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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Sunday 13th November 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Doctor telling Prachi that if she don’t go home, then she will tell everything to Pallavi. Pallavi says she don’t want to hear anything, and don’t think something has happened to her. She asks her to take Dida along with her.

She then goes. Doctor tells Prachi that she didn’t repent that that she blackmailed her. She says your baby is your responsibility and you are my responsibility. She asks her to go home and rest. She says Ranbir’s family is with him, I have talked to his doctor. She asks Shahana to take Prachi home.

Pallavi comes back to Madhu and asks what she was telling about Prachi and asks her to tell being her friend. Madhu says she don’t want to discuss any patient’s case with anyone, being a doctor. Pallavi says Prachi might be pretending. Doctor asks do you think that she is bad? Pallavi says she is really bad.

Prachi comes home and talks to Ranbir;s pic, thinking about his moments with her. She says I will tell you, how much I love you? She says I will say sorry to you 100 times and will say I love you to you 1000 times, says you will call me mad in your love, and asks him to come home. She looks at their marriage album, and recalls Ranbir kissing the frame, and Prachi asking who is she? fb is shown, Ranbir says you know her. Prachi says she don’t want to see. Ranbir hugs her and tells that the girl is small girl, who resembles her (Prachi) and that’s why he downloaded her pic and pasted with them. He says he wants two daughters and then says 1 daughter and 1 son, and then settles down for 1 daughter. Prachi says she wants son. He says he likes girls. Fb ends. Prachi says your daughter troubles me a lot and asks him to come home.

Pallavi comes home and shouts at Prachi. She pushes Prachi and makes her fall down on the floor. She says because of you, my son died. Rhea says you killed my husband. It turns out to be Prachi’s bad dream. She wakes up crying.

Shahana comes to Dida and says I have brought fruits for you and tea for myself. Dida asks for tea and takes it from her hand. She argues that everyone shall think from other’s perspective. Shahana says she couldn’t understand. Dida says if I have fruits, I will have it to make you happy, but I won’t be happy. She says a person shall do what her heart says, and not what others say. Shahana recalls asking Prachi to say the truth to Ranbir and goes.

Prachi cries. Pallavi tells Aaliya that she should have sent Rhea home. Rhea is sleeping. Aaliya says she had vomited. Prachi calls Vikram and asks how is Ranbir? Vikram asks why is she crying and tells that he will give her update about him. Rhea wakes up. Nurse comes out and tells that Ranbir has gained consciousness. Vikram tells Prachi that Ranbir gained consciousness and ends the call. Prachi gets happy. Doctor tells Vikram and pallavi that they can’t go inside. Rhea asks why you are not going inside. Vikram calls Prachi, but she is in the bathroom. Aaliya asks why we are here? Vikram says Ranbir wants to meet Prachi first. He says she is not picking the call. Pallavi asks Rhea to go home and bring Prachi now. She says the magic which she has done on my son, is making him ask for Prachi. She asks her to go and bring her. Aaliya thinks Rhea will be hurt.

Rhea is driving the car and going home. She cries and recalls Ranbir telling that Prachi is his wife. She stops the car seeing the car coming from the other side.

Prachi tells Shahana that she is going to meet Ranbir, as he got consciousness. Shahana says I was talking to Dida and came to know that one shall not be flown in emotions, and force own’s thinking on others. Prachi says you haven’t said wrong and says Ranbir loves me a lot and I shall tell him the truth, he deserves to be happy.

Ranbir is in the ward and looks at the mangalsutra in his hand. He says I know what this mangalsutra means for you, what our relation means for you, and says if I go home, then I will go with you, I will not go with anyone else, I don’t want anyone. Rhea comes home thinking about what Pallavi and Vikram had said. Prachi says I want to end this vanvas and wants to stay with him. She says I had refused when he asked me to go away with him. She says she will do as he says and will go wherever he wants. He says I want to meet you, want to see your face and I don’t want to see anyone other than you. Rhea is going to her room and thinks who is she, nothing to him. She thinks he should have meet me first, then Mom, Dad, Dida and lastly prachi. Prachi says life will be beautiful like it was when they got married. She says misunderstandings have happened, our relation is not best, but our love is, and it binds the relations. She says he loves me very much and nobody can love me like this. She says now it is my turn to love him and will tell him that we will have a small family of three, we and our child. She says he will be mad with happiness. She says I will tell him with mangalsutra, holding his hand.

Rhea comes there and hears her. Prachi says I am ready to run away with him. Shahana says now you both are running after marriage. Rhea drops the bottle in anger. Prachi and Shahana look at them.

Rhea dropping the water bottle hearing Shahana and Prachi talking. Prachi asks Rhea, when did she come home? Rhea says she came to tell her, that Ranbir wants to meet her first. Prachi gets emotional and tells Shahana that Ranbir wants to meet her. She goes. Rhea looks on. Aaliya gets a call from Rhea. Rhea cries. Aaliya asks did you have fight with Prachi again. Rhea says Prachi has won before the fight and says our planning and plotting failed. She says something is going to happen and says I am thinking, how am I alive after hearing something. Aaliya asks what? Rhea says just like Mom said that Ranbir wants to meet Prachi so I shall tell her. She says she went to her room like a good girl, and saw Prachi happy and telling Shahana that she will tell everything to Ranbir, about love and mangalsutra. She says Prachi wants Ranbir to make her wear the mangalsutra and her love for him is increasing day by day. She also said that if Ranbir wants her to go with him, then she will leave with him, and says she was talking about eloping with him. She says if Prachi says this to Ranbir, then what will he say, he wants this to happen and will agree. She says he can give his life for Prachi. She says Prachi will tell Ranbir and then he will hug her and will make her as his life partner, then where I will go. She says she has no Mom and Dad, but just you. She says what I will do, if Ranbir throws me out of his life, says you are with me and stupid Shahana is with Prachi, then also she has won. She says you are not benefitted to me. She says Prachi is lucky, but I am not. Aaliya says you can do so much even now, Ranbir married you as you wanted.

Rhea says you are very optimistic even now and tells that they can’t do anything now, Prachi will do whatever she wants to. Aaliya says the fight will over, when you win. She asks if you can see them together and says you shouldn’t have told Prachi that Ranbir wants to meet her, and says you have to separate them and not to unite them. Rhea ends the call and thinks to separate them. She thinks to do something, so that she don’t have to see what she heard today. She says today the two real sisters’ relation will end with Prachi. She comes out of the house and sees Shahana and Prachi standing for the cab. Shahana says she will get the taxi and goes. Rhea picks a broken glass bottle and walks towards Prachi. She is about to stab Prachi, when Shahana calls her. Prachi goes to sit in the taxi. She sits in it and goes. Rhea finds the wires entangled her feet and frees it. She also sits in car and drives it.

Ranbir recalls Prachi and his marriage and smiles, looking at the mangalsutra. He recalls their moments and says those were beautiful days of my life and I want to see it again and for that I need Prachi. He says I will make her understand and will ask her to give me a chance, and will tell her that I want to live with her like before and will love her even more now. He says he will convince her with love and if she don’t agree, then he will agree her forcibly. He thinks she has feelings for me, but don’t show. He hopes that she will reveal her feelings to him. Shahana asks Prachi what happened? Prachi says if I tell you then you will call me mad. Shahana asks her to say. Prachi says I saw the dream in which I am saying him I love you to Ranbir and when I told that I will love the baby more then Ranbir got upset. She says then I said that I will love him equally if he makes me wear mangalsutra and he made me wear it. She says the dream is going to be fulfilled soon. She gets emotional and says she is scared that someone bad sight will fall on her. Shahana says everything will be good. Rhea says I wont let anything good happening with you, you have no idea, what is going to happen with you. Shahana asks Prachi if something is happening. Prachi says yes. She says she is going to good news to Ranbir about her pregnancy. Driver tells them that hospital came.

Prachi asks Shahana to go and bring mangoes for Ranbir, as he likes it. Shahana says ok, I will bring it and will talk to him much. Prachi asks her to come. She gets down. Shahana goes in the cab to get mangoes. Rhea drives the car with the intention to hit Prachi. Prachi is walking on the road and going towards the hospital. Just then another car hits Prachi and she falls down on the road. Ranbir shouts Prachi sensing danger. Rhea is shocked to witness the accident, though she was about to hit her. Ranbir gets up from the bed and insists to meet Prachi.

He asks Nurse to let him go. Doctor comes there. Ranbir says something has happened to Prachi, let me go. Doctor says she has gone home and asks him to rest, says she is fine. Ranbir says something is not right, I can feel it. Nurse gives him injection. Ranbir says Prachi needs me right now, I really have to go and meet her. He sleeps due to injection effect. Doctor asks Nurse to be with the patient.

Rhea stops the car and gets down. Prachi worries for her baby in an injured state. Rhea comes to her, looks at her and turns to go, thinks finally…She walks towards the hospital, when she thinks of Pragya hugging Prachi and her, and asking them to take care of each other. A fb is shown. This sudden realization stuck her and she runs to Prachi calling her name.

She holds Prachi and asks her not to die, says she will not let anything happen to her. Prachi faints. Rhea asks someone to get the stretcher from the hospital which is opposite. She asks Prachi to open her eyes.