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The stepdaughters episode 53 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Mayumi and Luisa leaving to board the ship. They thought that they lost Jigs but Luisa suddenly saw him going after them. They hurried to board the ship and it left before Jigs could get on it because he ran into some traders who harassed him for making them drop their products.

Jigs was frustrated because he lost Mayumi and Luisa again so he decided to find a way to get on board. He threatened a fisherman with a gun and took his boat so he was able to go after the ship.

Isabelle was eager to rekindle her friendship with Francis so she called him and asked to go to the movies with him like they did before. Francis was still hoping to find some evidence from her so he agreed.
When Mayumi and Luisa went on board, Luisa felt dizzy due to the sea sickness so Mayumi went to get her some medicine. When she was out, she saw Jigs and went back to get Luisa. She told her that they had to hide because Jigs was on the ship. The two of them hid inside a room because Mayumi hurt her leg while Luisa was too dizzy to walk.

Sasha called Mayumi to check on her but was alarmed when Mayumi spoke in a whisper. Sasha asked her what was going on and Mayumi told her that someone had been following them and wanted to kill them. They were not able to talk because the call was cut off.

Jigs found where Mayumi and Luisa were hiding and was ready to kill them. He said he would kill Luisa first then have his way with Mayumi before killing her too. Luisa begged him to kill her but let Mayumi go because she still had her life ahead of her but Jigs didn’t care. Isabelle called to check how the hunt was going and Jigs was distracted for a second as he went to answer the call. Mayumi hit him on the head with a stick and they were able to run away.

Luisa told Mayumi to run while she stayed back to stop Jigs but Mayumi refused to leave her behind. She found a floater and told Luisa that they had to jump into the water. Jigs found them as they were about to jump and shot at them. When he finally answered Isabelle’s call, he told her that Mayumi and Luisa must have died after jumping inside the water.
Sasha told Francis about Mayumi’s call and he called the police in Dumaguete asking them to help her and Luisa. He was too anxious to wait for news so he decided to go there instead. Isabelle called to confirm their date but Francis said he had something urgent to do and cancelled. Isabelle heard the airport announcement for flights to Dumaguete over the phone and realized that Francis went after Mayumi.
When Francis arrived in Dumaguete, he found out that Mayumi and Luisa boarded a ship to Cebu.

Mayumi was washed up ashore and the villagers helped her since she had a gun shot wound. Francis found her but she was devastated since she couldn’t find Luisa. The authorities helped search for her but told Mayumi not to have any hope of Luisa being alive especially if she had a gunshot wound.

Froilan was at a bar when he saw the news about Luisa’s disappearance and a friend of his suggested searching for her.

Isabelle found out about Mayumi surviving from the news and was furious. She called Jigs to scold him and asked him to look for Luisa and make sure she never came back alive. Jigs said he didn’t know where to begin but Isabelle said she didn’t care.

Isabelle then went to see Hernan to tell him that Luisa went missing at sea after jumping at sea. She said it was Mayumi’s fault for neglecting Luisa.