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Staying true on zee world, Friday 2nd June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Friday 2nd June 2023 update, Sanjay introduces Paragi as his wife IAS officer Paragi Pathak to Akshay’s family and introduces Akshay as his childhood best friend who is 2 years older than him. Ashi and Akshay’s nok jhok starts. Family laughs seeing their cute nok jhok. Sanjay tells Paragi that Ashi and Akshay are known as Tom and Jerry in their friend circle, they fight but cannot stay away from each other.

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Panditji calls everyone for pooja. Paragi goes to change her dress and returns. Sushma asks her to go and sit behind. Akshay tells his father Prem Narayan that they didn’t attend Sanjay’s wedding, but something big has happened which they don’t know, they just need to make use of that event. Pandit says he needs yellow fruit in pooja prasad. Sushma tries to get up. Paragi asks her to sit and goes to get fruit.

She goes to kitchen and cuts papaya. Sanjay walks behind Paragi and gets romantic. He holds her from behind and kisses her cheeks. She says if someone notices him like this, he will be trashed. He says he is ready for that and looking into her eyes is about to kiss her when she backs off. He says they don’t get a chance for romance in joint family, but romancing hiding is amazing. She kisses his cheek and asks him to go and gives him papaya plate.

During dinner, Prem thanks Vinod for inviting them to pooja and hopes Akshay’s business goes well and he settles in left. Vinod says he need not worry and pray god. Ashi serves dinner to Akshay, he looks at her smilingly. Prem asks Vinod what did he think about Ashi. Vinod says he has left it on god. Sushma says whatever has to happen will happen. Servant informs Paragi that she got a call from office. Sanjay holds receiver for her. Sushma gets angry. Vinod tellls Prem that Paragi is an IAS officer and these calls are normal for her. Pragi asks her PA Mishraji if she can sign papers in the morning. He says she needs to sign them right now. Paragi informs Vinod that she needs to return to office. Akshay tells Prem if its regarding their factory. Sushma insists Paragi to have dinner with family. Paragi says its important and she will return soon. Vinod fills a bowl for Paragi and says she can have it in car and return soon after finishing her task. Sanjay offers her water bottle and bag and says he will drop her till car. Paragi apologizes for going like this. Abhay says she need not worry as they will enjoy. Paragi asks Sanjay have dinner with family and leaves.

Prem says he forgot to give shagun to Sanjay’s wife. Vinod says its okay as he can visit again. Prem says he is missing their old days where they used to enjoy breakfast and snacks, he wants to visit tomorrow morning for breakfast again and meet bahu. Sushma says why not. Akshay say she can taunt Ashi again.

Paragi visits office and signs document. Batra visits. Paragi says she finished her work. He says there shouldn’t be any problem and leaves. Paragi thinks he didn’t even praise her, Sanjay says he is right that Batra should be named khatra/danger. She walks out and is surprised to see Sanjay there. Sanjay says he came to take her on a long drive. Arun introduces himself as madam’s personal secretary. Sanjay says he is madam’s personal husband.

Arun taunts that husband gets a chance to sit in wife’s blue light car when she becomes an IAS officer. Paragi feels sad hearing that. Arun apologizes. Sanjay says there is no need to apologize as his wife got a car with her hard work and he is sitting in car due to his fate. Batra notices them and thinks women are unpredictable. Next morning, Paragi serves breakfast to her and Akshay’s family. They all praise her. Prem offers her a diamond necklace. Paragi shocked asks what is it. He says bribe. Vinod asks if he is joking.

Prem says he heard it right, they give shagun to bahu, but since Paragi is an IAS officer, he is giving her bribe. Akshay backs him. Prem repeats his words. Family stands shocked hearing that.

Prem offers bribe to Paragi and says she can use her IAS offcer’s powers and fix his son Akshay’s wedding with Ashi. Sushma gets happy hearing that while others stand shocked. Ashi walks in. Prem says she can keep more jewelry as shagun and fix Ashi and Akshay’s wedding. Paragi goes to seek Ashi’s opinion. Akshay apologizes Sanjay for giving him a shock and says he didn’t want to spoil their childhood friendship and family relations. Sanjay accepts his proposal and hugs him happily. Suhsma thanks Prem for accepting Ashi as his bahu. Paragi goes to Ashi and says she must be shocked with the proposal, but she should consider her bhabhi as her friend and sister and reveal what is in her mind. Ashi says she lies Akshay since childhood and was afraid thinking if a perfect man will like her. Paragi rejoices and says lets go out and inform her decision. Sanjay walks in with Akshay and feeds gulgule/sweet balls to Ashi and Paragi and leaves asking Ashi and Akshay to express their feelings for each other.

Paragi reaches A1 factory for inspection. Batra asks if she got the papers and warns her not to make any mistake this time. Paragi says she doesn’t know who A1 factory’s owners are. Prem with Akshay walks out and asks if she has come for factory inspection and asks Akshay to make sure bhabhi feels comfortable in their cabin. Batra stops Paragi and sends her PA Mishraji for inspection and asks Paragi to follow him. Prem and Akshay get tensed.

Pramod tells Sanjay that their investor backed off from their project. Sanjay says he need not worry, they will get investor as their project is Bhopal’s one of the prestigious projects. Sushma informs Pramod that Ashi’s alliance is fixed with great difficulty and she is not finding a special pendant which they gift after the alliance is fixed. Pramod says he will check at some other places. Baby says she will ask their Delhi relative to check there. Sanjay assures Sushma that she will get a pendant for sure.

Paragi tells Batra that she really didn’t know that Prem and Akshay are A1 factory owners and met them just yesterday evening and in the morning. Batra asks why should he trust her as he saw them speaking to her as if they know her well and says she should prove herself by having an unbiased investigation. Paragi promises to submit an unbiased report to him. Batra says he is watching her. Akshay tells Prem that if this inspection continues, they may have to close their factory. Prem says this factor everything for them and he can do anything to save it. He calls Vinod and says he met his pandit who suggested to perform Akshay and Ashi’s engagement as son as possible. Vinod is amazed and asks how can he make arrangements so soon. Prem says they can perform rituals later and just want to get Ashi into his family first. Vinod agrees.

Prem grins. Sanja searches for pendant in whole market and doesn’t find it. He sees a couple enjoying ice cream and misses Paragi. He calls her. Back at factory, Mishra informs Batra that he inspected factory and couldn’t find any child labor there. Akshay murmurs he hid labors already. Batra asks where is Paragi. Paragi walks in chatting over phone with Sanjay. Batra tongue lashes her that she was busy on personal phone during duty, etc. Akshay and Prem discuss that women are better at home and not as IAS officers.

Paragi takes Batra aside and says she was acting as on phone to mislead Prem and Akshay and showing lollipop sticks says she found them in dustbin and it proves there are childhood labors involved. Batra says even adults can have lollipop.

Paragi says poor children who couldn’t get lollipop and ice cream in childhood would bite even the sticks. He thinks their poor childhood looks similar. She assures to do proper investigation and report him soon and acts as apologizing him.

Batra leaves. Prem acts as sorry for Paragi. Paragi says hee need not worry and thinks why god is testing her relationships. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.