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The rich also cry on joy prime episode 47

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TV series

The rich also cry episode 47, Soraya is relieved after dealing with Leon perpendicularly, she tries her best to erase all the evidence from the crime scene, why does she do this, to make it look like Leon committed suicide, she cleans the blood on the floor and picks up everything she used for the job.


Down there we see people gathering and screaming around Leon, Beccera, and Uriel also arrive at the scene and indeed they confirm that it’s Leon, but first things first they enter Leon’s house to find out what happened remember it’s commander Beccera so he can access any crime scene.

As Beccera and Uriel enter the house, Soraya leaves using the back door, then she drives out of the apartment smoothly.

Beccera and Uriel are still wondering why this idiot committed suicide, but Beccera finds blood tracks on the balcony seems Soraya forgot to clean all the tracks and this means Leon was already hurt before he was thrown out of the balcony.

Soraya drives to a litter bin and drops the evidence in there, then she drives off.

Elena’s detective calls her and informs her that Leon was thrown through the balcony by a woman and he saw the woman, guess who Elena suspects, Daniela she sends Daniela’s picture to the detective but that wasn’t the woman, the woman was a bit younger, she hesitates and sends Soraya’s picture and yes it’s her 100%, Elena cries as she’s shocked by all these.

Victor wakes up from his sleep he wonders what happened then he remembers that the last time he was conscious he was with Sofia, he goes ahead and smells the cup he drank from he goes directly to his laptop, after perusing through he finds out that the important files have been opened he decides to call Leon, but Leon isn’t picking either.

At Leon’s apartment, we find Beccera and Uriel doing their small investigations before leaving the other bit of work to the police, Leon’s red phone rings and they decide not to pick it up.

After finding out the DNA test results they are shocked therefore they decide to split Beccera goes to collaborate with the police and Uriel goes to prove the authenticity of the DNA results from the doctor who issued the results and later informs Luis of what they just discovered.

Elena calls Soraya crying she asks why did she do it and as women do Soraya tells her that Leon attacked her so she had to defend herself, Elena confesses that she fears her, and Soraya begs her to come around and listen to her side of the story.

Britney and Mariana are at the mansion making stories but it seems that Mariana still believes that her son is alive, Britney calmly advises her to join a help group.

Soraya is in the bathroom, she takes the object she used to smash Leon’s head and hits herself with it, why she wants to convert the story to, he attacked me first, after getting some visible marks and bruises on her body she smiles, and hopes for the best.

Diego and Guadalupe are at work, he notices that Guadalupe is struggling to see something on the computer he goes to help her, Guadalupe is struggling to see if she is 6 or 8, Diego puts testicles on her eyes and tells her You look pretty and she says no am old, as they keep flirting Uriel enters the office quite confused and in a call he goes to speak to Luis, Coco tries to inquire what’s up but he has no time to explain.

Sofia has some juicy information, therefore calls our favorite reporter Maikel Redondo, who is just somewhere in the city formless and bored, she gives him some information about Leon’s death and directs him, Redondo rushes to go get it.

Uriel informs Luis about Leon’s death and since they were friends he says let’s go what are we waiting for Leon was like a brother to me, Uriel tells him to sit down, Uriel gives Luis all the information about how Leon is the owner of the company(Rio De Oro) that was always challenging their company and Leon was using us for the benefit of his company he was manipulating us, Luis is like no that company is Victor’s company, no it’s not that company (Rio De Oro) is owned by Leon and Victor is just there as a puppet Leon was the real boss this hits Luis hard he can’t believe that his friend manipulated him.

Luis is shocked but guesses that Uriel has some more information, Leon was the one who was behind Alberto’s death, and he paid the doctor who did Alberto’s surgery, Luis can’t believe this.

Beccera and the police are interviewing people around the place of what they saw and two cleaners confess that they saw a woman entering, Beccera is shocked.

Victor comes to Leon’s house to see him but as soon as he gets around the place he notices a lot of people around the place, he also sees a dead Leon lying down there, he runs away.

We later see Victor driving and he also stops at a bin destroys his laptop and throws it in the bin but guesses what all the necessary information is with Beccera, he then calls the woman he proposed to and tells her that he wants to leave with her she’s shocked but no problem it’s ok she’s in.

Luis calls his mother to come into the office they need to handle this situation, Coco enters the boardroom and switches the TV on and there is the news, Maikel Redondo is reporting about Leon’s death all the company workers are shocked they can’t believe that their cruel boss is gone.

Luis informs everyone in the boardroom about what Leon did and how he was the one who killed Alberto, Daniela cries and Santiago calms her down, Santiago tries to ask why the autopsy wasn’t done and they engage in some argument, Luis says that Leon managed to manipulate all of them, Uriel calls Luis aside it seems he has some more news.

Uriel gives the DNA test results to Luis and tells him that Mariana was Rafael’s daughter, he is shocked again.

Elena visits Soraya and after showing the marks on her body and lying that she did it for self-defense, Elena hugs her and tells her not to worry it’ll be ok as she’s here for her.

Luis delivers the news to Mariana that she is Rafael’s daughter Mariana can’t believe this as she only knows that Pedro was her dad she decides to go see Padre.

Padre confirms all these to Mariana, yes Rafael made a sacred confession to him about all this stuff, Mariana asks if Alberto knew about it, no he didn’t and Soraya, maybe Mariana tells Padre that she now fears nothing she’s going to confront Soraya for all these.

The police watch the CCTV footage around the apartment and clearly, we all see Soraya entering Leon’s apartment, the police order the arrest of Soraya Montenegro as the main suspect in the murder of Leon Alfaro.

Daniela and Elena engage in some sort of argument in the office, Elena thinks that Daniela has been snatching all her men she started with Alberto and now Leon, Uriel tells them to shut the fvck up as investigations are going on.

Soraya digs a hole in the ground around her garden and buried the thing she used to smash Leon’s head, after burying she hears the doorbell and goes to confirm who is it.

Britney’s family asks themselves how comes Mariana is a daughter of Rafael and not Pedro Villarreal as they all knew.

Mariana enters Soraya’s house with violence, she’s here to confront Soraya for hiding her identity from her, Soraya tells her so you wanted to take my property from me, Mariana tells her it’s not about the property it’s about knowing my truth, Mariana is shocked to see a doll same to her’s in Soraya’s house.

Anyway, the argument goes on and they are about to get into a physical fight, as soon as Soraya pushes Mariana they hear a knock at the door guess who’s here, the police Soraya looks a little bit shocked, the police are here too arrest her for the murder of Leon, she acts as if she doesn’t understand what they are saying, Mariana is like wow so you also killed Leon, Soraya tells her to shut up.

The detective notices that Soraya’s trousers are muddy, he asks why and Soraya says I was doing some work in my garden, the police go to the garden, and within minutes they find the evidence that she had buried there, Miss Soraya you are under arrest for the murder of Leon Alfaro, Mariana is shocked she doesn’t understand what type of person she was dealing with. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.