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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Sunday 30th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Rhea asking Ranbir and Prachi if something happened. Ranbir says he saw Nick’s shoe outside in the garden. Aliya asks if he is dreaming. Ranbir says he surely saw the shoe in garden, how did it come back here. Rhea says she tied the hope to Nick and herself so that Nick cannot escape. Ranbir denies to accept her justification.

Pallavi feels frustrated seeing Prachi and Ranbir’s growing proximity again and cries that she hates Prachi as she snatches people from their family, she snatched her son Ranbir from her, but Ranbir blindly loves her and cannot see that Prachi doesn’t love him and will separate him from the family.

Ranbir hears her frustrating words and says she should scold him instead of talking to herself. She asks if he cannot understand her mother’s untold words. He says he cannot hear his heart’s feelings, then how can he understand her untold words. He accepts that he has gone mad in Prachi’s love that he doesn’t mind if Prachi doesn’t love him. Prachi hears their conversation. Ranbir asks if one-sided love is not a love, it’s not necessary that one gets the love in return; he doesn’t mind if Prachi doesn’t love him, he just doesn’t want her to hate him or else the Prachi’s pretty image he has in his heart will fade away. He further says Prachi wants him to stay with his family even if he doesn’t stay with her; he told her that they both can stay somewhere far away from the family, but she wants him to stay with his parents and Dida; he cares for Prachi a lot, etc.

She asks why he loves Prachi so much. He says even he doesn’t know. She asks what he has decided as he wants to stay with Prachi and she doesn’t want to stay with him. He says he doesn’t know and maybe they will spend their life separately. She says that is why she hates Prachi. He says she hated even him for 2 years and gave his place to someone else. She says it was not her hatred but anger towards him as a mother can never hate her son. He says as she thinks and says he felt really good talking to her. She says even she felt good hearing the truth.

Aliya tells Rhea that they should hide Nick in a trunk and get him out of house. Rhea asks what if someone sees them. Aliya says she will switch off main lights and walks away. Rhea slaps unconscious Nick and says he is troubling her a lot. Vikram wakes up and asks why is she slapping unconscious Nick.

Ranbir asks Pallavi what truth she is talking about. Pallavi says his life won’t be easy as he married a girl who loves him immensely and he loves a girl who doesn’t love him at all. She reveals that she saw him and Prachi together on terrace, but he was looking alone. He says Prachi was with him. She says Prachi comes near him for her benefit as she feels protected with him; people get blind in love and not fool, so he shouldn’t ruin his own life. Prachi who was hearing their conversation walks away. She says she and Vikram fight a lot, but she knows he is the one for her; asks if he can say the same for Prachi. She says Rhea loves him immensely and will walk away with him leaving everything if he asks her to. Dida overhears that and asks her why she is teaching wrong to Ranbir; she doesn’t like Prachi, that doesn’t mean she should always spill venom towards her; its Prachi’s greatness that she didn’t ask Ranbir to leave his family and instead is staying here even though everyone hates her. Pallavi walks away saying whatever it is, she hates Prachi.

Ranbir tells Dida that he knows how much she loves Prachi. Dida says she knows he loves Prachi. He says his love is making him angry towards a person who wants to kill Prachi; he will vent out all his anger on the culprit once he finds him/her. Prachi recalls Pallavi and Ranbir’s conversation and Ranbir’s concern for her. She thinks he is too good.

Aliya heads towards fuse room thinking Nick is becoming a big problem for her; if she had known before, she would have hired a professional killer and not a maid’s boyfriend.
Preethi returns home and calls Nick. Vikram asks whose phone is ringing and hears ringtone from the cupboard. Rhea feels tensed. Vikram picks phone and notices Preethi’s call. Rhea lies that Nick opened eyes, takes the phone from him, and tells Preethi that she need not worry about Nick. Preethi gets worried for Nick thinking why Rhea picked Nick’s phone. Aliya reaches fuse room. Sahana walks behind her and confronts if she wants to kill Prachi. She calls Prachi and tries to inform her when Aliya pulls off fuse. Sahana locks the door and threatens to expose her.

Rhea panics seeing Nick gaining consciousness, calls Aliya and informs her. Aliya asks her to make him unconscious again somehow. Vikram hearing Rhea’s conversation that walks to Nick and asks who sent him. Rhea diverts Vikram’s attention, frees Nick, assures him that he will get his money, and asks him to escape. Nick runs. Vikram alerts Ranbir.

Rhea freeing Nick and asking him to escape from there. She assures him that he will get his money soon, gives him knife and asks him to point the knife at Sahana and escape from the hosue. Vikram notices Nick running and alerts Ranbir and Prachi. Rhea acts as being pushed by Nick and falling down. In dark, Nick abducts Pachi instead. Ranbir runs to Vikram and asks where is Nick run and where is Prachi. Rhea says Nick pushed her and escaped and acts as in severe pain. Dida and Sahan walk to them. Ranbir asks where is Prachi. Vikram asks if Nick is searching for Prachi. Nick worried runs searching Prachi. Sahana says she will also search for Prachi and informs that Aliya pulled the fuse off. Rhea says Sahana means Aliya was trying to fix the fuse. Vikram also goes searching for Nick. Rhea thinks Nick went on the other side while Sahana is here. Pallavi asks Rhea where is she hurt. Rhea says its internal injury and acting as feeling nauseous walks away.

Nick takes Prachi to his cab and pushes her inside. Prachi pleads to spare him. Nick is stunned to see Prachi instead of Sahana, ties her mouth and hands and warns her not to get out of car or else he will stab her. He says he told her to keep her husband away, but her husband created problem for him. Ranbir continues searching for Prachi. Rhea calls Nick. Nick says he by mistake abducted Prachi instead of Sahana. Rhea says Ranbir was shouting that he will not spare Nick if he harms Prachi and says he created 2 problems by abducting Prachi. Nick says problem is solved instead, he will complete his task of killing Prachi and solve all their problems. Rhea says its a good idea and asks him to go ahead. Nick demands money and asks her to bring the money within an hour at his given location or else he will meet Ranbir and reveal all secrets. Rhea gets tensed. Nick says he will show his loyalty towards her for an hour till she gets money or else will reach Ranbir.

Rhea opens fuse room and informs Aliya that Nick escaped and abducted Prachi instead of Sahana and threatened her that if she doesn’t give him money within an hour, he will reach Ranbir and reveal whole truth. Aliya asks her to give him money then and says Sahana is the problem for them right now. Ranbir continues to search for Prachi. Sahana finds Prachi’s ring on floor and realizes that she is abducted. She calls Ranbir. Ranbir rushes towards her, but then hears car starting sound in the backyard and runs there. He is shocked to notice Nick driving car and runs towards it. Prachi tries to alert Ranbir. Ranbir fails to stop Nick, and Nick drives car away. Ranbir runs behind car asking Prachi not to worry as he promised to protect her. He falls down and shouts Prachi’s name. He angrily says he warned Nick not to touch Prachi, but he made a mistake of abducting Prachi; he will even kill Nick to save Prachi.

Nick sends his location to Rhea. Aliya asks Rhea to take the money bag there. Rhea says money is in living room’s cupboard. Aliya says she will go to the living room and throw the bag away, Rhea can pick it and hand it over to Nick. Sahana informs Dida that she found Prachi’s ring on the floor. Pallavi comments that all the problems are because of Prachi. Dida asks why she is always behind Prachi and says problem is on Prachi instead as Nick tried to kill her. Pallavi comments that Prachi must have troubled Nick so much that he came to murder her. Sahana says Prachi can never trouble anyone. Pallavi says she knows Prachi’s extent. Sahana says that means police should doubt her for trying to kill Prachi as according to her, Prachi troubled her most. Pallavi asks her to mind her tongue.

Dida says when she wants to tell truth, she should learn to listen to truth. Pallavi says that doesn’t mean Sahana can insult her, Sahana is misbehaving with her because of Prachi and Dida’s support. Sahana apologizes Pallavi and says Prachi is attacked and instead of saving Prachi, she is blaming Prachi instead. She asks if Prachi is so bad, then why would Ranbir save her; Pallavi should trust her son at least; Dida is right that instead of cursing Prachi, she should try to save Prachi. Vikram asks Sahana to calm down as a person speaks what he/she shouldn’t in anger, they all should act wise and he thinks they should call the police as the situation is getting out of control. Sahana says she will go and search for Prachi. Vikram says let police come first. Sahana says they can’t wait till then and leaves the house.

Dida asks Vikram to call the police. Aliya walks in and thinks how to pick the money bag in front of them. Rhea walks out of house and gets tensed seeing Sahana there. She hides and hopes Sahana doesn’t notice her. Aliya acts as feeling dizzy and asks Pallavi to get her some water. Pallavi walks towards the kitchen.

Aliya then acts as coughing and asks Dida to get hot water for her. Once Dida leaves, she picks bag and throws it out from window. Sahana hears sound and walks towards bag when Rhea stops her and says let us search for Prachi together and justifies herself that sisters fight, but cannot see each other in trouble, etc. She then acts as feeling leg pain and asks Sahana to get car keys from Vikram.

Sahana agrees and thinks she doesn’t trust Rhea a bit, she is going with Rhea as she may know where Prachi is.