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This is Fate on zee world, Tuesday 19th July 2022 update

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Preeta encourages Sonakshi to fight for the truth, her family, her self-respect, so that next time, people are afraid to accuse any girl wrongfully. When a girl’s character is questioned, it’s not about girl only. It’s about her upbringing, her parents as well. She can’t let all that happen. She has to fight back. She takes Sonakshi to everyone.

This is Fate Drama Series
This is Fate Drama Series

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Sonakshi tells Rajat that he used to say he loved her, he couldn’t stay without her, he wanted to marry her badly. And today what he did in mandap? He called off marriage on the last moment. He raised questions on her character. She was marrying him, but hadn’t given him rights to question her character in front of everyone. She says not him, but she will break this alliance. She then tells Chacha ji that his intentions weren’t good as it was him who was digging her past behind her back. Chacha ji asks they would let marriage happen just like that? What if truth came out after the marriage. Karan intervenes telling Chacha ji that he said enough. He requests them to leave now. He tells Rajat that he is not like what he thought.

He thought he was perfect for Sonakshi and would keep her happy, but no. He tells Sonakshi, sorry, but he’s glad that her marriage didn’t happen with Rajat. She tells him not to be sorry. She further tells Chacha ji that it seems like he doesn’t have a daughter which is why it was easy for him to accuse her. They will leave after accusing her, but some people will think that she was wrong and that’s why groom left her in middle of marriage. Hence, she tells Chacha ji to prove what he said. Rajat tells Chacha ji that he must prove now. If he is not able to prove, then he will marry her.

Sonakshi asks Rajat what he thinks that she needs proof so that she can marry him? She needs proof for her own, for her family. He’s dead for her from today. If Chacha ji fails to prove her wrong today, then she is going to file a case against them for spoiling her image to teach them a lesson. She is not a girl who is dying to marry him. Her father fixed alliance and she said yes for him. She tells her father that it’s better to be alone than having such life partner. Preeta tells her that she is not alone, they are always with her. Srishti and Karan’s family back her.

Chacha ji says they all are behaving like they are villains. Till now all marriages in Rajat’s family have happened in respectful families and he will make sure that tradition continues. Sonakshi asks him to stop talking and prove his accusation. Chacha ji’s private detective comes there with a paper. He says that he didn’t want to reveal her past in front of everyone, but she forced him to. His detective informed him that she was already married. He has 2 proofs. One for her marriage and other for her having a daughter. Everyone gets shocked. He continues that babies don’t born without marriage. He reads a report that says she gave birth to a child in May 2017. She recalls her father admitting her in a hospital. Chacha ji says that hospital report clearly states that Sonakshi gave birth to a child. Preeta says it could be some other Sonakshi too. What’s the proof that report is real? Sonakshi recalls her father scolding her. Preeta tells Chacha ji that Sonakshi is quiet that doesn’t mean he’s right. That’s such a disgusting accusation. What she should answer to that? Kritika asks why they are doing this? Karan’s mother tells Rajat’s mother that she’s a woman herself and is quiet after listening all this? Dadi also says this is too much now. Karan tells Chacha ji to call the child if he’s right. Sonakshi continues recalling her father telling her what she did. She spoiled Raichand’s reputation and put him down. One day truth will come out and the whole world will laugh at them.

Preeta tells Karan to leave. Even Sonakshi doesn’t know how to react to their cheap accusations. She tells Rajat that he surprises her more than Chacha ji’s false accusation. He called off marriage because of that fake report. Chacha ji tells Preeta that she talks good, but it won’t change the facts. Srishti defends Preeta and insults Rajat. Rajat’s mother intervenes and fight continues among families.

Chacha ji says that he was controlling till now as he didn’t want to harm Sonakshi’s reputation. But now he will have to tell them father’s name. He says that the report has father’s name and asks if anyone is interested in reading it? Karan was going to take it, but Preeta takes it before him. She gets shocked reading Karan Luthra’s name. She faints. Karan’s mother tells Sherlin to bring lemon water. Sherlin thinks that she wants to find whose name is in the report and mummy ji is sending her to get lemon water. She goes.

Chacha ji tells Kritika to tell everyone whose name is written in the report. She too gets shocked and doesn’t know what to say. Chacha ji says that he will tell everyone himself. He says child’s father’s name is Karan Luthra. Everyone is shocked. Karan says what nonsense and he reads the report himself and is shocked.

Karan is shocked after reading the date on the report, Mahesh along with Rakhi are shocked, karan exclaims he doesnot believe anything they are saying , questioning what game are they playing, Prithvi signals Sherlin the game is over, Rajat says that he said if Chacha jee is not able to prove it then he will marry her but she said that he is just blaming her family and it is really not possible, he questions that Sonakshi blamed his family for being wrong while her father even threatened to make them pay, he now questions her who is at fault, Rajat says this means that the child belongs to Karan, Sonakshi rushes out from the hall, she enters her room crying.

Archala jee asks if they have found the proof that her daughter is at fault because she has run away from the situation as this proves that they are right while the other party is at fault, Karan says they have lost their mind, they should refuse from the marriage but not blame them because Sona herself said that she doesnot want to marry so they can leave, Archala jee exclaims they have been ashamed a lot, Harshvardhan jee questions if they really believe that his daughter is at fault, Chacha jee mentions that they had invited their entire family to the wedding , some of them even asked them if there is any fault because of such an elite class, he got curious so called his private detective to find the truth about her daughter, they have a lot of respect so he did not want that his family has to suffer so if Raichand jee has a lot of respect for his money, they also have a lot of care for their respect, Karan should be ashamed that he used such a pious relation to his own meet his own ends.

Karan in anger shouts at him, exclaiming he must talk something so wrong that he is forced to forget that Chacha jee is his elder, he replies that at the date he was even playing and was a national level champion, he only considered Sona to be his good and loyal friend, Chacha jee mentions even then their might have been certain which would have developed as they were such loyal friends, Karan exclaims he is now losing his mind, when he has assured them there is nothing between him and Sona because he was a celebrity even then and if something like this had happened then the press would have known about it.

Karan warns them to leave saying that he will otherwise throw them out of the house, Chacha jee replies they will now not leave until it is proved that the child belongs to Karan and Sonakshi, Rakhi jee says that they all are now crossing their limits, Archala jee explains if it is wrong to speak the truth, Archala jee mentions she would speak against anything which is wrong, she feels sorry for Preeta as she is such a nice girl and did not know the truth, Preeta replies it is because this is not the truth and even if there is something wrong then it did not happen with this Karan Luthra as their might be others with the same name.
Sona is in her room crying, her cousin sister comes asking why she is not opening the door, as they all are blaming Karan, she because of the reason rushes back downstairs.

Rajat says that Sona has not even denied the fact that he was having some relations, with her, Rajat replies he can accept Karan did not marry her because Sona said she did not marry anyone but they were in a relation so he might have had a daughter with her, Karan tries to assure Sona is just his friend, Rajat says he is even talking like this after being at fault, Shristhi comes warning him to not talk like this with Karan, Archala jee stopping Shristhi questions if she doesnot know how to talk, questioning her mothers upbringings, Preeta and Shrishti both shout at them saying they must not sya anything about their mother, Kritika also comes saying that she has said a lot as they don’t know how to give respect as they started blaming at the Mandap, Chacha jee says they have not interest in blaming them because they came to marry their son but did not know that the family is not honourable, Shristhi once again warns them but Chacha je asks where does she come from as even her talk is not sensible, Mahesh mentions they warned them to use such words and should think before blaming their daughter otherwise they would have to bear the consequence, Chacha questions if they want them to question their own son and blame him, Harshvardhan je exclaims they should all leave with their son.

Prithvi thinks that it is said after every night there is a morning, and it seems that now he would have a chance to humiliate Karan.

Chacha jee says they should first accept they all are fault and should apologize, Kritika asks him to stop as they are accepting him because of his age but he wants them to apologize while she feels he should apologize, Rajat shouts saying that she should keep low her voice, Karan even shouts warning him to remain calm otherwise he also knows how to shout, Shristhi shouts at Rajat, Karina also stands by her and even Sherlin gets into the fight, the entire family starts fighting.

Preeta is standing when the cousin comes saying that Sonakshi has locked her room from inside, Preeta even tries to form however they didn’t listen, Preeta is forced to break the vase, to get their attention, she exclaims they are not even listening to her because Sonakshi has locked herself in the room and is not even opening the door but they are not listening to her, Karan rushes by her.

Rajat clapping his hands, asks Kritika and Shristhi that they were asking for the proof but now when they have gotten the proof everyone is saying it casually that they made a mistake, Rajat says to Shristhi and Kritika, the question is why did she hide such a big truth, as If Sonakshi is innocent then there was never any need to hide such a big truth, she would not have accepted any of the blame nor would have tried to take her own life, if anyone blames him of being a thief, he would deny it and even if anyone says that he is a murderer, he would try to prove his innocence but would never try to take his own life for the crime which he did not commit, Rajat requests them to not place there guilt on them because she is wrong, Preeta asks Rajat what sort of a person is he because he is talking like this even after knowing what Sonakshi is going through, Archala jee asks what sort of a person is Preeta made of because she is fighting for Sonakshi as if she is her only support knowing that Sonakshi had an affair with Karan, even then she is taking her side, Sonakshi yells at them ordering that they should stop because Karan is not the father of the child, her child was only born because of her relation.

Sonakshi going to Rajat asks what did he say that he would prove himself if he was blamed and then prove himself innocent but she doesnot want to explain anything nor wants to give the proof because he is not capable as neither did they love each other nor was their relation, but she feels he is not capable and it was her mistake that she agreed to marry him, and her fathers mistake that he chose him, she asks him to remember when she asked if he wants to know anything about her past before their marriage.

Rajat recalls when he met Sonakshi and explained that he knows what he wants to about her but Rajat explains that they should leave everything that happened in their past and focus on their future, Sonakshi asks if he knows why she went to the hospital, he replied that he doesnot care for the reason she went to the hospital, Sonakshi tried to exp[lain he has a chance to ask anything, Rajat questions if she wants this marriage to end, he promised to marry her, Sonakshi questions what did he say, Rajat replies he said he doesnot want to know anything about her, he fell in love with her when he saw her coming out of the hospital, Sonakshi explains he hid the fact that he loved her so what is the point in blaming her, she turning to her father explains that it is his fault, he should thank all the guests and ask them to leave.

Rajat with tears in his eyes exclaims that she wants him to go back, he will leave but then she can argue with her father, having the extra martial affair with Karan, this angers everyone, Karan shouts at him explaining that he is not that Karan and they both were just friends.

Prithvi from behind exclaims they all know he is not that Karan, Prithvi asks Shristhi to step aside then coming explains they all know he cannot do anything as he is not such heinous to make any girl pregnant before his marriage, Prithvi explains that they need to prove his innocence as Rajat has brought the proof so they should go to the hospital, Sonakshi replies they would all go to the hospital and dig out information about her past which will complicate the things, Prithvi says that she herself has said she would not marry Rajat. Prithvi explains they both would go their separate ways but will leave suspicion so they need to go and end the suspicion by going to the hospital, karan exclaims that he doesnot want to end any suspicion, if Sonakshi has said he is not that Karan, she is telling the truth, Prithvi tries to explain Karan himself says that he is a celebrity, their entire family reputation of Luthra family would be spoiled so they have to prove he is not that Karan Luthra, Prithvi goes to Kritika who also agrees then Shristhi asks Karan to go to the hospital and find out the truth, Karan asks Sonakshi who is the person because they both are being blamed, Rajat says no one wants to know the truth so he himself would go to the city hospital because they have the digital records and he will surely come back to them, Rajat says it is because he feels that Karan is the same person because he saw when Sonakshi was hurt Karan cared for her, his looks was different, Karan explains that he will for the last time prove that he is not that person, Prithvi mentions they need to prove he is innocent, Chacha jee replies then whatever suspicion they have would end once and for all. Prithvi suggests that he feels Mahesh uncle and Mr Raichand should also go, the exclaims he feels he also should accompany them so he might be off some help, they all leave so Preeta goes to Karan, they both are really tensed.

Prithvi enters the hospital thinking that he feels it would be miracle the father of the child is the same Karan Luthra, Chacha jee explains they would get the old records from the reception, Prithvi tries to explain they need the information of their old patient. Mahesh mentions that on seventeenth may Sonakshi Raichand gave birth in this hospital so they need to get her admission form, she denies and doesnot agree to gibe it to Harshvardhan, Prithvi mentions Chacha jee should ask his detective to get the information, they have a lot of contacts, but he refuses to use any contacts, Rajat requests him to do it for him, Harshvardhan asks them to all come and sit down. Prithvi thinks that both the fathers are really tensed while sitting, as one is waiting to know the name of the child while the other is praying that his sons name doesnot come as the father of the child.

Karan comes to Preeta asking what she is thinking about, Preeta explains she is really tensed wondering how much Sonakshi has suffered in her past, Karan explains he was worried she might be thinking wrong of him, Preeta replies she is indeed thinking wrong because he claims to be the old friend of Sonakshi even still did not know what she was going through. Karan assures her to stop taking such stress and come with him.

Sherlin coming into the kitchen asks the cook to go as he was being called downstairs. She calls Prithvi exclaiming she has not forgiven him for not making Kritika cry but needs to ask him a question for now about who is the father of the child, Prithvi explains they both were now trying to prove Preeta is not pregnant but in the process have found another way because if they are able to prove that Karan is the actual father of Sonakshi’s child, Sherlin questions why is he sounding so happy, Prithvi explains it is because if Karan is the father of the child then their desire to seek the revenge would be fulfilled. Prithvi receives a call from Kritika so explains he would call Sherlin after a while, she sees Kritika coming so asks her to call and ask from Prithvi what is going on in the hospital.

Sherlin thinks she would see if he answered her call, Kritika exclaims he is not answering her call, She in a state of panic goes to Sherlin exclaiming she cannot believe they are blaming Karan because Sonakshi is his friend since the collage days so she cannot believe what is happening.

Sherlin asks her to calm down, Kritika decides to have some water before leaving, Sherlin thinks she wants Karan to be the father of the child. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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