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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 20

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TV series

The legal wife episode 20, We are continuing our wonderful telenovela and in today’s episode Dante finds out that Monica is part of vita now and ge demands to know everything that’s going on with vita and the Santiago family. Monica tells Adrain that he finds strength with him and Boonjoy and that keeps her going and she leaves for work.

Adrain tells Nicole that he and Monica have started spending less time together and he wants to do something special to make it up to her by getting her a surprise.

Nicole gets to Adrains house and they spend time together trying to help Boonjoy out with his work and it seems that Boonjoy doesn’t like Nicole. He sees Nicole and Adrain together and he doesn’t like what he is seeing.

Monica tries to get home early but works keep on padding up and so she was unable to keep up with his promise of coming home. She calls Adrain to tell him that She has been scheduled to another meeting and she apologises.

Monica gets home and meets Adrain and he tells her that aside her helping her family out she has a family that needs her and Monica gets worried that things aren’t going on well. Nicole finds out that infinity sardines is for Dante and she gets worried. She tells Nicole about it and she is also surprised. Dante tells Nicole to come and learn things about the company and asks Nicole that he can’t wait for her to call him Daddy or father a nd she accepts the proposal to work for her father’s company and calls Dante dad.

Adrain together with Monica and Nicole go have a coffe and there she spills that Dante is the owner. She is really shocked to hear that and wonders when and Nicole says that he wants him to work there and asks if its alright and Monica says she is fine.
Monica and Adrain have a time together and they start to set her on a blind date and Nicole objects and there Adrain says that what man wouldn’t fall for her and they try to set her a blind date and they agree .

Monica suggests that they hire Adrain to be their ad agency and Javier objects because he says that Javier is arrogant. Monica asks that they give Adrain a chance and Javier agrees finally that Adrain should be their ads agency.

Monica tells Adrain about wanting him to be their ads agency and there he is surprised that Javier has agreed and they make plans to get started. Adrain tells her that he is doing this for her and his dad and what’s them to spend time together.

They meet to have lunch and Javi comes there to interrupt them. He joins to eat and starts to cause trouble and they demand that he keeps quiet.
Javier tells Javi to leave and not come back but he should when he is thinking clearly and he leaves with not a regretful face. Javier asks when to expect the presentation and they make a date.

The blind date is on and it happens that Nicole and Jasper were set on a blind date and they wonder how it happened. Nicole tells Monica that their date was a Jasper and she finds it had to believe that Jasper likes her and says that maybe he is.. and he didn’t finish.

Nicole gets home and starts to thinks about Adrain and she tells herself not too. Adrain tells Monica that he is just going to try his possible best and they agree to be team mates.

Adrain makes his presentation and Javier starts to make fun of it and keeps on interrupting him and prevents him from going further and reprimand Monica for doing wrong and Monica says otherwise and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.