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The Step daughters episode 21 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Bryce talks to Sasha about helping Francis so he and Mayumi could make up. Sasha didn’t want to but Bryce insisted. Mayumi joined them and asked Sasha to go out to eat with her because she was hungry. Sasha told Mayumi to go out to a fancy restaurant with her because she won a dinner for two but didn’t want to go alone. After Mayumi agreed, Bryce told Francis that their plan was on.


Isabelle and her secretary overheard Francis and Bryce talking and assumed that the date Francis was setting up was to surprise Isabelle after he gave her flowers. Francis however left without telling Isabelle anything so she called to ask him what he was up to. Francis said he had something important to do and hang up on her.


Luisa called Hernan to ask what time he would be coming home but it was Daphne who answered. Luisa got upset and went to the office herself. She went through Daphne’s desk to find something suspicious. She found Daphne’s phone and her screen saver was a photo of her with Hernan. When Daphne returned to her desk, Luisa asked her if she had feelings for Hernan but Daphne denied it.


Hernan found them arguing and Luisa told him that Daphne had a photo of him on her phone. Daphne was flustered but she assured them both that it did not mean anything.

Later, Luisa asked Hernan to fire Daphne because she didn’t like her hanging around him. Hernan said there was no reason to fire her because she did her work well and he had never thought of getting involved with her. He assured Luisa that she was the woman he loved and there was no need for her to feel jealous.

As Francis was waiting for Mayumi to arrive, Isabelle came and said that Bryce told her where he was. She wanted to know who he was meeting and Francis said he prepared a dinner for his grandmother but she cancelled. Isabelle hence asked to be his date and Francis couldn’t refuse.


When Sasha and Mayumi arrived, they saw Francis and Isabelle. Mayumi got mad and left immediately before they saw her. Sasha told her what they had planned and she didn’t understand why Isabelle was there. Mayumi said that Francis tricked her to make her feel jealous but she didn’t care. She instead asked that they go to another place to eat.
Francis was distracted and was on his phone the entire time as Isabelle tried to talk to him. He told her that his grandmother wasn’t feeling well and left immediately. He called Mayumi but she didn’t answer so he called Sasha to ask where they were.


When Francis arrived at the bar they had gone to, Mayumi left. Francis went after her to explain what happened but Mayumi told him to go back to Isabelle. Francis said it was a misunderstanding because they only person he wanted to be with was her. Mayumi didn’t respond to his confession and left with Sasha.


Isabelle met up with her friends and told them what happened. She suspected Francis was not meeting his grandmother so she called her to ask if she was feeling fine. Francis’ grandmother said she was not feeling ill and didn’t have any plans with Francis earlier. Isabelle hence confirmed that Francis had a date with someone. When she arrived home, she asked Mayumi to spy on him and find out who he was seeing.
Daphne went to see Luisa the next day to clear up their misunderstanding but Luisa didn’t fall for it. She also told Daphne that she wouldn’t need her help to plan her wedding. Daphne tried to make Luisa jealous by saying that Hernan wouldn’t be home for dinner because he had a meeting. Luisa told her that she too would be there. Luisa dressed up and went to see Mayumi to help with her make up.
Francis tried to talk to Mayumi at the office but she ran away from him. Francis told Bryce that nothing changed between him and Mayumi even after he confessed his feelings to her. Bryce suggested that he find out why Mayumi was avoiding him.

Isabelle pestered Mayumi about finding out who Francis was seeing but she said that she had a lot of work to do and didn’t have time to investigate Francis’ love life.


Luisa met up with Hernan at the restaurant he was having his meeting and he was delighted to see her. When Daphne arrived, he told Hernan that Luisa didn’t want her help in organizing the wedding. Luisa said she didn’t want to trouble Daphne since she had too much work and Hernan said he didn’t mind. We ended as they sat down for dinner.