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Staying true on zee world, Tuesday 6th June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Tuesday 6th June 2023 update, Sanjay asks Paragi who is this girl. Paragi says she is Akshay’s girlfriend Sheetal, Akshay is betraying Ashi. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Sanjay says Paragi maybe wrong and asks Akshay to prove her wrong. Akshay asks if he doesn’t trust their 22-year-old friendship. Paragi warns him to stop being shameless and accept that Sheetal is his girlfriend. Akshay says she is not. On the other side, Chanda informs Kinker and Shiva that 25 lakhs is siphoned from her bank account.

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Kinker acts shocked and asks how did it happen. Chanda says Paragi handled insurance papers, she doesn’t know how this happened. Shiva alleges Paragi must have siphoned the money. Chanda warns her not to allege Paragi. Kinker says she blindly trusted Paragi and made her head of the house, but she is not even picking her call. Chanda says Paragi is an IAS officer and must be busy at work, she will come to any conclusion only after talking to Paragi.

Akshay tells Ashi that he loves only her. Prem Naryan says he knows his son is not like that. Paragi asks Sheetal to tell how is she related to Akshay. Sheetal hesitantly says Akshay is her boyfriend, leaving everyone in shock. Akshay asks why she is tarnishing a brother-sister relationship as he considers her as his sister. Paragi reveals that Akshay wants to marry Ashi to pressurize her via Ashi not to take any action against his factory whenever he is caught with child labor or any other case. Sheetal asks her to stop lying and alleging an innocent person, she lied once on Paragi’s insistence and warning as an IAS officer. She remembers getting Akshay’s message that he will marry her if she lets him complete his engagement. Paragi shocked asks her to stop lying. Akshay asks Paragi to stop pressurizing Sheetal and says the truth is Sheetal is from an orphanage which his factory helps, he opened a beauty parlor for Sheetal, Paragi is misusing that information to tarnish his image.

Paragi asks Sheetal not to spoil her own and Ashi’s lives with her lies and asks her to show her mobile. Sanjay stops Paragi and forcefully takes her from there. Sheetal says she lied because of Paragi’s pressure and walks away apologizing to everyone. Prem Narayan says he feels humiliated and cancels the engagement. Sanjay confronts Paragi for trying to ruin Ashi’s happiness. Paragi says she will get proof and prove herself. He says she is adamant even now, Akshay’s family is good, and requests her not to do anything and ruin Ashi’s life. He returns to Prem Narayan and requests to forgive Paragi. Prem cancels engagement and throws Akshay’s ring. Akshay pleads not to punish Ashi for Paragi’s mistake. Prem says Paragi got factory raided on roka day and tarnished Akshay’s image on engagement day, she may humiliate them by getting them arrested on the wedding day, he cannot bear humiliation from Paragi anymore and will not let this marriage happen.

Sanjay pleads Prem not to break the engagement and guarantees that Paragi will not interfere again. Sushma, Vinod, and Pramod plead him to calm down. Prem denies. Akshay picks ring back and says he cannot leave Ashi for Paragi’s mistake and he truly loves Ashi. Prem says relationships cannot be one-sided, he cannot bear repeated humiliation. Sushma stops him and orders Pragi to hold Prem’s feet and apologize him or leave the house forver. Paragi holds Narayan’s feet and apologizes. Prem acts as forgiving her. Paragi determines to expose him. After some time, Pramod and Baby speak ill about Paragi and allege her of trying to ruin their family’s happiness. Sushma asks Vinod why he is silent even after Paragi did so much today. Vinod says if Parfagi has taken such a big step, there must be a valid reason behind it. He asks Sanjay to speak.

Sanjay says he feels Paragi did wrong without having any valid proof and blames her. Paragi feels sad hearing that and thinks she will regain his trust again by exposing Akshay and Prem. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.