames herself for Ranbir’s condition. Ranbir acts as having severe pain hearing their concern for him. They both show more concern. He laughs and says he cannot see them stressed. He then asks Vikram about Prachi. Vikram says he is fine. Pallavi says she must be fine as Vikram says and says Rhea is more injured and in pain, so he should be concerned for her instead. Rhea returns to the hospital and asks nurse to bandage her wound. Aliya walks in next and calls Rhea to find out where she is. Rhea gives her location. Nurse tells Rhea that she bandaged her and will send doctor for a prescription of medicines.

Pallavi continues badmouthing about Prachi. Ranbir asks Vikram about Prachi’s location. Vikram says she was here in the hospital, but don’t know where she is now. Pallavi says she must have left and says if her husband was in the hospital, she never would have left him alone. Dida asks why don’t she question Rhea as she considers Rhea ask Ranbir’s wife. Pallavi says let Rhea get herself treated and then take care of him. Door opens. Ranbir thinks Prachi came. Rhea walks in instead with Aliya. Ranbir says he is fine and she need to worry about her. Aliya says Rhea is very much worried for him. Ranbir says he is feeling feel and wants to go home now. He seeks permission from doctor for discharge. Rhea thanks Ranbir for saving his life.

Prachi with Sahana collecting her medical report. Receptionist congratulates her and iforms her that informs Prachi that her husband Ranbir gained consciousness is out of danger now. Prachi thanks her and requests her not to inform about her pregnancy to any of her family members as she wants to surprise them. Receptionist agrees. Gynecologist meets Prachi and tells her that she talked to her gynecologist and briefed her about her condition. She says she is disappointed with her as her gynecologist told that she warned her against taking any stress. Prachi says she knows about her high-risk pregnancy and stress warning, but her husband was attacked recently and obviously, she is under stress. Doctor walks away saying she understands.

Vikram informs Ranbir that he finished discharge formalities and they can take him home. Ranbir says his dad is the best and tries to get up but stumbles. Family holds him. Rhea touches his face and says her husband is the strongest. Ranbir feels awkward hearing that. Prachi excitedly rushes to Ranbir’s room to meet him, but finds his room empty. Nurse informs her that Rabir is discharged and left for home with his family and wife. Prachi feels sad hearing that. Rabir stumbles while walking and asks for a wheelchair. Rhea gets a wheelchair for him.

At home, Aliya asks Rhea if Ranbir slept. Rhea tells he is asleep because of sleep inducing medicine, he can listen to everything subconsciously. Aliya asks her to stop using heavy medical terminology as she is already stressed. Rhea asks her about Preethi. Aliya sdays she sent her away as she cannot trust sevants and wants to keep the last night’s secret to be a secret. Prachi with Sahana returns home and asks about Ranbir. They both ignore her and get busy in themselves. Prachi asks them again about Ranbir and walks away. Sahana taunts them and walks away. Rhea says she thinks she should have hired Nick to kill Sahana. Aliya stops her and says someone may hear it and asks her to keep last night’s secret as secret and never talk about Nick again. Rhea says once Ranbir wakes up, he will definitely question Prachi’s involvement in this case and why would she drop chandelier on herself to gain his attention, they may be questioned soon, so it better Ranbir doesn’t meet Prachi. Aliya says both Vikram and Dia are not at home.

Vikram takes Dida to the hospital when she incurs a leg sprain due to Aliya clashing with her and making her fall down. She curses Aliya. Vikram asks her to tell doctor that she got a sprain while walking and says she should follow doctor’s instructions, take rest and medicine. She says his tongue he speaks a lot in front of everyone and gets mum in front of his wife. He jokes on Pallavi and laughs.

Prachi walks speedily towards Ranbir’s room. Sahana asks her not to as she may slip and fall. Prachi says she wants to meet Ranbir as he may want to meet her. She doesn’t find him in her room and thinks where he must be. She then notices Aliya and asks where is Ranbir, she knows he is discharged from the hospital and must be eager to meet her. Pallavi says he didn’t ask about her, is not worried for her and is happy instead. Prachi asks where is he. Pallavi says he is sleeping in his room. Prachi says she couldn’t find him there. Pallavi says he is sleeping in a room where he used to stay with her and says if her questions have finished, can she ask something from her. She asks peace of this house and says she knows Prachi will not leave this house, so she is requesting her today with folded hands. Prachi asks what she wants. Pallavi asks him stay away from Ranbir until he recovers and leave him in peace without any fights.

Prachi says she never fought with Ranbir and just supported truth when she found truth is being hidden. She gives a long speech on how to protect truth. Pallavi says she doesn’t need her long explanation. Aliya says she doesn’t think Prachi will leave Ranbir alone. Sahana requests Aliya instead to stop giving stress to Prachi and says she can even touch her feet for that. Aliya shows her feet and says she is not interested though. Sahana warns her that if she gives stress to Prachi, she will not spare her. Pallavi says if they feel they are under stress in this house, they can leave this house and she will not request anyone to stop them. Sahana gets angry and tries to confront Pallavi, but Prachi stops her and goes to meet Ranbir. Sahana thinks Aliya, Rhea, and Pallavi are definitely conspiring against Prachi.

Prachi enters Ranbir’s room and recalls Ranbir expressing his love for her in that room. She holds his hand and kisses it recalling the hospital incident. Aankh Uthi Mohabbath Me.. music plays in the background. She keeps his hand on her stomach, thanks to him, and reveals that he is going to be a father and saved her and her baby risking his life; she wants to talk to him a lot, but he can’t hear her. Rhea feels happy that she could hide all the truth and thinks she has to keep Prachi away from Ranbir at any cost.

Prachi apologizes to Ranbir for hurting him and says she didn’t inform him about her pregnancy due to an unfavorable situation, she fulfilled his wish but cannot inform him. She expresses how much he matters to him and ask him to wake up and see how much she loves him. She rests on his chest and recalls his words that he loves her always unconditionally.

She says she wants him to love unconditionally and continues expressing her feelings for him. Rhea walks in. Prachi noticing her leaves Ranbir’s hand and wipes her tears.