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This is Fate August 2022 Teasers

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Rishabh is arrested for a crime after he caught Shirlyn and Prithvi red-handed. Prithvi is finally exposed and arrested. Preeta found out she can get pregnant. Sonakshi kidnaps and ends up killing Pihu and blames it on Preeta. The Luthra’s throw Preeta out of the mansion. Read This is Fate August 2022 Teasers

This is Fate Drama Series
This is Fate Drama Series
This Is Fate August 2022 Teasers

Monday 1st August 2022

Yashvardhan cuts off ties with Sonakshi for refusing to file a false complaint against Karan and Preeta. Sonakshi’s gift to Pihu worries Karan and Preeta. Sarla tells Srishti that she doesn’t trust Sonakshi.

Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Sonakshi visits Yashvardhan to discuss a plan to get Karan by any means. Prithvi gets upset to see Rishabh arrive home, but the others are excited. Kareena’s taunts to Sarla upset everyone. Later, Sonakshi plans to use Pihu to get close to Karan.

Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Marcos and his recruit keep looking for their drugs in the Luthra House. A misled Srishti tells Sameer and Karan that Rishabh is having an affair. Karan sees Rishabh hugging Sherlyn. Rishabh tells Karan a thing about Sonakshi.

Thursday 4th August 2022

Sarla calls Rishabh for help, but Marcos’ recruits take her away and hold her captive. Sonakshi thinks about professing her love to Karan. Marcos and his recruits point guns at the Luthras when they see the guests leaving.

Friday 5th August 2022

Sonakshi avoids helping the Luthras against Marcos and his recruits. Surprisingly, the police arrive there and arrest them all. Sonakshi fails to befriend Pihu. Sameer worries after learning that Sarla is looking for suitors for Srishti.

Saturday 6th August 2022

Sonakshi’s ploy makes Kareena presume that Preeta is careless towards Pihu. Later, Karan, Sameer, Rishabh, and Preeta arrive to help Srishti avoid the married proposal. Meanwhile, Sherlyn sees Sonakshi with Yashvardhan at a hotel.

Sunday 7th August 2022

Srishti lies to Sudha to avoid getting married. Sherlyn fails to turn the Luthras against Sonakshi. Karan and Preeta’s closeness and banter upset Prithvi. Later, Rishabh tells Karan about some business issues.

Monday 8th August 2022

Preeta finds Shirlyn and Prithvi in an unacceptable position and threatens to expose them. The duo promises to end their relationship and focus on their spouses. Later, Sherlyn pretends to be nice to Rishabh to trick Preeta.

Tuesday 9th August 2022

Sameer decides to profess his love to Srishti and asks Rishabh for help. Prithvi foils Preeta’s plan to expose him and Sherlyn. However, Preeta tries to convince Rishabh, who lashes out at everyone.

Wednesday 10th August 2022

Rishabh gets sure of Prithvi and Sherlyn’s affair after finding evidence in Prithvi’s pocket. Later, Rishabh apologizes to Preeta. A heartbroken Rishabh returns home, and Karan begins to worry for him.

Thursday 11th August 2022

Rishabh decides to tell his family about Prithvi and Sherlyn’s affair. However, the police arrive there to arrest Rishabh for running over his ex-employee. Prithvi meets Sandeep and foils Preeta’s plan. Later, Sherlyn pretends to be worried.

Friday 12th August 2022

Sarla visits Rishabh in jail to motivate him. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he has offered INR 60 lakhs to Sandeep to falsely testify against Rishabh. Later, Preeta tells Karan, Sameer, and Kritika a plan to outsmart Sandeep.

Saturday 13th August 2022

Sherlyn and Rakhi visit Rishabh in jail. Dr. Shashank’s revelation about Sandeep upsets Srishti. Prithvi threatens Dr. Shashank to give false testimony against Rishabh. The verdict of Rishabh’s case shocks everyone.

Sunday 14th August 2022

Rakhi’s pleading stops the judge from announcing the verdict. Preeta goes to the market with Pihu and Sameer. Soon, she chases Sandeep and Sudeepa after seeing them there.

Monday 15th August 2022

Preeta and Srishti return home disappointed. Later, Kareena and Dadi scold Preeta for her actions. Prithvi struggles to get money from Rishabh’s office to pay Sandeep. Later, Prithvi meets with an accident.

Tuesday 16th August 2022

Prithvi lashes out at Sherlyn. Preeta promises to help Sandeep if he reveals the name of the person who got him to frame Rishabh. Preeta tells Rakhi how Prithvi used Sandeep to get Rishabh arrested.

Wednesday 17th August 2022

A change in everyone’s behavior worries Prithvi, who visits the hospital to kill Sandeep. The next day, Rishabh’s hearing begins. Sandeep’s lawyer recalls being paid by Prithvi to get Rishabh jailed. Meanwhile, Preeta, Srishti, and Sameer look for Sandeep.

Thursday 18th August 2022

A furious Prithvi chases Sandeep and runs over him with his car. However, Srishti and Sameer find him and rush him to a hospital. Preeta tells Srishti why she made Sanjana lie about her condition. Kareena sees Srishti with Sameer.

Friday 19th August 2022

Prithvi arrives at the hospital and plans to poison an unconscious Sandeep. Prithvi realizes that he has forgotten his ring in Sandeep’s room. He soon sees Preeta moving Sandeep into an ambulance.

Saturday 20th August 2022

The Luthra catch Prithvi trying to kill Sandeep. Prithvi pushes Rakhi when she slaps him and lashes out at him for framing Rishabh. After failing to prove his innocence, Prithvi puts a dagger to Kritika’s throat and holds her captive.

Sunday 21st August 2022

After Sandeep’s testimony, Rishabh gets released and Prithvi is arrested. The Luthra prepare for Diwali. Meanwhile, Sonakshi’s return to the Luthras’ house upsets Srishti, Preeta, and Pihu. Later, Sonakshi’s actions upset Karan.

Monday 22nd August 2022

Rishabh visits Prithvi in jail to catch Sherlyn red-handed. Prithvi says something that angers Rishabh. Karan mistakes Sonakshi for Preeta and cuddles her. She tells him something about her dress that makes him angry at Preeta.

Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Preeta cuddles Karan to end his displeasure. A jealous Sonakshi bursts firecrackers around Pihu to make Preeta look careless. Consequently, Kareena scolds Preeta and questions her parenting skills. Preeta falls unconscious and Karan takes Sonakshi’s help to rush her to the hospital.

More Teasers To Be Added Soon…