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Staying true on zee world, Sunday 11th June 2023 update

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TV series

Staying true on zee world Sunday 11th June 2023 update, Episode begins with Sanjay enters his room and gets surprised seeing it decorated. Paragi tells him that after marriage moments were painful for them. But they can begin the relationship now.

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He places a kiss on her forehead ( Siddat song plays in the background ). He picks her up and puts her on the bed. He is about to get close to her but Batra’s call disturbs them. She picks the call. Batra tells her to study the file and submit the report. He says that her next assignment is inspecting educational institutions.

Sanjay ends up sleeping because Paragi talked to Batra a lot about assignment. She disconnects the call and notices Sanjay. She thinks that she will prepare everything again for him. She hopes that her family’s institute name won’t be there in the list. She tells herself that Pramod running their coaching centre and his thinking is different.

Next day, Shiva tells Chanda that she made breakfast for her. Atul says to Chanda that he brought jalebi for her. He asks Kinkar to join them. Shiva apologizes to Chanda. Atul tells Chanda that he also has rights on his father’s money. She tells him that her son has the rights not thief. She says that she knows that he didn’t realise his mistake yet. He asks her that how many times he has to apologize to her. She tells him that one time is enough but he should apologize wholeheartedly. She regrets for not giving a birth to Paragi.

She says that she should not have give birth to Atul. She asks him that if he brought jalebi to kill her and goes inside. Atul tells Shiva that he has to do something.

Meanwhile, Paragi realises that she forget her mobile at home. Sanjay brings her mobile to office. He gets impressed seeing her cabin. She apologizes to him for yesterday.

He asks her to give tea to compensate for yesterday. She smiles at him and asks poen to bring two tea. She studies the files and she reminds him about Holi. He tells her that he is excited to celebrate Holi with her tomorrow. He clicks her picture. She spills tea on Sanjay’s institute file by mistake. He bids bye to her and hugs her.

Batra comes there and questions Paragi. She says to him that Sanjay brought her mobile that’s it. Sanjay leaves from there. Batra asks her to submit the report and he leaves from there.

Later, Paragi asks Sanjay that if he is upset. He tells her that Batra comes between them always. She asks him to not waste the time by bringing Batra’s topic. On the other hand, Chanda buys clothes for Paragi. Atul asks her that if she bought anything for Aditi or not. Kinkar tells him that Chanda send shagun to Aditi’s home already.

Paragi and Sanjay comes there. Chanda gives shagun to them. She asks Paragi to celebrate Holi well. Kinkar asks Sanjay to be careful with Paragi on Holi day. Batra calls Paragi and tells her to visit the office for an hour tomorrow to attend a meeting. She decides to hide about meeting from Sanjay. She plans to visit office when Sanjay prepares for Holi with his friends. Shiva and Atul hears that.

Minakshi taunts Krisha that she killed Daksh because of her greed. Krisha rushes to Jaya and says I just want a chance to clarify my truth. Jaya says we are all listening. Krisha says when we went there, Daksh was threatening me and he told me that Devraj’s life was in danger and he had put a bomb in his shoes but when I tried to save him, Daksh grabbed me and he shot himself. Devraj says you know what was Daksh’s quality? He was innocent, he didn’t cheat people and you are blaming him for all this? Jaya asks if she has any proof then tell them, you had a video, right? Krisha says I don’t have any proof but I am telling the truth. Jaya says enough. Devraj tells Krisha that you were light in my life but now you have become an eclipse in my life. You were in my life because of Daksh and now he is no more so you can’t be in my life, he leaves. Minakshi says she should be sent to jail. Krisha says you can call the police and they will find out the truth. She asks them to call the police. She tries to call herself but Jaya says enough, no one will call the police. We can’t be disrespected more, if you don’t have proof then you can’t expect trust from us. You should be punished, you can stay here but that will be your punishment. Ugra angrily leaves. Everyone leaves Krisha alone there. Rati hugs Krisha as she cries.

Devraj is looking at his and Daksh’s photo. He recalls playing with Daksh in childhood and how they used to play together. Devraj thinks I promised Daksh, I won’t let anyone hurt him. He takes the gun and is about to shoot his hand but Jaya comes there and takes the gun away from him. She asks him to come back to his senses. Devraj says Daksh must have felt this pain, I want to feel it too. Daksh was never like this so why did he do all that? I couldn’t save him.

Krisha tells Aarav and Rati that Daksh killed himself to separate me from Devraj. I have you both so I won’t let Daksh’s win, Devraj is my husband so I will clarify all this. Daksh thought that he broke us apart but he can’t.

Devraj tells Jaya that he will go back to the office because you are asking me to. Krisha comes there and pleads with him to let her in the room. Devraj tells Jaya that I can’t choose between my own family members, I can’t believe that Krisha would shoot Daksh but she will talk bad about Daksh which I can’t hear right now. Jaya says if she is hurting you then I will keep her away from you. Jaya comes to Krisha and says you will stay away from Devraj, go away and don’t hurt him more. Devraj looks away.

Krisha comes to her room in the morning and sees Devraj lying on the bed alone. She sadly looks at him but he looks away. He gets a message which was sent by Daksh, it’s a voice note in which Daksh said that Krisha hates him and wants to separate me from you. I have a friend who will tell her the truth to you if something happens to me. Devraj is angry hearing all that. He leaves from there. Jaya comes to Krisha and stops her from going behind him.

The investors are waiting for Devraj so Kuch tells them that Devraj is not a condition to handle the business so I will conduct the meeting. Devraj comes there and is drunk, he says I am sorry, I am late.

I was late and couldn’t even save my brother. He died in my arms and I couldn’t do anything. Kuch says he is not in a condition to signing the agreement, I will do it. He signs the agreement and smirks. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.