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The Rich also cry on joy prime episode 51

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The Rich also cry episode 51, Mariana and Britney are still celebrating and Soraya is hearing all of it, Britney insists that Mariana shouldn’t tell Luis first, Mariana says maybe it’s a good idea because Tomas is in hospital with her mom, she drives to go see Tomas in the hospital and Soraya follows her and enters the hospital behind her.

Mariana informs Jose that the DNA results came out and Tomas is her son, Jose is happy for her but still he doesn’t want Tomas to know because it may cause a lot of pain to Rita due to her condition, Mariana accepts that.

Mariana goes to see Tomas and they are happy to see each other Mariana tells them not to worry because she will make sure that Rita gets all the medical attention she deserves, Tomas hugs Mariana.

Mariana asks Jose for more information about Chicharo and yes he tells her that Chicharo lives somewhere around this city, he gives her Chicharo’s real name.

Soraya dresses as a nurse and enters the hospital room, she sees Tomas and tells them that Rita is doing better and they shouldn’t worry, they are all happy.

Mariana gives Beccera the details to go find the address of Chicharo and also asks him not to tell Luis about this, Beccera leaves, and Elena congratulates Mariana for the success of the foundation, it seems the foundation is growing and it’s doing better.

Claudia hears Soraya lamenting that Tomas is alive she swears to finish Mariana and her family, she has to find Chicharo first to start again.

Mariana remembers times when she tried to get Luis to investigate more about her son and he refused but then she convinces herself that they’ll be happy forever.

Soraya meets some of Roberta’s classmates and asks them to attend Roberta’s birthday but they refuse, she gives them 100 dollars each and they all accept to attend the birthday party.

Roberta is shocked at how some of her classmates start behaving nicely around her but anyway they’re to go do some shopping for the birthday party.

Mariana is informed that Guadalupe’s condition isn’t very good so Diego had to leave again Mariana feels sorry for them, Diego cries after seeing that Guadalupe’s condition is worsening, Julieta hugs him, Guadalupe cries after they leave she is pained by the fact that she’s bringing pain to Diego.

Elena goes to see Luis she informs him about the success of Mariana’s foundation and she’s so happy you must be happy too, Luis informs Elena that Mariana only cares about her foundation and it’s ok because she doesn’t need him now, Elena hugs Luis and tells him to take it easy.

Roberta and Soraya come back home from shopping and they start preparing for Roberta’s birthday party, though Roberto is not sure about all this, she informs her that her friends will come and there will be a lot of food and drinks and they’ll celebrate.

Sofia also pressures Uriel to go shopping and buy Roberta a birthday gift but as it seems he isn’t into it Sofia decides to go by herself. (There’s some weird pressure between Sofia and Uriel and I also think that Uriel is weirdly looking at his secretary)

Julieta takes Mariana to the small house she was told to find and Mariana thanks her she asks about Guadalupe and she’s informed that her condition is worsening she spends most of her time in bed, Mariana tells her to be strong, Later a gift is sent to Guadalupe’s house for her, Diego hangs it on the wall.

Monse advices Miranda and her boyfriend to abort the pregnancy and they both reject this suggestion, but then they’ll now have to tell Felipe the truth.

Mariana gives Tomas and Jose a new house to live in they can’t believe this they want to reject it but no she’ll cater to all their well-being they should relax she also gives Tomas a Bluetooth headset and a phone so that they can keep in touch to keep track of her mom’s well-being, Tomas is grateful for what Mariana is doing for his family.

Victor is happy to see that Soraya is trying to make his daughter happy since she hasn’t been happy for years. (I think Soraya is pulling Victor’s leg through her daughter like she’s using Roberta to get Victor’s attention).

Mariana tries to have a conversation with Luis for him to have dinner with her tonight but it doesn’t go through because Luis might be having some engagements at that time, he leaves and Mariana is heartbroken.

Vivian tells Soraya that she has staged the meeting of Luis and Frederico Dominguez, the plan is that Luis signs a bad contract with Frederico then after this happens his Salvatierra shares will fall and Rio de Oro buys them and Soraya returns as the owner of the Salvatierra company.

Felipe is at home thinking that the three are there to inform him about maybe planning a surprise party for Patricia since her birthday is coming soon, Monse tells him to relax that’s not it the news is that Miranda is pregnant, Felipe is like no way she’s just a small girl but then he remembers that if she’s pregnant then it’s her boyfriend’s fault he decides to beat up Miranda’s boyfriend but he is told to calm down, Patricia comes home and they decide to hide it from her.

Luis and Frederico meet in the casino and they gamble, Luis ends up losing and he convinces himself that yes maybe it’s just not his lucky night they switch to talk about business and Frederico presents a juicy proposal to him.

Soraya dresses in a sexy manner and comes to Victor’s bedroom, Victor is weakened by what he saw, Soraya gives him what men always want and after it she now asks him for a favor, to go find Chicharo’s address for her.

Luis talks to Santiago about Frederico’s proposal and they all think that it might be great since through this they might be able to expand their company to China.

Beccera gets Mariana Chicharo’s address and offers to accompany her to Chicharo’s place but no she’ll go alone, Beccera thinks that it might be dangerous. Felipe and Monse keep on hiding the secret from Patricia but still, it pains Felipe.

Uriel and Sofia bring a gift to Roberta’s birthday party but they are not allowed in, Victor insists that they should just leave the gift because this party is not for grown-ups but young people, Uriel asks if he can have a chance to talk to Roberta but no you can’t you can speak to her tomorrow or any other day, he closes the door and they leave.

Mariana goes to visit Chicharo he opens the door and she introduces herself to him, she’s here to talk to him but we are shown from the inside that Soraya has pointed a gun at Chicharo’s head meaning he has to lie or else his brains will be blown out. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.