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The stepdaughters episode 24 – Joyprime

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Mayumi and Bryce taking Francis home to his grandmother’s house. Back at the bar, Isabelle asked about Francis and her friends told her that Mayumi already brought him home.
When Mayumi went home, Luisa told her to pack her things because they were leaving.


Mayumi found out that Luisa had an argument with Hernan but she asked her mother to sort things out instead of leaving. Hernan went to see Luisa and Mayumi left the two of them to talk.
Hernan told Luisa that he never intended to take the money for himself and even tried to find her.


When Isabelle got sick, Brenda convinced him to use the money for their medical expenses so he was not able to give the money back. He also assured Luisa that he did not marry her because he pitied her but because he loved her.


Luisa listened to him but said she still needed time to think things over. She wanted to leave the house but Hernan asked her to stay and he would be the one to leave. He was going for a conference to Singapore of two weeks so he asked Luisa to take the time to think.

Isabelle’s friends brought her home and they found Mayumi pacing in the sitting room. Isabelle was upset with Mayumi for taking Francis home and demanded to know if she had feelings for him. Mayumi said she didn’t like Francis and Isabelle threatened to pull out her cream from Coco Bella if she found out that Mayumi was dating Francis.

The following morning, Luisa left to visit Mario’s grave. The house keeper told Hernan that Daphne visited Luisa the previous evening and Luisa’s mood changed. Hernan therefore found out that Daphne was the one who told Luisa about the lottery ticket.


Mayumi also found out that Daphne visited Luisa. She confronted Daphne at the office and asked if she was trying to make Luisa jealous again. Daphne said she wasn’t the reason Hernan and Luisa were fighting and told her to ask Hernan.


Hernan also talked to Daphne and asked how she found out about the ticket. Daphne said she overheard the conversation between him and Joel. Hernan told Daphne it wasn’t her place to tell Luisa but Daphne said she did Hernan a favor because Luisa was bound to find out. Hernan said he wanted to tell her at the right time. He also asked Daphne not to tell anyone else about it because there would be more problems.
Luisa went with Mum Baby to Mario’s grave and told her what she found out. As they were talking, Luisa fainted and Baby brought her to the hospital.


She also called Mayumi to tell her that Luisa fainted. After the doctor was examined Luisa, she said that there was nothing wrong with her since she was pregnant. Luisa was shocked about the news and told Baby that she would raise the baby alone. Baby however said that the child needed a father. She was also sure that Hernan would be thrilled with the news so she borrowed Luisa’s phone to call him.


Hernan had already left for the airport but forgot his phone at the office. Joel said he would ask Daphne to bring it with her. When Baby called, Daphne answered the call and rejected the call after she heard what Baby said. She then turned off Hernan’s phone and told him that the battery ran out when they met at the airport.

The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Francis brought Mayumi to the hospital and they were happy to hear that Luisa was pregnant. Mayumi asked about Hernan and Luisa said they couldn’t reach him. Francis decided to call Joel since he was with Hernan. Mayumi got to speak to Hernan and told him that Luisa was at the hospital. She wasn’t able to tell him anything more because the line suddenly got cut.


Hernan told Joel to go ahead and attend the conference because he needed to go to the hospital. Daphne told him it wasn’t necessary for him to go to the hospital because Mayumi already told him that Luisa was fine. She told him to call her once they arrived in Singapore.