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Staying true on zee world, Friday 8th June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Friday 8th June 2023 update, Sanjay wakes up and gets romantic seeing Paragi drying her hair after a bath. Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan Hai.. song plays in the background. He apologizes her, but she walks away. He thinks he made a mistake and is apologizing her, but she is not ready to forgive him. Paragi walks to home temple. Ashi walks to her and hugs her. Paragi says she has right to get angry on her. Ashi says she saved her from a fake relationship, but family misunderstood her. Paragi says there shouldn’t be any sorry or thank you between sisters. They both smile. Sushma notcies them.

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Chanda’s condition worsens. Kinker gets worried for and asks her not to take insurance money tension. He drops her to room and tries to call a doctor. Shiva stops him and says mummy is having low BP and will be fine, so he need not spend money unnecessarily on her.

Paragi serves breakfast to family. Sanjay tries to help. She says she and Ashi will serve and denies his help. Ashi signals Abhay and says Paragi prepared tasty breakfast today, so she will take recipe from Paragi. Abhay says Paragi deserves better cook crown then. Sushma comments she got more than what she deserves and is troubling them since she came to their house. Sanjay says food is amazing, they all can taste and opine. Vinod asks Paragi to join them. Paragi says she is late for office and will have breakfast at office and leaves. Vinod says Paragi is hurt. Sushma yells that Sanjay is trying hard to seek her forgiveness, but Paragi is adamant. Vinod says Paragi has right to show her anger. Sushma says everyone is hurt and asks Sanjay not to apologize Paragi again.

Paragi visits Batra. Batra says she did a good job yesterday, but did not follow any protocol and hence deserves suspension, but at the same time, she saved many children’s lives, so she escaped suspension. Paragi thanks him and says she will follow protocol from hereon, she expects his trust in return. He says its not a govt officer where she can laze around; gives her new assignment. She thanks him and says she will work with her full ability and not let him complain. He says his principles will not let him be lenient next time. She says he shouldn’t be lenient to his juniors and let them learn from their mistakes.

Kinker sees Chanda waking up and asks if she is fine now. She says yes and says Paragi used to take care of her and do everything without asking, but she didn’t give her anything in return. Kinker says even he can serve her and presses her head. She says because of her foolishness, she lost 25 lakhs which he also had a right on. He asks her not to think much and relax.

Paragi gets her phone back after repair and finds Chanda’s multiple missed calls and messages. She calls Chanda, but Shiva picks call and lies that mummy is sleeping now and will inform her to call back once she wakes up. Paragi thinks of meeting Chanda and thinks why did she make so many calls. She gets Abhay’s call to reach home soon as something happened to Sanjay. She worried for Sanjay rushes home. Sanjay showers flowers on her and apologizes her for all the mistakes. She says its not easy. He says she is taking revenge. She says she needs time as her life was at risk yesterday.

Paragi tells Sanjay that she clearly remembers maa/Sushmaa losing her respect that day, but she was about to lose her life yesterday. He says that is not the case. She says even she is a human and has a feeling and can be hurt, etc. He says he is getting impatient because they lost a lot of time already. She says even Sushma didn’t forgive her instantly and she had to wait for long, etc., and asks him to stop this discussion. She gets Kinker’s calls and says she will come to meet mummy, gets worried hearing about Chanda condition and feels guilty for ignoring her maika/parents’ hosue busy with her sasural/in-laws. Sanjay says he will accompany her and they both rush towards Chanda’s house.

Pramod checks account book and informs Baby that his workload increased as he is handling everyone alone, they need to careful during their tuition admission fraud this time and not let Paragi or Vinod know about it. Baby hopes Paragi gets busy in her new project and don’t focus on their fraud.

Paragi with Sanjay reaches Chanda’s house and gets worried seeing Chanda unconscious and doctor examining her. Kinkar says maa felt dizzy and fell down injuring her forehead. Doctor informs that Chanda hasn’t eaten well since a few days and her stress level is high, so they need to take care of her. Paragi gets more worried for Chanda. Shiva blames Paragi for not checking insurance claim papers properly and asking Chanda to sign them because of which insurance agent frauded them of 25 lakhs. Atul blames that Paragi promised to take care of family, but got busy in her own life. Sanjay supports Paragi. Paragi promises to look into insurance fraud and stays there to take care of Chanda.

Sanjay return home and informs family about Chanda’s condition and Paragi staying back there to take care of her. Vinod days he should have stayed with Paragi to support her. Sanjay asks him not to worry as Paagi will call him if she needs anything. Pramod tells Baby that her wish came true and Paragi got busy. Chanda wakes up and smiles seeing Paragi. Paragi apologizes her for not paying attention to her because of which she had to bear such a big insurance fraud. Chanda asks not to worry about her. Paragi says she will make money arrangement. Chanda says she cannot take money from daughter. Paragi says she tied pagri on her head and gave her responsibility and feeding her food asks her to take care of her health and let the rest to her. Chanda feesd her back and hugs her emotionally. Kinkar joins them.

Next morning, Baby asks Promod to speed up new admission process as government is getting very strict and send Sanjay to their university project meeting. Pramod sees Sanjay rushing out and reminds him about the meeting. Sanjay says he canceled the meeting as he has important work. Pramod gets more angry and says he is working hard to set Sanjay and Abhay’s future, but Sanjay is not bothered at all. Sushma returns home from temple and cries that society is taunting her for Ashi’s wedding cancelation. Baby blames Paragi for that.

Paragi feeds juice to Chanda and says she has started loan process. Sanjay sends flowers for Chanda. Chanda gets happy. Kinkar hears Shiva and Lalith planning Maldives vacation and confronts them.

They try to lure him with share, but he walks away. Sanjay hires a spy to find out about insurance fraud and learns a shocking revelation. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.