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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Saturday 5th November 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Pallavi asking Rhea to bring her stuff and shift to Ranbir’s room. She says from now onwards, nobody will snatch your room or your husband. Prachi hears her and gets upset. She goes from there. Ranbir gets up to talk to Prachi. Vikram asks him to rest and says you are unwell, talk to her later. Prachi goes to her room and cries. Rhea brings her stuff to the room and smiles.

Prachi recalls Rhea’s words and cries, throwing things in her room. Shahana comes there and asks what is this madness? Prachi asks her to go from there. Shahana says I will not leave you alone. Prachi cries and hugs her. She says sorry for pushing her. Shahana says you can beat me, but don’t get weak. Prachi says I am not weak, Rhea slapped me with her words and said that Ranbir is her husband. She says the way she told, I can’t forget.

She says Ranbir didn’t say even once that she is wrong, and says Rhea is having the courage to say this due to his support. Shahana tries to justify Ranbir and says he said that Rhea was not his wife. Prachi asks when? Shahana says when there was party at home. Prachi says Rhea had called NGO women to malign my reputation, and to reveal my pregnancy. She tells that Ranbir said that I am his wife, just to save his family reputation.

She says he risked my everything for his family. Rhea overhears them and smiles happily. She says thank god, finally you have understood all the case. She smiles and comes inside the room. She says tubelight started late, you are slow but not dump dumb. She tells Shahana that whatever Ranbir told was to save me.

Dida tells Pallavi that whatever Prachi did is right and she cares for Ranbir, and that’s why shifted here. Aaliya says this way, by throwing out Rhea’s stuff. Dida says Prachi can never do this without any reason, Rhea must have said something.

Aaliya says Prachi wanted to show off. Vikram says Prachi felt really bad. Pallavi says Rhea also felt bad when Prachi threw her stuff. She says wife will stay with her husband. Dida says Ranbir will say who is his wife. Ranbir recalls Rhea’s claim that he is her husband and she never forced him to marry. Dida asks everyone to let Ranbir rest. Aaliya says we shall go out and talk. Ranbir is dizzy. Pallavi asks him to take rest and says she will handle everything.

Rhea says I was praising your sister that she is slow, but not dump dumb. She tells that Prachi’s mind is late, but understands everything. She says Prachi said everything clearly about party thing, and says she was jealous seeing them together and have to take this step. She says Ranbir said that he had to insult her (Rhea) infront of everyone, else she (Prachi) would have got her arrested. She says he has to tell that he don’t regard her as his wife, to save her. She says he called me to the room alone and was trying to make me jealous to bring spark in our relation. She says he likes to make me jealous and to make me possessive. She says he sees love in me. She tells that he wanted to catch Nick as I told him to do this, and says really I had told him to catch Nick and handover him to Police. She says he said, do I really want to do this? As he knew that you will blame me, and that’s why he was searching him to save me. Prachi misunderstands Ranbir and recalls his words. Rhea says you might have thought that he came for you, and you might have developed feelings for you, and that’s fine. She says Ranbir is a human too, and he might have got some memories when he used to love you. She says just like you gets sisterly feeling for me amidst our fights, and Ranbir must have got some feelings for you and he….She says I get feeling for you, but I can’t regard you as sister. She says when two women are fighting for a man, one has to become sautan and you are the one. She says you have thrown my stuff out, but I came here as I care for you a lot. She says Ranbir is my husband, he risked his life and saved me. She says I am standing here due to him. She says now you have understood that he loves me, which he never did with you. She says now he has no relation with you, but you have relation with me, think of that relation and take divorce from him. shahana says we are waiting for you to leave so that we can close door on our face, says we know what is Ranbir. Prachi says what is he and says Rhea is right, no woman can tell that she is someone’s wife without his support. She says I saw him filling her maang and saw him saving her, else nobody risks his life. She says I was angry on Ranbir as he married you, and I was angry at you for marrying my husband. She says all this family members are guilty and everyone will be punished. Rhea says ok, but you didn’t understand. She says I am asking you to leave and you are talking about staying here, it seems you will not leave easily. She takes the marker and marks 7 days on the calendar. She asks her to pack her stuff and get out in 7 days, as she will shift with him. She says see my stuff, it is already there. Pallavi comes there. Prachi picks something and throws out of the window. She says just like I threw your stuff out, you will be thrown out of the house, as I am Ranbir’s wife legally. Rhea asks Pallavi not to get worried, and says she couldn’t bear my happiness and that’s why threw it. she asks her not to increase her BP. Pallavi asks her to go and says she needs to talk to Prachi. Rhea says don’t fight with her for your health. She goes. Pallavi asks Prachi not to do this again and says this is my last warning. Prachi says nothing is last here, as everything happens often here. Pallavi asks her to behave well. Prachi says my behavior was good always. Pallavi asks her to watch, how she behaves with her. She goes.

Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room and recalls his words. She sits on the sofa recalling Ranbir and Prachi’s moments. She says she has waited for this day and bear Prachi, fought with her and got herself insulted too. She says she had patience as she knows that time and destiny changes.

She says room will be shifted too, where we will stay as family and will set our household. She says we will start our life after 7 days afresh.

Rhea coming to Aaliya’s room and says I love you Buji. Aaliya says I know Rhea and asks why is she so happy? Rhea gives the credit to Aaliya for her happiness and says even if something wrong happens, then you make it fine. She says I am so happy, all because of you. She then gets sad and says I thought everything will be over, and Ranbir will go away from me, I will lose him and that Nick will expose me, but….Aaliya says everything is okay and you got emotional. Rhea says I don’t remember when I was happy last. She says I was failing every single time and saw so much failure, from my marriage mandap to Mom and Dad’s anniversary. She says whatever plan we have made, to burn Prachi’s face on holi day, to prove her characterless and to kill her, all plans were failure, but now we are winning, I am mad with happiness seeing Ranbir in my room. Prachi tells Shahana that she did a mistake by trusting her heart and seeing dreams, it breaks. She says I thought to stay in my husband’s room, but he showed my value. She says when I opened my eyes, I saw Ranbir’s betrayal face. He didn’t love me, but betrayed me. He used to talk big, if he wants to have my trust then he has to earn it. She says he said that nothing happened between Rhea and him, if he will prove this way by staying with her. Shahana asks her to calm down. Prachi says let her heart break and emotions come out, she wants to get rid of this pain. Shahana asks her to rest for sometime. Ranbir is sleeping in his room.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she felt peace, seeing Prachi is alone and nobody supported her. She says nobody went behind Prachi, and Ranbir also haven’t gone behind her. She says he was standing there for me, and I am sure that he must have felt that anything would have happen when I was attacked and I could have died. She says he might be scared to lose me. Aaliya smiles and says shall I tell you something. She gets a phone call and tells Rhea that call is important, so she will talk to her in the morning and tell about her next plan. Rhea hugs her and says ok. She goes. Aaliya attends the call. Prachi tries to sleep resting in Shahana’s lap.

Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir gets up and says he is not comfortable with her. He says you have two option, if you want to stay here, then I will shift to Prachi’s room or you can sleep on couch. He says I can’t go to study room being unwell. Rhea says I will sleep on couch. She rests on the couch.

Aaliya shouts seeing Rhea in her room and switches on the lights. She asks what happened? Rhea says whatever I was thinking was not there. Aaliya asks what she is saying? Rhea says everyone thought that I shall stay with Ranbir, so that he gets fine soon, even though Prachi objected. Aaliya says yes, and finally you are staying with him. Rhea says he said that he is not comfortable with me and gave me two options. He said that he will either go to Prachi’s sleep and sleep, or else I shall sleep on couch. She says he don’t want my love, he is staying there in the same room though. She says don’t know what happened to him suddenly, if Prachi did black magic on him, or he changed his mind. She says she becomes my enemy and asks Aaliya to kill her. She says if you don’t kill her then I will kill her. Aaliya says don’t say this, we have come out from Nick’s matter somehow. Rhea says I want to see myself with Ranbir happily married and wants him to proudly say that Rhea is his wife. Aaliya gets thinking and sits on the couch. Aaliya says if that thing happens with you again and if that thing happens twice. She says everyone thought that you was attacked and you got everyone’s sympathy. She says lets plan attack on you, Police will come and arrest Prachi and then Ranbir has to care for you and will get closer to you and will go away from Prachi. Rhea says then Ranbir and I will stay in the same room, where I planned wedding night with him. Aaliya says if this plan is successful then I will decorate that room for your wedding night. Rhea says whom to call to execute our plan. Aaliya says we have to do it ourselves and we have to convinced the family that Prachi couldn’t bear to see you with Ranbir and planned attacked on you. She says this plan is against Prachi.

Pallavi tells Vikram that she has hired new staff help, as Preeti went suddenly. Vikram asks about Shahana. Pallavi says she don’t want to talk about her and tells that her mood spoils hearing about unwanted girl. Vikram says sorry. She asks Rhea to come. Prachi comes to the dining table and sits. Aaliya comes to the dining table and tells that Rhea has a bad habit to watch from window since childhood. Rhea comes downstairs and says good morning, what is in the breakfast. Pallavi asks her to sit. Rhea says she wants to have breakfast with Ranbir, and says he will be fine soon if she spends time with him. Pallavi says I will join you both too. Aaliya says we all shall join him. Vikram says it is a great idea and shall join him. He asks Prachi if she will not come. Prachi says she will have breakfast here and asks him to go. Vikram asks if she will have breakfast alone. He goes. Prachi thinks she is not alone, but her child is with her.

Ranbir comes out from the bathroom and sees his family. Pallavi and Vikram tell that they came to have breakfast with him. Aaliya says it was Rhea’s idea. Ranbir says so sweet of you all and asks what was the need. Vikram gets a file and says it was in study. Aaliya says I will help and read. Ranbir says he brought the file to read. Vikram says doctor told you clearly to rest and you are working to meet the deadline of the project. Ranbir says I am relaxing, don’t worry. He says now we have to do breakfast and then I have to take medicines, so lets do it on time. Pallavi says Ranbir is telling us to give him food and medicines, what kind of family we are. Vikram says we shall take care of you. Prachi is going from there. Pallavi asks him to have food. Rhea says I will make you eat. Ranbir says its ok. Aaliya says wife will feed you, as you are married. Rhea says my hand is not having poison so I will feed you. She makes him have the food. Prachi comes inside and gets sad seeing her feeding him. Vikram asks her to join them, when she is about to leave. He says I was feeling bad seeing you having food alone.

Prachi takes the plate. Rhea tells Ranbir that he had little quantity of food and asks him to have it. Ranbir gets uncomfortable and looks at Prachi. He hesitantly have the food and tells Rhea that he is done. He says I am going to study room, and has some work. Pallavi asks him to rest for sometime. He says I will not take any work load. Pallavi says you should have stopped him. Vikram says he don’t listen to anyone. Pallavi and Vikram leave.

Aaliya gets a call and leaves from there as well. Prachi is leaving when Rhea stops her, and asks if you are going behind him, don’t go. Prachi goes from there. Rhea looks at her