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Trinayani On Zee One Full Story Summary, Teasers, Cast, Details

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TV series

Trinayani on zee one is a story of a girl named Trinayani, who can foresee anything bad or harmful that is happening to others. Since whatever she forewarns the villagers about comes true, they accuse her of having an inauspicious tongue.

Trinayani is unable to convince anybody that her intentions are good and all she wants is to save people from the harm that she foresees, and the villagers force her into isolation.

Trinayani on zee one
Trinayani on zee one
Trinayani On Zee One

One such premonition, when Trinayani foresees an accident that Dripto Basu is headed towards, she helps save his life. Dripto’s father, Tapabrata Basu, is overwhelmed by this and decides to get Dripto married to Trinayani, as his life is under threat by his step-mother and step-brothers. Tapabrata believes that Trinayani will be able to save Dripto from the conspiracy against him, but Dripto does not accept the marriage and abandons Trinayani.

Will Trinayani be able to win Dripto’s love and save his life from his conspirators?


Trinayani On Zee One – Details

  • Title: Trinayani
  • No. Of Seasons: 1
  • No. Of Episodes: 423
  • Channel: Zee One
  • Premiere: 4th February 2023
  • Final Episode: TBA
  • Replacing: Carmen
  • Dubbed: English
  • Original Lan: Bengali
  • Original Title: Trinayani
  • Original Release: 2019 – 2020
  • Original Network: Zee Bangla
  • Country Of Origin: India

Trinayani Zee One – Cast, Real Names, Role


  • Shruti Das as Trinayani Basu aka Nayan.
  • Gourab Roy Chowdhury as Driptobroto Basu aka Dipu.

Supporting Cast

  • Jasmine Roy as Jasmine / Jessi.
  • Debjani Chattopadhyay as Sanjukta Basu: Dripto’s step-mother, Topobroto’s second wife.
  • Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee (replaced by) Sourav Chatterjee as Vicky Deb – Sanjukta’s younger brother.
  • Siddhartha Banerjee as Dr.Devdut – Eye specialist and also Nayan’s well-wisher.
  • Yuvraj Chowdhury as Jasmine’s husband.
  • Moyna Mukherjee as Kalpana Basu – Dripto’s late mother.
  • Kaushiki Guha as Trinayani’s mother.
  • Priya Malakar as Kumu: Trinayani’s Sister.
  • Mita Chatterjee as Kripamoyee Basu- Dripto’s grandmother, Topobroto’s mother.
  • Bodhisattwa Majumder as Topobroto Basu- Dripto’s father, Kalpana and Sanjukta’s husband.
  • Pushpita Mukherjee as Protima Basu – Dripto’s aunt, Topobroto’s younger brother’s wife, a drunkard.
  • Aditya Chowdhury as Piku Basu – Dripto’s half-brother, Sanjukta-Tapobroto’s elder son, Rangana’s husband.
  • Rii Sen as Rangana Basu, Piku’s wife.
  • Indranil Mallick as Jeet Basu – Dripto’s younger half-brother, Sanjukta-Tapobroto’s younger son.
  • Debaparna Chakraborty as Sudha.
  • Rohit Mukherjee as Tarun Karmakar, Sudha’s father and police inspector who loves Trinayani like a daughter.
  • Neil Chatterjee as Jayanta- Jasmine’s Elder Brother, Sudha’s Husband.
  • Nandini Chatterjee as Durba- Topobroto’s younger sister, Dripto’s paternal aunt.
  • Ratna Ghoshal as Suhasini Lahiri.
  • Abhijit Guha as Aniruddha Lahiri – Suhasini’s first son,Korok and Koli’s father.
  • Arindam Chatterjee as Aniket Lahiri – Suhasini’s second son.
  • Dwaipayan Das as Anil Lahiri – Suhasini’s younger son.
  • Sanmitra Bhaumik as Korok Lahiri-Suhasini’s Grandson, Aniruddha’s son, Koli’s brother.
  • Deerghoi Paul as Koli Lahiri-Suhasini’s Granddaughter, Aniruddha’s daughter, Korok’s sister.