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The Rich also cry on joy prime episode 50

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TV series

The Rich also cry episode 50, Mariana asks Jose to give her more information after he says that he knows where her son is,he tells her where they’ll meet so that they can talk in person.

The woman who got Soraya out of prison drives her to Victor’s place,they keep talking about their plan the lady assures Soraya that there’s nothing to worry about because she has already set it out,Vivian remembers when Soraya helped her in jail and she’s willing to do anything for Soraya,Soraya feels happy and they hug.

Mariana leaves the office in a hurry saying she’ll be back shortly,Luis tries to inquire where she’s going but she doesn’t really tell him as she’s in a rush.

Tamara comes to see Santiago in the office, she’s here to ask for his help since she is broke,she says that since some time back her dad helped Mariana they should at least help her, Santiago asks how much she wants and wires the amount to her account,he doesn’t want a lot of talks, he’s busy she leaves after thanking Santiago like a million times.

Daniela sees Tamara leaving and she is afraid that if Britney sees her she’ll get mad, luckily Britney doesn’t,Daniela looks at Santiago with questioning eyes.

Victor welcomes Soraya to his house,they kiss Soraya wants to be introduced to Victor’s family more especially to his daughter,later she’s introduced to Claudia(the maid) and Roberta Soraya wants to be friends with Roberta already,Victor tells them that now Soraya will be living with them in the house.

Soraya comments that Roberta is so pretty she looks exactly like her father,Roberta is a little bit disturbed because she doesn’t look like Victor.

Daniela confronts Santiago on what they were talking about with Tamara, Santiago tells her that she has a financial problem and therefore she came to ask for help and I helped her,Daniela warns her that if he’ll bot be careful he will ruin his life because Britney will be hurt, Santiago says she’s just an old friend,Daniela tells him to stop being stupid because Tamara affects his heartbeat they were not old friends they were lovers.

Mariana gets to hospital and Jose meets her,Mariana asks for some information about Tomas and all aligns with what she expected,he’s tall,intelligent, hardworking and most importantly handsome.

Mariana asks Jose why he never came up with the news earlier,Jose explains to her that Rita,his wife isn’t capable of giving birth so when they got Tomas they decided to raise him as their own son and Chicharo came to tell him about Tomas being a Salvatierra later when he was already a grown man.

Jose explains to Mariana that his wife is very sick therefore he needs help from her as they need a lot of money,Mariana asks if Tomas is with her and yes he is but they agree that she shouldn’t tell him anything at first.

At Victor’s house we see Soraya trying harder to befriend Roberta she asks her many things especially about her birthday and etc,but funny enough it seems Roberta doesn’t celebrate birthdays as her dad is always busy,Soraya tells her to calm down things will change from now on including her braiding and grooming,I can tell that Roberta is annoyed by Soraya she’s just trying to play nice,the maid also looks pissed off.

Mariana enters the hospital room and meets Rita and Tomas,Tomas is happy to see Mariana as he saw her on TV, he’s happy to see her,he shakes her hand politely and it triggers Mariana’s nerves,you can see the tension between them,such a lovely scene mother and son reuniting,She gets out.

Jose follows her and assures her that yes Tomas is her son,Mariana tells him that she must confirm it via a DNA test,Jose is ok with it Mariana gets some coffee and goes back in she offers it to Tomas who drinks it,Tomas asks the shocked Mariana why she’s not happy,Mariana listens to his voice and yes it really sounds like Luis,Rita is so happy to see Mariana.

At the company Jesus is promoted to take Guadalupe’s place because as it seems Guadalupe isn’t capable of working anymore due to her health condition.

Soraya talks to Victor of a man she will use to get what she wants from Luis,she shows Victor the guy’s Facebook profile,Frederico Dominguez a rich guy who runs various business in and out of the country.

Victor is impressed by Soraya’s moves he tells her that she’s just like Leon full of ambition to destroy the Salvatierra company, Soraya tells him to relax it’s time to celebrate their first move they kiss(soraya is still offering rosecoco like bursary,fear women).

Mariana tells Britney that it’s her son she felt it,his eyes looked exactly like those of Luis, Britney tells her that it might be just an illusion she should be very careful,Mariana tells Diego to take the cup and other test samples to the Salvatierra laboratory for analysis Mariana is super happy she just wishes for the best.

Monse comes to see Miranda at home,Miranda tells her that she’s pregnant,Monse is like wtf are you talking about you are just a young girl,she tells her I am carrying a baby and I need your help,Monse is shocked she thinks that her sister is joking,she asks her to help her go away as she doesn’t want her parents to find out that she offered rosecoc….

Elena talks to Mariana about Luis and he’s disturbed by her behaviour she asks her to at least put some little effort in her marriage,Mariana tells her that she loves Luis, meanwhile Soraya is seated on the next table listening to them.

Mariana goes to see Luis she wants to talk to him but Luis doesn’t really cooperate, he’s not really interested in talking to her he gets a call and Mariana leaves,Vivian calls him and invites him to talk business after he said that today he has a lot of work and he cannot manage to get enough time to come and play.

Guadalupe struggles a lot moving around the house,she’s too lonely she calls Patricia and they have a little talk,Jesus calls her and asks about Elena’s information and files because he can’t really find them in the computer,she tells him how she used abbreviations to save information for example ELSU for Elena Suarez,Jesus thanks her,she tries to keep the conversation going but no Jesus is too busy they’ll talk later.

Jhonny is paid by someone who looks like a mafia boss,he wants to rent a good small car for some business Jhonny promises to deliver the car.

Luis meets Vivian and she talks to him about Frederico and Luis is impressed because he knows that guy as the guy is a well known business man,meanwhile Soraya is peeping from a corner she smiles as soon as she confirms that Luis is in their trap,Luis is forced to take some okoho and the lady starts touching him suggestively.

At Britney’s home we find out that Britney’s mom is stressed since she hasn’t seen Jhonny Ramiro tells her to relax because he’s a grown up,Jhonny comes and notices a small car out there,looks exactly like Luis’s small car but anyway we all know his plan to hire it out,he asks Ramiro about the car.

Julieta comes home and she has something for Guadalupe I think it’s a yoghurt,I don’t really know but she gets spoons for them to enjoy it together but as soon as Guadalupe tries to use the spoon she feels a lot of pain in her hand,Julieta feels sorry for her.

Luis comes home late and mmh he smells fish,,,you gerrit,,,anyway it is what it is,Mariana tries to tell him about the important news that she has but she remembers that she might be wrong and it will ignite another fight between them she just leaves it.

Soraya takes Roberta to school and she notices that Roberta is hated and bullied by her fellow students,she drives off to go follow Mariana.

Mariana and Britney are at the Salvatierra laboratory where she’s given the DNA test results she hesitates to open it,Britney is willing to help her but no she’ll face it herself,she tells Britney that this moment might really change her life,she opens the results and behold we see 99.99% DNA matching meaning Tomas is her lost son Mariana cannot believe this she’s so happy,Britney is also happy for her they rush out celebrating and shouting,Soraya hears Mariana mention that her son is alive and she really gets mad about this she walks away.

That’s how we end our episode let’s meet in the next episode but don’t forget to leave a like after reading.