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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Sunday 9th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Prachi says she always try to live peacefully with her and Mummi je but they donot let her, Pallavi replies she is not nice at all, he thoughts are evil and even her actions are dirty, but they donot expect anything from her, Prachi replies she will talk politely with her, Pallavi exclaims that she doesnot have any manners like those which were taught by her mother.

Pallavi starts blaming her questioning what manner is she talking about since she did not help Rhea and now she is in jail, Prachi calls herself her sister when Prachi, she called her by a lot of names in front of the NGO women, and made Ranbir fill her mang with Kumkum after calling the police and NGO, Prachi replies even she had washed the Kumkum from her Mang.

Ranbir questions what happened since she washed the Kumkum, Pallavi replies it is not like she is saying and he must know the entire truth, Prachi apologizes when Aaliya mentions not many people have this talent In which they apologize after making mistakes, Prachi replies she never wanted to cause a fight between a mother and her son, Ranbir leaves without listening to them, Pallavi once again tries to scold Prachi when Vikram sends her to go and sleep, even advising Mummi jee to sleep otherwise she would not be able to when there is light. Aaliya exclaims today was bad and it is not worth to say anything.

Pallavi enters the room where Vikram is sitting, she exclaims he would be really happy, Vikram replies he will sleep peacefully knowing he has not made any mistake and she will find it difficult since she knows she wronged Prachi but is not accepting her mistake, Pallavi says she is talking about their relation, since they are husband and wife and need to support each other but why does he always think she is wrong, Vikram informs that the person standing in front of him is not his wife, everyone including her husband, son and mother in law are saying she is wrong but she is not accepting it, he picks the pillows to leave when she questions where is he going, he rep[lies he cannot sleep where there is no peace of mind, Pallavi questions when did Prachi talk with him, Vikram in anger throws the pillows advising how she needs to accept her mistakes otherwise would loose her son and husband as well, he turns ordering the worker to open the guest room.

Ranbir drops something, he kneels to pick it up when he is not able to take his eyes off Prachi, she questions what is he doing since this is her room, Ranbir coming exclaims that he tries a lot to understand her actions but has understood a little bit, she wants him to be away but when someone comes into his life then she plays her game, she wants him to keep standing away but if someone comes close she pushes them away, Prachi questions what is he saying, she tuns when he holds her mentioning she purposefully send her driver to his honeymoon as she desired that he fill her Mang which he did, Prachi exclaims it was a challenge, Ranbir replies he doesnot care about it but knows what she feels for him, but until she doesnot feel anything from heart then he would not also feel anything, he will not fall into her trap since he has learned how to swim, until she doesnot feel anything for him he would also not do anything, he tried to convince her of his love before but now must know everything that happens is because of her actions, either he comes close or goes away from her then it will be because of her actions, Ranbir turns to leave informing that he has not seen any girl look so beautiful in Kumkum like her, Prachi is not able to control herself and lies down on the bed holding the pillow.

In the morning Prachi is sleeping when she wakes up hearing something break. She gets up to watch and sees Rhea holding the vase questioning what all this is, Rhea apologizes if her sleep was disturbed so there is no need to break it, Rhea exclaims that she feels very good when Prachi is disturbed and she must not think any of these vase fell by mistake since she did it on purpose, Ranbir comes questioning what is going on, Rhea hugs him mentioning how much she missed him, Ranbir looking at Prachi also says he missed her a lot and questions how is she, they both are hugging when Prachi goes back into her room. Rhea explains she felt bad since she was not able to complete her honeymoon but no matter as she is going to come meet him at the breakfast after getting fresh.

Ranbir slowly walks towards the room of Prachi when she closes the window seeing which Ranbir turns to leave, Prachi doesnot feel nice in her room and is about to vomit so she rushes to the bathroom.

The entire family is having breakfast, Aaliya questions why has Rhea only had the poha as she also needs to have something else and even prepares a toast for her, Pallavi also exclaims that she has made this juice specially for her, Sahana exclaims she would also gone to jail had she known that one would be treated so nicely after coming back from the lockup after a week, Rhea asks if she is getting jealous that her clever Prachi did not get the love which she is getting, Dida questions why is she talking so wrong since Aaliya and Pallavi has a lot of other things to do but she will only love Prachi and the more they hate her will increase her love for her, Prachi feels pain so gets up to leave when Dida, Vikram and even Sahana pick the plate, Prachi questions where are they going when Dida exclaims she never wants to eat at the table which has so much negativity, Prachi replies she knows they all love her a lot so they must not be worried, Vikram questions why is she so tensed after talking about love, Prachi assures there is nothing to worry about and leaves, Ranbir also informs he has had enough of the breakfast, Vikram asks him to take a look at the file of Junega. Rhea also leaves making an excuse that she has some work.

Rhea from the window sees Prachi walking with a purse and wonders what is going on, she remembers the number of the taxi and follows Prachi who in the taxi calls the maternity doctor mentioning that she is having pain and feels dizzy, the doctor gives her the appointment. Rhea getting out of the taxi wonders why is Prachi going to the maternity hospital.

Pallavi enters the room where Ranbir is sitting, she questions if he is angry with her but Ranbir doesnot reply and even Pallavi exclaims that she knows he is angry with her because she washed the Kumkum from her Mang, Pallavi exclaims he is wrong since she got mad at her when Ranbir replies it was not just anger but a planned move since she had water available. Pallavi is not able to speak when Ranbir replies he doesnot want her to do everything just because of her ego, he is glad that he did not go on the honeymoon and came back before anything happened, Pallavi replies he himself agreed when Ranbir questions if she asked why did he do it, Pallavi questions if he still has feelings for Prachi but before he can reply, Aaliya comes taking Pallavi away, Ranbir tries to stop her but Aaliya pulls her away, Ranbir explains his feelings for Prachi did not come all of a sudden but were always there, he is the one because of whom he is living and knows that Prachi is doing all this because of his challenge.

Prachi walks to the reception informing that she has an appointment with Dr Madhu, the receptionist directs her to the office, Prachi rushes away but doesnot realize that Rhea is following her.

Prachi entering the hospital goes to the reception informing that she has an appointment with Dr Madhu, Rhea also walks over to the reception looking at Prachi who walks through the corridor, Rhea informs that her friend Prachi came to meet the doctor however has left the mobile since even when they both came together, she forgot her mobile so can the reception tell her where Prachi went however the receptionist says that she cannot give her the details like this to any stranger when Rhea replies that she is still friends with Prachi but they both got married and so she needs to give her the mobile, Rhea even shows the photo which has both of them, the receptionist agrees and so she informs Prachi went to meet Dr Madhu, Rhea tries to walk away when the receptionist says that Prachi went to meet Dr Madhu Agarwal, Rhea leaves after thanking her,

Aaliya pulls Pallavi into the room questioning what was she trying to do, Pallavi replies she was trying to question Ranbir, Aaliya asks if she was going to ask how he feels for Prachi and she already knows that he would reply he loves and cares for her, Aaliya explains Prachi today has the upper hand and she is strong but Pallavi must not make such scene for Ranbir that he gets angry since they need to care about Rhea, Aaliya informs she should instead say how he needs to care for Rhea, they must avoid Prachi until she comes up with a plan. Pallavi exclaims that her anniversary is the day after tomorrow so they should plan, Aaliya agrees to wait.

Prachi with Dr Madu who is performing a check-up, Rhea is searching for the cabin in the hall way, the doctor asks if the pain is because she quarrels with someone or argues with them, Prachi thinks that she argues with Pallavi about all the things necessary, she agrees with what the doctor is saying before recalling that Ranbir also said he will teat her as he is treating him, she said that she doesnot want his son, she informs that the pain even happens normally, Rhea is searching for Dr Madhu when she wonders why is Prachi meeting with a Gynecologist, Rhea opens the door and is shocked to hear how the doctor informs that her pregnancy is not normal as if she was feeling pain in tension, then it could have been corrected with some yoga but now her pregnancy is really complicated.

Ranbir is working in the office, she wonders why is he constantly thinking about Prachi, he walks away when Vikram stops him questioning why does he also not spend some time with his father, Ranbir exclaims they both need to talk now, Ranbir informs that he is feeling really tensed these days and wants to be with Prachi, Vikram replies he used to feel the same so it is normal at his age, Ranbir informs Prachi herself is not allowing him to come near her and she starts taunting him on every sentence and is not the same as before, whenever he talks with her he feels she has brought problems as gift for him and is presenting them all, he feels as if someone is hitting him on the head and might get mad, Vikram asks him to sit, explaining Ranbir wants her to be like before but for that he needs to give her a lot of time as it is the only solution, when they start to be happy only then would their relation sort otherwise he would feel as if someone is hitting him on the head, Ranbir exclaims he is really taking the side of Prachi, Vikram replies he would have done it a long time ago since she is on the right path but some people in this house are adamant to prove her wrong, however he likes to see that she is strong now, Ranbir replies he is glad that someone in this house is considering Prachi as the daughter in law of the family, Vikram replies that she is just like his own daughter, Ranbir questions what about him, asking if Vikram considers him to be his son, they both hug and Ranbir leaves.

The doctor informs Prachi that she has changed her medicine and a women not only become a mother when she is pregnant but when she brings the child to the world, she seeing Rhea questions if she has an appointment, Prachi is shocked to see her when Rhea exclaims she is with Prachi, Dr Madhu leaves when Rhea enters exclaiming that she now understands everything and it is crystal clear, Prachi is a really good thief that she first took Ranbir from her and now even then is hiding this news from her, Rhea questions the reason Prachi came to the Kholi family is to ruin their reputation, Sahana entering the door mentions that Ranbir also knows the entire truth informing that she is the one who is pregnant and Ranbir knows about it, Rhea exclaims why did Prachi tells Sahana knowing that she will announce it to everyone, Rhea says that she is shocked since Sahana has become a mother who is not married, Sahana replies even she has a title for Rhea as she is also a wife who has not been married, Rhea shouts at her ordering that she remain quiet when Sahana says she felt bad after hearing the truth, Prachi says Rhea would have gotten her answer and they both leave.

Prachi walking in the hall thanks Sahana for coming at the right moment since she saved her today, Sahana replies that she had to come in order to save Prachi as she is a news box, Sahana informs that she saw Rhea leaving the house and then followed herPrachi explains that she is wrong to call her as stupid since she is really clever when Sahana informs she just was suspicious but it proved to be correct, she is however worried about what will happen now since she is going to ask Ranbir.

Ranbir walks downs the stairs, going to drink water when Rhea enters from behind, he turning questions where had she gone since he called her from behind but she did not stop, Rhea replies she had some work to attend, she thinks of asking him about the pregnancy, Prachi sees them both and also realizes how Rhea would only ask about the pregnancy, Prachi first questions if he did not tell her about the pregnancy of Sahana, Ranbir informs Prachi is saying the truth since Sahana is pregnant, Rhea asks then why did he not tell her, Prachi thinks of creating a fight between them both, Ranbir replies there is a reason because if Sahana felt like revealing the news then would have told them but she did not want to tell everyone and even he found out accidentally as he knows how to maintain the trust in a relation, Ranbir even asks Prachi why does she keep trying to make them both fight, Prachi informs that she feels they both look fake when they call each other as baby it seems real when they are fighting and should thank her, Ranbir leaves them both. Rhea says even Prachi is really fake since she cannot see them both together and is really jealous, Prachi says she cannot be jealous of her as for that she would have to reach her level but cannot fall that low, Prachi suddenly rushes to the room since she feels like vomiting, Rhea first doesnot understand but then wonders why did she leave like this, she follows Prachi who closes the door, Rhea exclaims she is sure that Prachi is hiding something and she is surely going to unlock the secret.

Rhea walking in the hall thinks of all the signs which she noticed in Prachi that prove she is pregnant, like how she left for the maternity hospital and met with Dr Madu, but she cannot understand then why did Sahana say she is pregnant, when Prachi is depicting all the signs.