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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Wednesday 26th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Ranbir visits police station to file an FIR. Inspector asks him if he remembers the thief’s face when he had a tussle with him. Ranbir says he remembers. Inspector asks to get his sketch ready by a sketch artist. Ranbir recalls inspector telling that culrpit is among his family member. A man walks in. Ranbir asks if he is a sketch artist. Inspector says he is their information who will spread the thief’s sketch in his network and find him soon.

Nick recalls Ranbir catching him. His girlfriend Preethi walks in and confronts him for getting into trouble due to his greed. Nick says nobody knows him except Aaliya and Rhea. Preethi says Ranbir will file an FIR and will get him arrested. He says he doesn’t care. She says they are rich people and can go to any extent, Rhea wants to kill her sister for Ranbir, etc. Nick says he will take his money and get bail if he is caught. Preethi says Aaliya and Rhea will not give him a penny. He says he will take money from them at any cost and walks away.

Ranbir continues to discuss the case with inspector when sketch artist reaches and makes Nick’s sketch. Ranbir is amazed and says he is the one. Constable informs inspector that hew as arrested a few days ago. Inspector asks him to get his file. Consable says his file burnt during fire accident in police station. Inspector asks informer to get 50 copies of the sketch and fix it at all the places, he needs the culprit in 2 days.

Nick clicks Ranbir’s pic and sends it to Rhea. Rhea asks why is he sending Ranbir’s pic. He blackmails her that he will meet Ranbir and inform him that she wants to kill Prachi. Rhea asks what he needs. Nick walks to her in disguise and threatens her to give his 60 lakhs promised or else he will go to Ranbir. Rhea says he can as Ranbir will not believe him. Nick says he recorded her and Aliya’s conversation with him and says he will return at 10:30 sharp to take his money. He walks away. Rhea gets tensed. Aaliya and Pallavi notice her tensed and asks reason. She walks away rudely asking them to level her alone. Pallavi tells Aliya that she must be tensed regarding Ranbir. Aaliya says she will go and check. Pallavi thinks Rhea would obviously get tensed seeing Ranbir and Prachi getting closer, she should stop them or else its not good for both Rhea and this house.

Prachi brings food for Ranbir. Ranbir says he doesn’t need food. She insists him to have it and asks why he is rude to her. He says he speaks same as people stopped convincing him. He says he is tired of everything, there was a time when he wanted her to convince him, but now he doesn’t feel anything and is really happy. Prachi says time has changed. Ranbir says even feelings. Prachi says time can change, but not feelings; he must be angry on her that she didn’t let him leave the house, that’s because she didn’t want to separate him from his family. He shows their image in mirror and says this his family, says don’t say anything now. She thanks him for saving her. He thanks her for bandaging his wound and says she must be tired now, so she should go and rest. She leaves. He eats food and hopes he would have had food with her, he wants to be with her, but things are complicated now. He fears for her life recalling today’s incident and determines to find out who among his family member wants to kill Prachi.

Aliya notices Rhea trying to commit suicide and stops her. Rhea reveals that Nick is blackmailing her for money and said he finished his task, but what he could do if Ranbir saved Prachi on time; he has their conversation and is threatening to expose her in front of Ranbir. Aliya says she has money and will give it to Nick. She calls Nick and promises to give him money at 10:30 p.m. Informer notices Nick and informs police. Shahana hears Aliya and Rhea’s conversation and thinks they must be the one want to kill Prachi.

She thinks of informing it to Ranbir, but stops thinking of following Aliya and Prachi and then informing Ranbir after finding more clue. Inspector asks constable to inform Ranbir that they got a lead. Prachi lying on bed recalls Ranbir’s words.

Prachi walking to Ranbir’s room and not finding him there. Ranbir reaches police station and gets out of his car. His phone falls down. Nick disguised picks his phone. Ranbir thanks him, recalls him with Rhea, and asks if he is the same person who was helping Rhea in decoration. Nick nods yes nervously. Ranbir leaves. Nick thinks he came to police station to bribe constable and destroy his previous criminal records to lead a better life. Ranbir meets the inspector who shows him Nick’s sketch and informs him that the culprit’s whereabouts are found, his team is searching his address and soon he will be caught. Nick gets tensed hearing that and tries to leave. Constable notices him, but he escapes and getting into his car thinks Ranbir is behind him now, he should do something or else he will be in trouble.

He calls Preethi and asks her to send him Prachi’s number or else he will be in trouble. She sends him Prachi’s number. He calls Prachi and threatens her to stop her husband from following him or else he will be in trouble. Prachi gets angry and asks who is he to threaten her. He says he is the one who attacked her and warns her to control her husband or else he will kill her husband. Prachi gets tensed.

Inspector informs Ranbir that they found Nick’s house address and asks him to accompany them to catch Nick. Ranbir agrees. Inspector says he seems to love his wife a lot. Ranbir says his wife doesn’t understand that. Inspector silently asks constables to behave well with Rabir as he seems to be a troubled lover and husband. Ranbir calls him. Nick drives his taxi and thinks he needs to take money from Rhea as he can do anything if he has money.

Aliya and Rhea withdraw money from their private locker and leave in their car. Shahana follows them in a taxi. Taxi driver informs that this building has private lockers, so Aliya and Rhea must have withdrawn something. Shahana asks him to follow their car. Rhea notices taxi following them and informs Aliya. Aliya comforts her saying soon Prach will be out of Ranbir’s love and Rhea will get Ranbir.

Prachi calls Ranbir and storms at him. He says he is busy. She insists him to come home right now and stop going behind a man who attacked her. Ranbir asks how she knows. She says she will and insists him to come home right now. Ranbir insists. Inspector calls him, and he disconnects call. They reach Nick’s house and search it. Inspector shares his knowledge regarding martial life. Ranbir notices a photoframe and is about to pick it when constable informs about a CCTV camera outside. Inspector says its a government surveillance camera and they need to take permission for the footage. Ranbir insists to accompany inspector to take permission.

Nick barges into Kohli House via window and thinks he will take money from Rhea and Aliya easily like he entered the house. He hides seeing Vikram and Pallavi coming and hearing their argument where Vikram supports Prachi and Pallavi supports Reha prays god that one shouldn’t get such an irritating wife like Pallavi. He messages Rhea that he is in their house. Rhea and Aliya meet him when they notice Shahana coming. Rhea hides Nick in a cupboard and messages that she will get him out once Shahana leaves. Aliya asks Shahana why is she following them. Shahana argues why she looks tense seeing her. Aliya and Rhea storm away. Shahana senses something is wrong and walks towards cupboard.

Prachi calls Ranbir repeatedly. Ranbir disconnects it. Inspetor asks him to pick the call. Ranbir says he would better go home and bear wife’s scolding. Prachi messages him that she fell and severely injured herself, nobody is there to help her, so he should return home soon. He reads message and rushes home to find her normal. She insists him to stop following the culprit. He denies. She argues with him and insists to get in. He doesn’t. She emotionally blackmails him that he would stay back for Rhea baby and not her.

Aliya and Rhea enter a room and hide money bag in a cupboard. Rhea says she needs to free Nick from cupboard, give him money, and send him away. She vents out her frustration that she wanted to kill Prachi, but herself is in a mess; she thought Ranbir would cry on her shoulder, but he is still with Prachi. Aliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says Nick is dangerous for them. Aliya says Ranbir is the problem as he saw Nick and will not stop until he finds Nick, so she should calm down first and then plan what to do next.

Ranbir asks Prachi what did she say. Prachi repeats her words. Ranbir says nobody can stop her. She says she doesn’t want him to go. He asks why. She says just like that. Their argument continues. He tries to leave. She gives his promise. He stops and says she knows how to stop him, but he will not stay and remind her repeatedly that he will not listen to her.

She says he has to. He says he will do whatever he is doing from home, so she shouldn’t stop him now. She thinks whatever it it, she knows how to control him