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Staying true on zee world, Wednesday 14th June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Wednesday 14th June 2023 update, Shiva tells Atul that something big has happened between Sanjay and Paragi, they need to find out. Atul asks her to forget it. Shiva walks ot Chanda to find out about it and acts as helping her. Chadna asks her to clean the utensils. She says Sanjay’s video got viral yesterday, Sushma must have reacted after seeing the video, and Paragi must have given her a befitting reply and bore her anger. Chanda says she need not worry about Paragi as Sanjay is there to take care of Paragi. Shiva thinks something must have happened at Paragi’s house for sure.

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Sanjay tells Sushma he could not become an IAS officer, but Paragi is truly following her duty and is not wrong; getting summoned is a legal procedure and they will prove that they do their business legally, so they need not worry. Sushma says they are being targeted via their business, Vinod and Sanjay are not understanding this. Paragi says the government is investigating all educational institute’s financial records and since she handled Narayan’s case well, she is given this task. Sanjay requests Sushma to let Paragi do her job. Sushma says Paragi is their family’s bahu too and has responsibilities towards it.

Pramod receives a message and informs them investors after finding out about investigation on their institute backed off from the project. He blames Paragi for their problem. Sushma says Paragi’s action already started showing its effect. Sanjay says they will get a clean chit. Vinod backs her. Paragi notices Pramod tensed and gets suspicious. After some time, Pramod gives a file to Baby and says Paragi should not get this file or else Paragi will prove them criminals and put them behind the bars. Babby asks how can they escape from this mess. He says she should make sure Sushma doesn’t trust Pragi, he will handle the rest.

Paragi thanks Sanjay. Sanjay says he needs one chance to prove himself. She forgives him and hugging him says she missed him. He says even he missed her. She says there shouldn’t be any problems during an investigation or else she cannot save them. He assures that their business is ethical and he trusts his family. Baby and Pramod start their acting seeing Sushma passing by. Baby cries and says Paragi wants to take revenge from them, she didn’t let Sanjay become IAS officer and is now eyeing on his business. Sushma walks in and says she will not let Paragi ruin her son’s dreams and will go to any extent for that. Baby and Pramod think their plan worked well.

Paragi meets Batra and says her family doesn’t have any problem with the investigation. Batra gives her files to investigate thoroughly. Paragi hopes Sanjay’s trust in Pramod doesn’t break down. Pramod gives Sanjay documents to sign and says they need to take bank loan after back out; he asks him to read the documents thoroughly as he doesn’t want Paragi to doubt him. Sanjay says he trusts him completely and signs the documents. Paragi finds out Pramod is running a parallel company secretly and siphoning money and thinks he is the only rogue in the family. Sanjay thinks Paragi has to take action against Paragi now, Sushma will not spare Paragi now. Paragi thinks she is stuck in a dilemma now.

Next morning, Paragi prays to god and tells Sushma that she is just performing her duty. Sushma says Pramod, Vinod, and Sanjay will visit her office. Paragi says everyone need not come except. Her car comes, and she leaves for office. At office, Paragi asks Mishraji to send summon to Sanjay coaching center’s sister concern company and call only its owners. She thinks because of Pramod, whole family will be doubted.

Baby notices Pramod lost in thought and asks what is he thinking. Pramod says he is thinking if he did wrong by transferring all his illegal businesses in Sanjay’s name, he is worried for Sanjay as he is their family’s first kid and very close to his heart. Baby says Sanjay is Paragi’s husband first now and if he had not got Sanjay’s signatures, Paragi would have sent him to jail. Pramod says he got Sanjay’s signatures hoping Paragi will spare Sanjay. He asks her if they would be able to protect Sanjay. She says whoever modern wives are, they are possessive about their husband and will protect them at any cost, so he need not worry; they would benefit in both cases as Sanjay will kick Paragi out of house if she Paragi doesn’t protect Sanjay.

Pramod asks Sanjay to accompany him to Paragi’s office to answer the summon letter. At the office, peon informs Paragi that Mr. Pathak has come. Paragi hopes she questions Pramod fearlessly and performs her duty loyally. Sanjay walks in. She asks what is he doing here. He says he got a call to come alone. At home, Sushma asks Vinod and Pramod why didn’t they accompany Sanjay. Pramod provokes her that Sanjay is Paragi’s soft target and she will emotionally blackmail him and make him confess to the irregularities which he didn’t do. Sushma says her son is stuck between Paragi and Batra, she will go there to protect her son. Vinod tries to stop her and says its Bhopal’s DM and SDM’s office and she cannot barge in there without an appointment. Sushma gets adamant. Pramod asks Vinod to let Sushma go as Paragi called Sanjay alone to target him.

Paragi tells Sanjay says there must be some confusion and will check with Mishraji. Batra walks in and notices Sanjay there. He remembers Sanjay’s misbehavior and asks Sanjay to wait outside till they call him back. Sanjay waits outside thinking he wanted to reconcile with Batra, but Batra is still angry. Paragi tells Batra that she called Pramod, but don’t know why Sanjay came. Batra says he is not interested who is the owner and who is a servant in her family and wants the investigation report by evening. Pramod waits for 3 hours and thinks he should inform Paragi and leave for home.

Pramod and Baby continue to provoke Sushma against Paragi. Sushma leaves for office. Vinod calls Paragi’s off to find out what is happening, but Batra picks the call and asks him to call later as madam is busy. Pramod provokes Vinod against Paragi next. Ashi and Abhay hear their conversation and hope Paragi and Sanjay’s relationship gets strong fighting all the troubles around them. Sanjay gets tired of waiting and asks peon to give him some water. Peon humiliates him. Sushma walks in and gets angry hearing that. Batra finishes his meeting and asks Paragi to meet Sanjay now. He reminds her that she is in a responsible position and has to be loyal to her duty. They hear something breaking outside and rush out.

Sushma breaks furniture and tongue lashes peon for misbehaving with Sanjay. Sanjay says it’s okay as it’s a government office. Paragi is shocked to see Sushma there.

Batra asks Sanjay to control his mother. Their argument starts. Batra asks Paragi to send her MIL out and perform her duty. Sushma asks her to choose between duty and family. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.