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Staying true on zee world, Monday 12th June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Monday 12th June 2023 update, Atul informs Sanjay that Paragi left to meet Batra without informing him. Shiva provokes Sanjay against Paragi and says Paragi will not hesitate to leave him for Batra. Sanjay says that is impossible and angrily walks out from there. Atul tells Shiva tha Paragi will witness the drama for snatching his money and rights and slapping him.

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Paragi and Batra’s meeting finishes. Batra thanks Paragi for attending a meeting and says he wouldn’t have called her if it wasn’t an important meeting. She wishes him happy holi and he replies back. She then twists her leg and slips. He heps her. Sanjay walks in there and gets angry seeing them together. Paragi gets shocked seeing Sanjay there. Sanjay holds Batra’s collar and shouts how dare he is to touch is wife. Paragi asks him to leave Batra. Sanjay denies and asks Batra why he called Paragi on the festival day. Batra warns Paragi to control her husband and says he can reply Sanjay, but Sanjay is not a position to understand anything. She apologizes him. Sanjay insists Batra that he cannot leave until he finishes the talks. Paragi asks him to not create any drama in her office, says Batra is her boss and she cannot take Sanjay’s side in front of him. Sanjay asks if Batra is more than her boss. Paragi and Batra warn him to shut his mouth.

Atul and Shiva eagerly wait at Sanjay’s house to watch the drama. Ashi thinking them as thieves asks them to leave. They push Ashi and run away. Vinod asks Ashi to stop bothering about drummers. Pramod thinks where would have Paragi taken Sanjay on the festival day. Sanjay tells Batra he ruined his first holi celebration with Paragi. He again questions Paragi and Batra’s relationship. He throws the nameplate which hits Batra’s head. People gather hearing the nose. Paragi splashes water on Sanjay’s face. A man among mob records the drama.

Paragi asks Sanjay to come get into his senses. He asks why she came to meet Batra today. She warns him to mind his tongue or else he will regret it tomorrow. Sanjay says he is already regretting, is a loser, and not an achiever like her and Batra. He apologizes her for creating a drama and says Batra coming in interfering between them. She says Batra is just her boss. He asks if she is sure. She asks how can he even think like that. Abhay noticing their fight takes Sanjay away from office.

Sushma asks Baby to call Abhay and find out where he is. Abhay enters with Sanjay. Everyone gets worried seeing Sanjay’s condition. Paragi cleans Batra’s cabin and apologizes Batra for Sanjay’s misbehavior. Batra says he is not interested in her personal life and called her for a professional meeting. She says he knows. He says his name shouldn’t be dragged between her personal issues or else their name will be spoilt. She requests him not to take any action against Sanjay. He says that he will not file any case against Sanjay, but it shouldn’t be repeated.

Abhay brings Sanjay home and informs Vinod that Sanjay seems to have consumed bhang. Pramod asks him where was Sanjay till now, and Sushma asks where is Paragi and who is responsible for Sanjay’s condition. Abhay says they should ask Paragi once she returns as he doesn’t know anything. Sanjay blabber Sanjay did wrong to him. Sushma blames Paragi for Sanjay’s condition and asks Sanjay what did Paragi do. Vinod says Sanjay is not in his senses and hence they should wait till Paragi to know the truth.

Pramod receives a video message of Paragi splashing water on Sanjay’s face and shows it to Sushma. Paragi returns home. Sushma alleges Paragi that she crossed all her limits today. Paragi asks what did she do. Sushma says Paragi is acting innocent after humiliating Sanjay, shows the video, and says Sanjay reacted because of this. Vinod asks Paragi to explain what really happened. Paragi apologizes them for visiting office without informing them. Sushma says Chanda humiliated her the other day and Paragi humiliated Sanjay tolday. Baby taunts that Paragi became an IAS officer because of Sanjay. Pramod taunts her next. Vinod asks them to stop. Sushma says Sanjay always supported Paragi, but she always broke his heart. Vinod asks Paragi not to explain anything as no one here will understand her and asks her and Abhay to take Sanjay to his room.

Abhay and Paragi take Sanjay to his room and lie him on the bed. Abhay asks her to call him if she needs any help. She asks how did Sanjay consume bhang milk. Abhay says he doesn’t know and walks away. Paragi remembers Sanjay’s words and thinks how can he suspect her. She gets tense thinking about Batra’s reaction after he sees the video. On the other side, Batra watches the video, thinks he is defending himself for the first time because of Sanjay, and asks Mishraji to find out who recorded the video. He notices Paragi’s message and ignores it.

Shiva and Atul rejoice seeing the video. She says she took revenge on Paragi. He hopes they can live telecast Paragi’s insult and humiliate her more. Next morning, Chanda takes her medicines and thinks Paragi and Sanjay must have enjoyed holi celebration.

Sanjay wakes up. He is unable to recall yesterday’s event and asks Paragi if something happened yesterday. Paragi says she can’t even describe what he sdid. Abhay informs them that family is calling them downstairs. They walk downstairs and notice Chanda present there. Vinod scolds Sushma for dragging Chanda unnecessarily into this issue. Chanda defends Paragi and says if she has done something, then there must be some reason behind it. Sanjay asks what really happened. Baby shows him the video.

Sushma tells Chanda that her family ruined their reputation, so Paragi cannot stay at Pathak’s house and asks Chanda to take Paragi from there. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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