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The step daughters episode 33 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Mayumi facing the press over the spoilt products from her make up line. Mayumi said she would find the cause of the problem and asked everyone who was affected by the products to file a report at their office.

Mayumi’s distributor called and the company cancelled their contract because of the bad reputation that Mayumi’s products now had. Mayumi agreed but promised to get to the bottom of it. One her way out, Mayumi ran into Isabelle and they had an exchange over the ruined products. Isabelle was happy to see Mayumi’s company struggling and Mayumi suspected that she was the one who sabotaged her products. Isabelle however wrote it off since Mayumi did not have any proof.

Francis asked Froilan not to fight anymore because he just wanted them to rebuild their relationship as brothers. He said he loved him and gave him a hug but Froilan left.

Hernan went to see Luisa at the hospital and she was holding a pile of clothes like a child. He was worried about her condition so he asked the nurse why Luisa wasn’t getting better. The nurse said only the doctor would know since her job was to give Luisa her medication. Hernan asked for a list of the medicine they were giving Luisa so that he could seek another doctor’s opinion. The nurse got flustered and said she would give him the list another time.

Mayumi decided to investigate the products incident along with her staff. Bryce found out from the customer reports that all the ruined products were bought at one store. They went there to check the CCTV footage and they saw Marigold, Isabelle’s staff bringing in counterfeit products to the store. Mayumi was therefore sure that Isabelle was the one who sabotaged her products.

Isabelle had a magazine photoshoot along with other players in the industry but there was trouble when she realized that Mayumi would also be there. She complained because Mayumi’s products were found to be harmful but Mayumi accused her of sabotage. Isabelle said she would sue Mayumi for slander but Mayumi showed her the video of Marigold. She said that she would be the one to sue Isabelle instead. The Magazine representative decided to remove Isabelle from the feature because of the trouble she had caused. Isabelle was mad to be pulled out and left feeling embarrassed.

When Hernan visited Luisa again, the nurse gave him a list of the medicine she had been giving Luisa. When she left to bring Luisa to her room, she left her phone on the table and Isabelle called her. When she came back to pick it up, Hernan got suspicious.

The nurse called Isabelle back to report Luisa’s progress and Hernan overheard her. He took her phone away and heard that she was talking to Isabelle. The nurse had no choice to confess that Isabelle had paid her to make Luisa go crazy. Hernan said he would get her fired and her license revoked. The nurse pleaded with him not to do it because she only did it for the money. She instead told him that Isabelle was the one who had someone run over Luisa with a motorcycle. Hernan was devastated that Isabelle hurt Luisa and he had refused to believe Mayumi.

Mayumi and Francis held a press con to explain that their products were sabotaged by Isabelle’s company and she was going to sue them. Isabelle was worried so she called Marigold and told her to keep her name out of the mess she made.

Marigold begged for her help because she did it under Isabelle’s orders but Isabelle hang up on her.
Hernan confronted Isabelle over the things she did to Luisa. He said that he was hurt to learn that Isabelle was behind Luisa’s accident as well as her going insane. He therefore wished he could disown her as his daughter.