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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Saturday 12th November 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Prachi coming to the hospital temple and asking Mata Rani to save her husband. She says Ranbir is here, because of me and asks her to save him. She says I have visited temple, to pray and take your blessings, then why this thing happen with my husband. She says he is my only happiness. She tells that she didn’t get her father’s love, when she got it later, you have snatched it.

She says Ranbir is my happiness, my life, and everything, save him. Shahana sees her crying. Prachi hugs her. Shahana asks what you will get by saving him, you will save him, but how will you get the happiness, as he is with Rhea. She asks why are you asking his safety, let it be as it is happening. Prachi slaps her.

Pallavi says Ranbir had left me, and chose Prachi over me. She says I remember why he had returned, as I got heart attack, else he would have left me for forever. She says when I refused to bless Prachi after their marriage, he left the house and family. She says whenever he went away, he went due to Prachi. She says he had gone to Bangalore, don’t know what Prachi asked in temple that he was attacked and someone tried to kill him. Rhea says God knows what had happened in the temple, only Prachi knows about it. Doctor comes out and tells that operation is still going on. He asks them to wait in the waiting room and not here. Vikram takes Dida from there. Aaliya tells Pallavi that she will bring water for her and goes. Prachi asks how dare you to talk such thing about Ranbir. She says even if he don’t stay with me, but he will be my husband always. She says he is my everything and says she wishes to stay with him, he is her happiness. She says I love him, he is the only one whose hand I want to hold on, wants to spend my life with him, I know that he loves me a lot and you are saying. Shahana says you have said that he is your life, happiness and everything and asks if he knows what he means to you. She says you used to lighten your heart always, but did you ever think about him. She says he used to say that you are his happiness, and life, then why are you increasing his problems and asks her to confess her feelings to him. Prachi asks what is the use of saying, my heart might break again. Shahana says Ranbir needs you and you can only save him. Prachi says he is in this condition because of me. Shahana says don’t say this.

Prachi says some goons had stolen my mangasutra, but Ranbir came and fought with them. They attacked him with knife. She says Doctor said that he is still holding her mangalsutra even in unconscious state. Shahana says he knows what is Mangalsutra means to you, and that’s why he risked his life for you. She asks her to go and tell him about his child, that you are pregnant. Prachi says I can’t tell him, as he is the reason. She says he did wrong with me and married Rhea. She says Rhea is his wife. Shahana asks her to tell, else she will curse herself all life. She asks her to think how much he will love the child, when he values and loves her mangalsutra so much. She asks her to give a chance to Ranbir, and tell him before it is too late. The goons come there to get the first aid. Shahana says if anything happens to Ranbir, then I can’t forgive you. She requests her to tell him. Prachi runs from there, to tell the truth to Ranbir. She recalls their moments. Main toh tere naal hi…..plays….

Aaliya sees the goons and comes to them. She asks Nurse to go out for sometime. Nurse asks you are asking me. Aaliya asks her politely. Nurse goes. Aaliya asks what did they do? The goon tells that they had returned after talking to her, and tells that they have beaten the guy and then stabbed him. He says Prachi had slit his goon’s hand, don’t know what happened to her. Aaliya shows Ranbir’s pic and asks if this was the guy? The goon recognizes him and asks if he is dead. Aaliya says he is in this condition due to you. Pallavi comes there and asks who are they? Aaliya cooks up the story that they are old drivers etc. Pallavi takes water bottle from her. Aaliya asks the goons to leave the city.

Prachi recalls Shahana’s words and looks at Ranbir through the window pane. She recalls his love proposal, and their recent arguments. She apologizes to him and says I am so sorry, I hurt you so much. Shahana feels bad for Prachi, and says even I made her cry. She goes to bring water for her. Aaliya thinks of her goon attacking Ranbir. Rhea comes there and asks if Ranbir will get fine. She says I will believe whatever you say and asks how did he come here? She says he was going to Bangalore, then how did he come here? Aaliya says if I tell what I am thinking, then you will get mad. Rhea asks what? Aaliya asks her to think that they can use this in their favor, and says whoever stabbed him, had stabbed him as Ranbir was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. Prachi apologizes. The operation is still going on. Doctor comes out after the operation.

Prachi asks if I can meet him. Doctor says not now, and tells that next 6 hours are critical, if he don’t gain consciousness, then he can never get, and asks her not to leave hope and give him sometime. Prachi is shocked and thinks of their happy moments. She runs from there.

Aaliya telling Rhea that whoever stabbed Ranbir, had stabbed him as he was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. Rhea asks do you want to say that the goons whom we had said, had stabbed Ranbir. Aaliya says yes. Rhea asks if they didn’t know about him. Aaliya says how did they know, he is not Ranbir Kapoor. She says we will use this against Prachi, will tell that she is careless and haven’t told us whatever happened. She asks her to scold Prachi. Rhea says if anyone asks us, how we will know about this, then what we will tell. Aaliya says I will tell you, how to tell the story. Prachi cries and tells Shahana that she can’t see Ranbir’s condition. She says I will die without him and says she wants him, as he was before. She promises to agree to his sayings and love him always. She asks if Ranbir will get fine. Shahana says he will become fine. Prachi says Doctor said that Ranbir shall get consciousness in 6 hours else…She then says that he has to come in his senses, as I have to tell him about his third dream, our child. Shahana asks what you will tell? Prachi says I will tell the truth.

Rhea and Aaliya come to the waiting room. Aaliya asks Rhea not to tell them. Rhea says I will not listen to anyone. She asks did you know why Ranbir was stabbed? Pallavi says no. Rhea says Prachi was there when he was stabbed. Dida says that’s why Prachi brought him to hospital. Rhea asks her to hear fully and then see, how you take Prachi’s side. Aaliya asks her to be quiet. Rhea says I will be silent, if you heal Ranbir’s injury and make her fine. She says Ranbir is lying on the bed, as he was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. She says some chain snatchers tried to snatch Prachi’s mangalsutra, then Ranbir came there. She says Prachi convinced him that her mangalsutra matters to her a lot, more than her life. She says she had convinced him, it was all drama, Ranbir is good and couldn’t see and fought with the goons for Prachi, to save her mangalsutra. She says he risked his life to save the mangalsutra, the goons had the knife and stabbed him. She says the goons stabbed him as Ranbir tried to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. She says Ranbir’s life was cheap than Prachi’s mangalsutra. She says I came to know this from Binny’s mom, she was there when the attack happen, so it was not a lie. Pallavi gets provoked and manipulated by Rhea. She says I know that even this time Prachi is responsible for my son’s condition, this time she has put him in trouble and says I will not leave her. Vikram and Dida go behind her. Rhea and Aaliya smiles happily.

Prachi cries and looks at Ranbir through the window pane. She says she is happy that they will become parents and asks him to get up, talk to her, and says you will get your rights and happiness, and you have to get up. She cries. Pallavi comes there with Vikram. Prachi asks what happened? Pallavi asks when you will tell the truth? Prachi asks what? Pallavi says my son’s death planning by you. Vikram asks her not to do drama in hospital. Pallavi blames Prachi for trying to kill Ranbir and says you brought him here, as we shall not doubt her. Prachi asks why will I do this? Rhea says your ego is big and you wants to lower me infront of everyone. She says you have proved that I am careless, and when your mangalsutra was snatched, you didn’t let it go, as you wanted to tell about your bravery to others. She says you have risked Ranbir’s life, if you haven’t done drama and show off, then Ranbir’s life was not in danger. She says due to your fake beliefs, you have sacrificed Ranbir. Prachi asks her to shut up and says I didn’t call Ranbir there. She says I was fighting with those goons, and they had went. She says it seems like someone asked him to return. Rhea asks her to tell that she has sent those goons to snatch her mangalsutra. Shahana asks really? Rhea asks her to shut up. Nurse asks them to go away from there.

Pallavi feels dizzy. Doctor checks her. Prachi says she might have not taken the medicines. Pallavi says I had taken. Vikram asks when, I didn’t see. Pallavi asks why he goes against her, and asks Prachi to go, says I don’t need you. She says my BP increases if I see your face. Prachi asks Rhea to take care of Mummy. Rhea says thanks, for telling me what I shall do. Aaliya asks Shahana to go and take care of Prachi. Doctor asks did you take medicine or not, as I have to give medicine according to that. Pallavi says she had forgotten. Vikram looks at her. Pallavi says that Prachi is responsible for my son’s condition. Doctor gives her injection and asks her to take care. Aaliya says how can you take care, when your life stress is infront of you. She asks her to search permanent solution for Prachi, and says I shall not say, but you might lose your son due to her. Rhea keeps her hand on Pallavi’s hand.

Prachi’s doctor comes to meet the doctor and sees Ranbir. She asks how is he? Doctor takes her from there. Prachi comes to Ranbir’s ward and looks at him, recalling how he was stabbed while trying to protect her mangalsutra. She holds his hand and sits beside him. She says I had asked you always, to stay away from me, that I don’t need you. She says she was lying to herself, says I need you and asks him to become fine. She promises that she will never hurt his heart and will love him so much.

She asks him to return. She says I thought that I will never tell you, but I will tell you now. She keeps his hand on her tummy and says we are pregnant. Ranbir moves his fingers. Prachi looks at him. She asks Nurse to see what is happening to him. Nurse calls Doctor. Prachi asks if Ranbir is fine. Doctor asks her to go out and he checks Ranbir. She recalls Pallavi’s accusations. She starts walking, stumbles and is about to fall down. Her gynaec comes there and asks how she was walking? Prachi says Ranbir is there. Doctor says your pregnancy is complicated and you are walking like this. Prachi says Ranbir is there. Doctor says there are so many people to take care of him, but there is just you to take care of your baby. Doctor sees Pallavi. Prachi asks her not to tell anything to anyone. Pallavi comes and greets doctor Madhu.

Doctor says Prachi was about to fall. Pallavi says she is not needed here and can go home. Doctor asks Prachi to go, else she will tell everything to Pallavi.