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Staying true on zee world, Tuesday 25th April 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Tuesday 25th April 2023 update, Nutan getting happy hearing Sanjay’s decision and says I knew that my Sanju can never cut my words. He says yes, and says let them come. Sushma asks if he will marry the girl of jiji’s choice and not with Paragi. Sanjay says I will meet them. Nutan thanks him and tells that Sanju will marry the girl of her choice and not UPSC girl.

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Sanjay is riding on his bike, thinking of Paragi and hits the cart. The cart puller asks her to be careful. Sanjay asks if he got hurt. Paragi calls Sanjay and asks if he is fine? Sanjay says yes. Paragi says we shall focus on the exam, as it is nearer. He says I will go home and talk to you. She thinks something is disturbing him. Sanjay thinks to talk to Paragi. Romi pats on his shoulder and asks if he is practicing to cry after marriage. She teases him.

Sanjay says I am fine. Romi says you can share with me, I am Paragi’s friend. Sanjay thinks how to tell you. Romi says I know that you will not give up anything easily, and requests him never to leave Paragi, and hold her hand amidst the problems. He says I will never leave her.

Vinod asks Sanju why did he promise jiji? Sushma asks why did you agree to meet the girl? Sanju says I have thought, trust me. Vinod says ok. Nutan tells Pramod that Paragi is not right for Sanju, she has big dream and such girls don’t hesitate to leave behind the relations. She says Sanju’s wife can’t be more smart than him. She tells Pramod and Devi that Garima and her family will arrive in the morning.

Nutan shows the diamond necklace to Devi, for Garima. Devi says your choice is best. Nutan asks her to do the best arrangements. Devi says it will be done. Sushma goes to check Sanjay. Devi asks did you sleep in night? Nutan tells that everything is happening as per Sanjay’s happiness. Vinod says ok and goes. Nutan asks them to get milk and its products from Parashar’s shop. Pramod says it is bought. Devi says they will understand that the alliance is cut. Nutan says we will tell them that their daughter can’t become our bahu, and such a clever girl is not right for him.

Paragi thinks Sanjay haven’t called since I agreed for marriage. She thinks it is strange. Romi comes there and tells that coaching is online today. She then asks Paragi to pray for her also, and asks did you thank Sanju. Paragi messages Sanju that she will always stand by him, and will achieve their dreams together and will take care of his family too. He reads the message and says you are trying to become part of my family, to make them yours, but Bua ji thinks that her choice is right for me. Abhay and Ashi come there. Ashi asks how can you do wrong with Paragi. Abhay asks him to tell Paragi. Sanjay says he has online coaching today. He says Paragi will know.

Kinkar comes home and tells Chanda that Pathak orders mawa and sweets in bulk. He says he came to know that the girl’s family is coming there today. He says yesterday Paragi agreed to marry Sanju, and today….Chanda asks if everything was drama yesterday and says with whom the alliance is getting fixed. Romi tells Paragi that the lecture was difficult. Chanda comes there with Shiva and Aditi. Romi asks what happened? Chanda tells that if your second alliance breaks, then how I will bear. Paragi asks what happened? Chanda says these bangles might be fake, and asks who breaks alliance after giving the bangles. She says Sanjay’s Bua has fixed his marriage with someone else. Paragi is shocked. Romi says that’s why Sanjay was worried. Paragi says Sanjay can’t do this, I want to meet him.

Nutan introduces Garima and her father Kishore. She asks where is Sanju? Sanjay comes there and sits. Garima’s mother tells that the kids are awkward with us. Nutan asks Sanjay to make her see the house. Sushma gets worried. Vinod asks her to trust him.

Garima tells that he fits her choice, and is perfect husband material. He says I love some other girl and wants to marry her. Garima says I thought how can a guy be single and asks do you love her so much. Sanjay says I came to know about love from her, she has touched my soul, I had love at first sight with her. He says you might have come here with the hope, and tells that his Bua ji has selected her, and he is not superior to reject her, it will be a big disrespect and requests her to refuse for marriage. Garima thinks how to reject such a nice gentleman.

Nutan asking Kishore and his wife to get the chaap tilak rasam of Garima and Sanju. She says we will give the shagun bangle to Garima and asks Garima’s mother to give coconut to Sanju. She is about to make Garima wear the shagun bangles. Garima says I am sorry, I don’t want to do this alliance. Kishore asks what are you saying? Garima says our personality and thoughts don’t match. I don’t want such a learner guy in my life and goes out. Kishore and his wife comes out. Garima says I will tell you on the way. Sanju comes to Garima. Garima asks his father to give 2 mins. Sanju thanks her. Garima says I don’t want a guy pursuing education. Sanju says love means Paragi to me and nobody else. Garima says best of luck, Paragi is very lucky to have such a life partner like you. Sanju thanks her. Paragi hears him and gets emotional. She calls Sanjay and says you love me so much. He says more than my own life. He opens his arms wide. Paragi comes running and hugs him. Iss mod se jaate hai plays…..Nutan sees them hugging and understands that Sanju made Garima refuse for the alliance. She thinks he is blinded in love and thinks if gets married to her, then neither will he write UPSC exam nor he will be focused in life. She says this girl is very clever, and I believe if wife is ahead of the husband then the life gets ruined. She says I won’t let your life ruined.

Vinod asks Nutan not to think much and says what we can do, if Garima refused. Sushma says may be it is Sai nath’s wish to unite Sanju and Paragi. Nutan says I know well, whose wish is this. Sanju comes there and asks her to hear, and tells that he asked Garima to refuse, as he wants to marry Paragi. He says if I had married Garima, then also I wouldn’t have been happy with her. He says Paragi is my happiness and apologizes to Nutan. Nutan tells that they will go to meet Paragi and will do the rasam. He says you are best Bua ji. Sushma says we shall call the bride’s family here. Nutan says no, the groom’s family will go to bride’s house tomorrow.

Chanda gets a call that they will be coming and gets happy. She thinks Paragi shall get married and leave from here. Nutan tells Pramod and Devi that she is afraid that this alliance might ruin his life. Pramod asks why did you agree? Nutan says I agreed to handle Sanju, and don’t have any friendship or enmity with Paragi. She says I am afraid that the girl is ahead of Sanju and says we are going tomorrow for the rasam, we have to do something there.

Next day, in the car. Nutan asks Sanju to follow the strict time table made by her. Sanju says I studied as per your time table. She says your focus is UPSC and not high school. Sushma says we shall enjoy this outing. Nutan says this era’s generation wants to enjoy. Sanju says today’s generation knows to express themselves and don’t get suffocated like old generation. He says whenever I sit to study, I get Paragi’s thoughts. Nutan thinks she has to do something.

Chanda thinks there are spider web in the house and tries to clean it. Parashar comes there and says he will do. Chanda says I can’t let you work, after you slipped yesterday. Paragi comes there and says she will clean the roof. Parashar refuses to let her work.

Chanda says she is not doing this for first time. Pathak family come to Parashar’s house. Nutan says the street is very narrow and taunts. Ashi tells Sushma that Bua ji might create a scene. Nutan says it is match stick like house, don’t know what I have to do now. Paragi is cleaning the spider web standing on the table. She falls off from the table and the broom falls on Nutan’s face.

Romi comes and helps Paragi get up. Nutan says who hit broom on my face. Paragi moves the curtain and sees Nutan, shockingly. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.