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Staying true on zee world, Thursday 8th June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Thursday 8th June 2023 update, Paragi with Rumi assures child labors they need not worry as they came rescue them. Akshay with Prem walks in smirking and reveals how he got a doubt and found Paragi’s plan. Prem orders his watcmen to tie Paragi and Rumi and shut their mouths. Watchmen tie them to a chair in a room. Paragi notices Sanjay using the washroom opposite to the room and tries to alert her. Sanjay senses her presence.

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Akshay walks to Sanjay and asks what is he doing outside washroom and asks not worry as Paragi bhabhi has taken 2 days’ leave and will return to him soon. Sanjay stunned asks how does he know when he himself doesn’t know about it. Akshay nervously says the school where Paragi has gone, its students’ parents work for him and they informed him about Paragi’s leave. Sanjay calls Rumi and finds it strange that even her phone is switched off. Akshay takes them from there.

Batra warns Mishraji of suspension if he supports Paragi again, gives him Paragi’s suspension notice, and asks him to give it at Paragi’s house. Mishraji asks how will the letter reach Paragi as she is neither at home nor joined the duty yet, he feels madam is on a secret mission. Batra is stunned and asks him to get Paragi’s phone on a tracker, hopes Paragi didn’ do the mistake which he is thinking about.

Akshay orders his goons to throw Paragi and Rumi into the tempo via backdoor and threatens Paragi that he will kill them both and make it look like an accident. Goons throw Paragi and Rumi in tempo. Sanjay walks out of factory thinking of visiting Paragi’s office and finding out reason for her leave and seeing tempo asks what is in it. Goons say ready consignment and drive tempo away. Paragi drops her pendant and hopes Paragi notices it. Light from pendant flashes on Sanjay’s face. Sushma steps on it and asks Sanjay where is he going. He says to Paragi’s office to find out where she is. Sushma says he should think even of Ashi’s happiness and takes him back to factory.

Paragi frees herself and Rumi and says they need to get out of this tempo at any cost. Prem asks Akshay if the task is done. Akshay says he will give good news in sometime. Sanjay calls Paragi and seeing her phone switched off again gets worried for her. Paragi opens tempo door. Rumi says tempo is at full speed and if they jump, they will be severely injured. Paragi says they have to jump and has an idea. Mishraji informs Batra that Paragi’s last location was A1 clothing factory. Batra fumes on Paragi’s reckless behavior and orders to call his whole team. Prem thanks Vinod and his family for attending pooja. Abhay takes selfie. Prem tells Vinod they should consult Pandit and fix Ashi and Akshay’s wedding date. Sushma agrees. Sanjay says he will get car out.

Paragi and Rumi hold a gunny bag and jump from tempo. Rumi says there is no one around, what will they do. Paragi says they need to run from there first. She finds a pandit and calls Sanjay from his phone. Sanjay picks phone, but it gets disconnected. Panditji says his phone disconnects often. Sanjay calls back thinking if Paragi called from unknown number. Paragi short of breath tries to inform that Prem has hidden child labors in factory, but Sanjay scolds if she is still behind Prem and asks her to return home soon. Paragi tried to message Batra. Goons return, snatch phone from Paragi, and kidnap them both again at knifepoint. Paragi and Rumi fight goon and try to run. Goon throws knife at Paragi and it hits her back.

Sanjay checks his car when it doesn’t start. He gets worried for Paragi remembering her calling from an unknown number. He repairs car and informs one wire was loose. Batra with his team enters. Prem Narayan taunts him that he has incompatible people in his team who give him wrong information often, his factory is A1 and he does business ethically. Batra taunts that the pot of his sins is full and even god didn’t listen to his prayers. Akshay shouts what is he saying. Batra warns him to shut his mouth and says Paragi will speak to them now. Paragi with Rumigets out of car with injured hand. Sanjay gets worried for her and asks what happened to her. Batra says Mr Narayan and his son tried to kill Paragi and Rumi, luckily he received Paragi’s message, reached the spot on time tracking her phone location, and rescued her and Rumi on time. He reveals that Prem and his son wanted to make it look like an accident.

Sanjay angrily holds Akshay’s collar for trying to kill Paragi. Akshay says Paragi is lying. Prem asks Vinod why his bahu is tarnishing their image. Sushma asks Paragi why she is ruining both families’ bonding. Paragi says she has proof and reveals that there is a book rack in the factory, behind which there is a secret room where they bot have hidden child laborers. Batra heads towards factory. Akshay stops him at gunpoint and orders to let him and his father escape safely from there.

Chanda calls Paragi repeatedly and gets worried for her when she doesn’t pick call. Atul tells Shiva that Paragi is purposefully ignoring her call as she siphoned insurance money. Shiva backs him. Chanda walks away. Atul tells Shiva it would be good for them if they not let Chanda speak to Paragi.

Paragi warns Akshay with dire consequences for pointing gun at an IAS officer. Akshay threatens to shoot her and asks his parents to get the car out. Paragi throws stone at the gun making it fall. Batra picks it and tells Narayan that his game is over. Ashi collapses seeing all that. Family takes her home. Sushma blames Paragi that Ashi is in shock because of her and asks why she ruined Ashi’s happiness. Paragi says whatever she did was for Ashi’s betterment. Sushma says her daughter was happy till the morning and now she is in shock because of her. Sanjay backs Paragi and says Ashi will be fine soon, but what Paragi did saved her life. Sushma scolds him. Vinod stops her and says Paragi risked her life to save Ashi’s future; if Paragi had not revealed them truth, they would have married Ashi in a criminal family and ruined her life.

Pramod says now a days businessmen use wrong ways in their business, they were fixing Ashi’s marriage with Akshay and not doing business, Paragi’s act ruined their relationship. Vinod warns him to stop supporting an illegal business. Paragi tells Pramod that Akshay was just using Ashi for his benefit and during interrogation, his girlfriend angle will also be out. Vinod says she doesn’t have to give any explanation; family should be thankful to her, but they are blaming her, so he will apologize her on their behalf. Paragi stops him. Pramod and Baby walk away angrily. Vinod tells Sushma that she may love her children, but shouldn’t make a mistake of misunderstanding her bahu. Sushma walks away frowning. Vinod asks Parago to return to her room and rest. He then tells Sanjay that they even they made a few mistakes, they should have trusted Paragi, she went through a lot of hardship, even Sanjay didn’t support her, he should go and make her feel that he is with her.

Paragi over phone tells Batra that she will attend office. Batra says she should rest and praises her. She thanks him for reaching on time and saving her and Rumi’s lives. Batra says keeping his team safe and secure is his responsibility and asks her to rest now. Sanjay hugs Paragi from behind and apologizes her for not trusting him, he says he wouldn’t have forgiven himself if something had happened to her, he promises to never doubt her again and requests her to say once that she forgave him. Paragi says she cannot forgive him; when goons attacked her in jungle, she called him thinking he trusts her, but he didn’t even speak to her properly. Sanjay says she didn’t call him since 2 days and when she spoke, he heard only Narayan uncle. She asks when she was sounding short of breath, why didn’t he realize that she is in trouble; she describes all the incidents where she saw him and thought he would sense her presnse, but he didn’t; Batra sensed her in trouble with an unknown message and trusted her. He says sorry.

She says trusts him and needs his trust in return. He says he understands her each word and pleads to forgive him this time. She says she cannot lie and forgive him at this time. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.