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Staying true on zee world, Thursday 1st June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Thursday 1st June 2023 update, Baby sees a book in Sushma’s hands and asks what is this. She reminds that girl’s family had sought Aashi’s kundali and returned it. Baby asks if kundali didn’t match. Sushma says when Mrs Sharma informed boy’s family about Aashi’s leg debility, they rejected the alliance. Baby says she need not worry as they will find another alliance. Sushma cries saying she insisted Mrs Sharma to inform about Ashiq’s debility, but she hid it and boy’s family humiliated her. Aashi hears their conversation.

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Batra continues his meeting with Paragi and discusses about child labor menace around Bhopal. Paragi says she has noted down a few suggestions and say they should honeytrap the culprits and force them to end this menace. Batra asks if she thinks she is the first officer who thought of this idea. She says she may not, but if they try practically, they may get good results. He gives her first assignment to inspect a few factories and submit the report. She thanks him for trusting her. He says she should not talk about honeytrapping with factory owners and just submit her report by tomorrow evening. She asks if they can forget what happened at training and move ahead. He says he heard it, she may go now. She leaves.

Aashi confronts Sushma that she always fixes her alliances for her debilitated daughter and deny to pay them bribe, so they cancel alliance. Baby says she will call Sanjay and give those greedy people’s address to him, he will teach them a lesson. Aashi asks her not to disturb Sanjay and let him celebrate valentine’s day at least; instead of begging for alliances and getting rejected repeatedly, she should also study like Paragi and become something. Sushma cries. Baby provokes her that only she is worried for Aashi’s marriage as Sanjay is busy with Paragi and Vinod considers Paragi as his daughter and ignores Aashi; as jiji said, she should handle the house from hereon. Sanjay calls marriage broker and says he wants to meet each family before fixing alliance as its a question of his daughter’s life. He thinks both Aashi and Paragi are his daughters and their better future is his responsibility.

Paragi rushes home feeling worried for Sanjay and calls him, but his phone is not reachable. She asks Sushma if she knows where Sanjay is. Sushma says she told her something before joining her duty as IAS officer. Paragi remembers her advice. Sushma says before joining the duty, a blue light car interfered between her and Sanjay and today on the first day of joining her work interfered between them; Sanjay was waiting for her since morning and she was busy at work, this will not work. Paragi rushes to her room and sees Sanjay asleep waiting for her with cake and decoration to celebrate valentine’s day with her. She wakes him up and apologizes for coming late. He says she need not explain. She continues apologizing and trying to explain. He says she need not as he is not angry on her at all as he knows an IAS officer’s responsibility, so let us cut cake. She asks if he knows who is the DM, its Batra sir. He is shocked to hear that. She says he is troubling her since before training. He says he is khatra/danger sir and not Batra sir. She says she needs his hug. He hugs her. She says they say it right that boss is like DIL. He asks her to cheer up. She goes to change her dress.

Vinod gets angry on Sushma for finding an alliance for Aashi without his knowledge. Sushma says he is only worried for his new daughter Paragi. He says he is equally worried for all his children and has many boys’ biodata in his mobile and files. Sushma says her daughter is not a file to be stacked somewhere, he is busy celebrating Paragi’s success and not bothered about Paragi. Vinod says she involves Paragi in every issue and blames her unnecessarily. Pramod asks them to calm down. Sushma says she is calm and just watching everyone doing whatever they want to. She tells Vinod that she doesn’t think that she did wrong. Vinod says she doesn’t acknowledge her mistake, that is her biggest mistake.

Sanjay and Paragi cut cake and wish happy valentine’s day to each other. He shows his UPSC form as valentine’s day gift. She happily thanks him and says this is the best gift for her, then say she didn’t get any gift for him. He says she can gift him if she wants to. She asks what.

He says she can dance happily when his younger brother knocks door and disturbs them. He opens door and asks what happened. Brother says he didn’t want to disturb them, but there is a fight happening between Tauji and Taiji. Paragi thinks if its regarding her.

Abhay informs Sanjay that Tauji/Vinod and Taiji/Sushma are fighting. Paragi asks if its because of her. Abhay says its regarding Ashi’s marriage and even Ashi is upset since the evening. Paragi asks what happened and asks Sanjay to go and check as maa/Sushma is already angry on her. Sanjay walks down with Abhay and sees Sushma complaining Vinod that he doesn’t want to take responsibility of Ashi’s wedding, Sanjay is settled with Paragi, Viond is happy with his new daughter Paragi, and if no one needs her here, she will go to her mother’s home. Vinod says as she wishes, he cares for his daughter and her marriage is her responsibility. Sushma cries in her room. Sanjay hugs and consoles her and says he and papa have already met a few guys regarding Ashi’s alliance and will finalize one soon. He goes to get her favorite cold coffee. Paragi overhears their conversation and thinks that her Sanjay is too good, he cares for everyone so much.

Next morning, Paragi prepares and serves breakfast to the family and tells Sushma that she will not disappoint her again. Vinod, Pramod and Sanjay join for breakfast. Baby tells Pramod that she and Sushma are fasting today, so he can pack her breakfast and give it to poor. Sushma says today is Sai paat/recitation, so they will not have anything till evening. Paragi says if they had informed her beforehand, she would have prepared less breakfast. Baby taunts that she will know if she stays at home. Sanjay asks if its a secret Sai paat as he stays at home and doesn’t know about it. Abhay says exactly. Paragi asks Sushma and Baby she will prepare whatever they want to have for breakfast. They hear her car siren. Sanjay asks her to forget about household chores and leave for the office. Paragi says she will cut fruits, but Sushma stops her. Sanjay says he will cut fruits, gives Paragi’s belongings and asks her to go now. Sushma recalls Sanjay opening the car door for Paragi. Pramod taunts that Sanjay is doing what Paragi should do for him. Sushma asks Paragi to return home on time for puja. Paragi says she will try and leaves for office.

Sanjay visits Ashi and seeing her applying nail polish offers to help her. Ashi says he should do it for Paragi. He says why should he, helps her, and asks opinion regarding marriage. She says she is ready for marriage, but she doesn’t want to marry anyone just for the sake, she wants a guy who will love her the way she is and not because she is from a well`off family. He says it may take time, but they will find her Mr perfect, she is special and doesn’t have any flaws in her. Sushma overhears their conversation and smiles.

Paragi with her PA Arun visits a factory who checks and informs that factory is closed. She says its a weekday. He says factory works whole month and closes only once in a month for cleaning. Paragi says something is wrong, they will report Batra about today’s situation and will return tomorrow with proper permission letter, then she will see how will the owner not open the factory. Once she leaves, factory owners Prem and his son Akshay discuss that they got information at the right time and locked the door, they need to bribe officers and get them on their side. Paragi on the way to office chats with Ashi, Sanjay, and Chandna. Arun praises her that she is managing office and house really well, but how will she manage when she gets more busy. She says she will take inspiration from Jhanshi ki rani.

Factory owners meet Batra and offer him bribe. Aryan walks in without accepting bribe. Akshay tells Prem that Aryan looks to be a honest officer, so they need to think something else to save their factory. Paragi meets Batra and informs him that factory was locked. Aryan scolds her that she wasted time and resources, he needs factory’s report as soon as possible. She nods okay.

Sanjay makes pooja arrangements ands asks if she invited Akshay also. Akshay with his parents walk in. Sanjay’s family welcomes them and scolds him for not meeting him since long.

Akshay apologizes him for not attending his marriage and asks to introduce him to bhabhi. Pramod says she is busy and may not even attend pooja on time, so he may have to wait for hours to meet her. Paragi enters with sweet boxes. Sanjay says he doesn’t have to wait and shows Paragi.

Akshay is shocked to see Paragi and realize she is the investigating officer. Sanjay introduces Paragi as his wife IAS officer Paragi Pathak. Paragi greets them. Camera focuses on everyone’s face. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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