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The silent thief on adom tv final episode 49

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The silent thief Episode 49, Reign kidnapped Jessie and Ethan also.

She threatening Brylle to marry her or else she will kill Jessie and Ethan. Reign tortured Jessie with an electric weapon to scare Brylle but he still didn’t accept the proposal. She tortured Brylle also and told him that she will her him love her back even if he dies.

Jessie escaped from the room and saved Brylle. She tied Reign up and called officer laly for help. When Lester saw Jessie, Brylle and Ethan running away he followed them and got killed.

Jessie sent Brylle and Ethan to another room and came back to where Lester was. She tried to hide from Reign but she was caught. Reign went with Jessie to where Brylle is , wanting to kill both of them but noticed that Ethan is not around. Jessie tried to stop her and got shot, Brylle also got shot.

Jessie managed to escape but Reign followed her wanting to push her to a box containing snakes but unfortunately she felt in and Jessie got saved ending her character..

Sometime later, Brylle’s family became happy again and at last Brylle proposed to Jessie so they married for the second time and this time Jessie was also pregnant. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


The silent thief on adom tv final episode 49

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