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Staying true on zee world, Saturday 10th June 2023 update

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TV series

Staying true on zee world Saturday 10th June 2023 update, Paragi keeps money cheque in front of her dad and says she will try to set things right with his teachings. Kinkar walks to her and says she need not take loan. He asks why is he saying this. He gets afraid seeing Lalith and walks away. Paragi gives cheque to Chanda and says she need not worry now.

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Atul says maa cannot stand in bank queue to get money, so he will visit bank. Chanda says Atul is right and gives cheque to Atul. Atul snatches it and tears it. Atul shouts what is this nonsense. Paragi is shocked and asks Sanjay why did he tear the cheque. Sanjay says her heart will also break into pieces like this cheque if she finds out truth and reveals that Atul, Shiva, and Kinkar did insurance fraud by hiring a fake insurance agent and drawing money via Chanda’s fake signatures.

Shiva warns Paragi not to trust her husband as he is lying. Sanjay shows proof file to Paragi. Paragi says she need not see proof as she trusts him completely.

Atul asks Paragi not to trust her husband and warns her to lower her eyes. Kinkar asks him to stop lying now and accept that they did a fraud. Chanda says Sanjay never lies and asks why did he steal money in his own house. Atul says Paragi doesn’t have any share in their money and threatens Paragi not show her IAS attitude and reminds how he used to physically abuse her in childhood.

Sanjay warns him to dare not touch his wife or else he will break his hand. Atul tries to hit Sanjay. Chanda holds Atul’s collar and asks how dare he is to think of hitting Sanjay. Atul pushes her and she falls. Sanjay and Paragi hold him. Paragi then slaps Atul and warns him that she will forget that she is younger to him and show him and his wife their place if they trouble maa again.

She says she will take care of maa and Kinkar from hereon, Shiva and Atul should look after themselves and if they do anything wrong again, they will repent for life. Chanda thanks Paragi and Sanjay and says she did some good deeds in her past life that she got them.

Paragi forgives Sanjay for his unknown mistake and hugs him. Shiva determines to take revenge from Paragi for slapping and humiliating her husband. They spend some quality time together on the way home.

Back at Chanda’s house, Atul and Shiva tongue lash Kinkar for betraying them. Kinkar says they betrayed Paragi and maa instead and he is relieved after their trust is out. Atul warns him that he needs to stay with them and he will see till when Paragi will save him. Kinkar warns that Paragi and Sanjay will not spare them if they do anything to him and they will lose their shelter. Sanjay returns home with Paragi and gets romantic with her.

He gets a business meeting reminder and rushes away. Sushma and Baby watch them from balcony. Baby provokes Sushma against Paragi that Paragi has made Sanjay as her slave and is making him run around her.

Atul breaks things in anger. Shiva calms him down and says they should attack Paragi’s weakness Sanjay and his family finding a chance. Atul says Paragi will not let them near her house.

Shiva says they should emotionally blackmail Chanda and then use her to ruin Paragi reputation and her life. Sanjay returns home. Paragi gets romantic. Baby continues brainwashing Sushma against Paragi. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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