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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Tuesday 4th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Episode starts with Ranbir telling Rhea that they shall go to Manali for honeymoon. Rhea says I will surely come, it is my favorite hill station. She says I didn’t expect that you will ask you, and says I will come whenever you say, and says thank you, I am so happy. Pallavi hugs Rhea. Rhea thanks her.


Ranbir says I was thinking to go far from home, and says I will get some time to spend with Rhea. He says we will plan family during this time. Rhea opens her mouth surprised and stunned. He says I will book the best suite and the best room. Pallavi, Aaliya and Rhea are happy and surprised. Ranbir says I know some romantic place in Manali and will book the tickets as well. He thanks Pallavi for her suggestion and then looks at Prachi, and goes. Dida and Shahana get upset.


Prachi looks on unaffected, but she gets hurt hearing him proposing Rhea to come to honeymoon with him. Shahana comes behind Prachi and says why did Ranbir ask Rhea to come for honeymoon with him. Prachi says I don’t know, and asks her to ask him. Shahana says Ranbir said this in anger and says you made him angry, and hurt him.

Prachi says why do you think that I have hurt him? Shahana says you both are same, you have hurt him and now he is hurting you. Prachi asks her to be quiet. Shahana says I know that even you are very hurt and don’t know why are you hurting him. She says you are hurting yourself to hurt Ranbir and asks her to think about the baby, whom she is hurting.

She says Ranbir, you and the baby will live happily once you tell Ranbir about this baby. Prachi says I don’t love Ranbir. Shahana says there is something else in your eyes.


Ranbir comes and says she is saying truth, says it was my misunderstanding that she loves me and have me in her heart, I used to think that her eyes speaks says all, but your sister broke my illusion in the morning and clarified everything. Shahana says atleast you don’t say this. Ranbir says the book which you are reading, has changed its cover. Shahana says the cover might be change, but the book is same as well. She says if you can’t do good, then don’t hurt each other. Ranbir says I didn’t hurt Prachi. Prachi says he has hurt me, and gave me pain without any intention. Ranbir says whatever I did was in anger, and says whatever Prachi said today, my soul is hurt. He says if soul is hurt then? He says I see the page in my cupboard where my three dreams are written. He tells about his dreams and says his third dream was most important to him, and Prachi said that she never wanted to become my baby’s mother. He says she said that she can’t bear the burden of my baby all life, and said clearly that she don’t love me so much and can’t love me and my baby. He thanks her for helping him in his first two dreams and says I am going to fulfill my third dream with such a person, who wants to be my baby’s mother happily, who loves me so much that she will make my dream as hers, who understands the value of marriage, family and most importantly love, which you don’t understand. Ali maula plays…….


He walks away from there. Prachi cries and hugs Shahana. She says I can fight with Ranbir, but can’t see him with Rhea, my heart breaks whenever he stands with her. She asks what to do? Rhea says thank you so much.


Rhea thanks Pallavi and says I want to fly with Ranbir now itself. Aaliya says I never saw my Rhea so happy. Rhea says Ranbir gave me this happiness by himself and says I was stressed during our marriage, and was afraid that Ranbir will not marry me, or that if Prachi will come. She says everything is fine now, he wants to go with me to Manali. She says memories will be good now and thanks Pallavi. Pallavi asks her to save some energy for packing, and says I will book your booking done in the best resort of my friend. Rhea says I thought Ranbir will refuse, but you convinced him. She thanks them again. Pallavi says enough and asks her to go and do packing. Aaliya says I didn’t expect Ranbir to agree. Pallavi says I can sense something wrong. Aaliya says it is good. Pallavi says it is too good to be true and says may be I am overthinking. Aaliya asks her to book the suite.

Dida comes to Vikram and asks him to make his son understand. She says if he have honeymoon with Rhea even once, then she will become his wife, and then it will be impossible for him to return to Prachi. Vikram says mistake haven’t done yet and says I know him well, and says he will go with Rhea, but will realize his mistake. She says when Rhea realize that Ranbir has Prachi in his heart, then she will understand that nobody can take that place. Dida says Rhea knows very well that Prachi is in his heart, but then also she is convinced. Vikram says Ranbir thinks that he can live without Prachi, but he will realize that he can’t live without her, and asks her to think good and says good thing will happen.


Prachi tells Shahana that she knows that he agreed to go for honeymoon due to her. Shahana asks her to clear her issues with him and tells that I know whatever you said was in anger, and lied that you don’t want to be his baby’s mother and that you don’t love him. Prachi says I lied to divert his attention, and says I know what I said, he shall not be doubtful that I am pregnant. Shahana says it is not his dream that he wants a baby, but that he wants baby with you and wants to have any relation with you. She says why are you hurting himself less and hurting yourself more, what kind of revenge is this. She says all your life problems can be solved, you just need to say truth. Prachi says I can’t risk my baby’s life. Shahana says he is the father and will love him a lot. Prachi says it is Ranbir’s habit, he will love him and then will leave him. she says what will I do, if he leaves the baby like leaving me. Shahana says he will not leave his baby. Prachi says I am getting punished for my doings, now nobody can do anything, he is going away from me.


Prachi sees Rhea packing her stuff happily. She walks away from there and stumbles. She sits and checks her sandal heel. Ranbir comes there and looks at Prachi. He comes inside Rhea’s room and says hi beautiful. Rhea says I didn’t know that you want to go on honeymoon with me, and thanks him, says I love you. Ranbir says until when I can keep myself away from you, and knows how much you love me and I shall give some happiness to you. Prachi hears them. Rhea says it is like a dream. Ranbir says it is like fulfilling the dream. Rhea says whatever happened is good, and our relation is taking to another level, and was like I was behind you and it was one sided. She says I really love you, really do.


Ranbir telling Rhea that he had three big dreams, among which two is fulfilled and one is remaining. Rhea asks what is your third dream? Ranbir asks if you don’t want to hear about starting two dreams. Rhea says if they are fulfilled then what is the use? She says I promise that I will help you to fulfill your last dream. Ranbir says my third and most important dream is that I want to become a father. Rhea says that’s so sweet and says it is every girl’s dream after marriage, but I am liking it that it is your dream. She promises that she will fulfill his third dream and his dream is hers. She hugs Ranbir. Prachi gets upset and goes from there. Ranbir thanks Rhea and says I will leave. Rhea asks him to do the arrangements and says booking is done. Ranbir goes. Rhea asks God to make her Ranbir’s baby mummy and says just as this good news come, Prachi has to go away from this house. Prachi cries and sits on the bench. Shahana comes there and asks why are you crying, it all happened what you want. Prachi says I never wanted, whatever is happening with me. She says I thought that I will break his heart and will hurt him, but I do get affected if he gets hurt. She says when I hugged him on lohri day, I felt strange peace and felt that this is the moment for which I have come, and I want to be in his embrace, and I felt like I have won the world. She says when he slept on my lap, I felt the same peace. She says when he asked me if I am pregnant, I lied and made fun of his jokes, broke his heart, said that his dreams never matter to me, I never wanted to start family with him, never want to be mother of his baby. She says I lied, and says I wanted to have his baby and wants to stay with everyone happily. She says when he is with me, I feel that he shall be with me, and when he is away, I want him to be away. She says I want to tell him that his big happiness is with me, but my foot is held back due to my past. She says I couldn’t forget the past, then how will I forgive him. She says I couldn’t stop him from going to Rhea, as I couldn’t forgive him, and says I want to fulfill his dream, but for that I have to break my dream. She says I can’t take the risk and says my dream is my baby. Shahana says don’t tell him truth, but stop him from going to honeymoon. Prachi says I don’t want to stop him, and says will see what is written in destiny.

Prachi comes to her room. Rhea is sitting on her bed, and says same room and same bed, do you remember anything. She says even you was sitting here on my wedding day, and asks if she is shocked. Prachi says no, as you copy me and says you don’t know anything original, even if it is marrying Ranbir. She asks what are you doing here in my room? Rhea says I have given this room to you to stay, but you snatched it, and have set this room as per your choice. She says you started wearing my husband’s favorite color clothes and says you will get room and bed like this, but can’t husband like my husband. She asks her not to woo him and not to do any drama, as he cleared infront of everyone, when he was treating your foot burn and you have called the Police. She says he cleared that he had done this for me, and said that you might have blamed that I have made that burning wood fall on your foot. Prachi says yes, you have made the burning wood fall on my foot. Rhea says that’s why Ranbir said, that you will accuse me falsely. She says do whatever you want, and says Ranbir is mine and asks her to have shame, and leave her sister’s house. Prachi says you shall feel ashamed to eye someone’s husband, and says though you was married to Sid, you was eying Ranbir, tried to trap him and stoop low to get him. Rhea says I stoop low, but I am standing with my head high now, as Ranbir is mine now. Prachi says if he is yours, then why are you so scared even after his declaration. She says you are scared of my moves and fearing that you can’t woo him even in honeymoon.


Rhea says I am not scared, just warning you that he is mine, and asks her not to come to their honeymoon location like a psycho heroine. She says you have seen our marriage and asks if she will watch their honeymoon too. She says Ranbir wants to become mine fully and asks her not to become villain in their union, and says don’t think that I will not let you spoil my honeymoon, and will not let you even fall your reflection on him. She says you wanted this room, so be here, you got what you wanted. She asks her to stay with her ego and let her live in Ranbir’s love. Prachi says do you really think that you love Ranbir. Rhea says I love him since you haven’t come in his life.


Prachi says say whatever you want, I am not interested in your talks. Rhea says I am going to celebrate wedding night with your husband, and asks her to get her name written outside the room for happiness. She says what did you say that I copy you, and says I will do something original, which you couldn’t do. She says very soon, you will get the news that Ranbir is going to be my baby’s father, and says you might have seen the dreams, but I will fulfill it and says I am original. She says Ranbir and my honeymoon bed is booked by Mummy for us, and says do you see the difference, when you got married you was thrown out and when I got married to him, I am going for honeymoon. She says Mummy will throw you out from here soon. Prachi says I don’t care where you go and asks her to go for honeymoon. Rhea says this is called, grapes are bitter if not reachable. She says you have no quality to become anyone’s wife, but has talent to snatch someone’s love. She says it is not your mistake, you have done whatever your mother has taught you? Prachi shouts at her and says enough. She says she remembers Maa’s teaching and values and that’s why she is silent. She says if you say further then I have to remind you about Gita’s learning, where Krishna asked Arjun to fight with his relatives.

Rhea asks if Maa taught you to threaten. Prachi says I told you that I will not hear anything against mother. She says you are flying high about honeymoon and have lost your senses, and cutting the wood on which you are seated. She says nothing will happen between Ranbir and you, and it will be like normal night. I will make sure that Ranbir and you will never celebrate wedding night. Rhea says you can try, but will fail. Prachi says if I do this then? Rhea says I will become your Servant then? Prachi says it will not be fun and says I want to see your head down. She says I will not let this night become your wedding night. Prachi says your challenge and so called relation, will end after tomorrow night, and says after Ranbir and I spend the night together, then you can’t show your face to anyone, as Ranbir will not only become my husband and will also become the father of my baby. Prachi says if you think this then you have lost this challenge already. She says if you wanted then you could have gone with him peacefully, but after this challenge, you will not get even a peaceful moment with him, leave the night. She says Ranbir will never be yours.


Pallavi tells Aaliya that she is very happy. Aaliya says you was not much happy on your wedding night like this. Pallavi says their rituals were not completed and finally their wedding will be complete. She tells that Vikram told her that Ranbir was drunk and had gone there to sleep. Aaliya says very soon he will make you Dadi. Pallavi gets glad.

Prachi asks if you haven’t heard. Rhea says when your God stops listening to you, then think that your last support is gone too.

She says everything will change after tomorrow, and says didn’t you notice that Mummy booked tickets for Ranbir and my honeymoon as she don’t regard you as this house bahu.