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Staying True June 2023 Teasers

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With her new job, Paragi faces many odds in her investigations even from his own family. A viral video of Paragi and Batra forces Sanjay and his family to oust her from the house and she looses her job. Sanjay is all set to marry “Tia” Later, Paragi exposes everyone including Pramod and Baby. Are we in for a happy ending? Read Staying true June 2023 Teasers

Staying True June 2023 Teasers

Thursday 1st June 2023

Sanjay plans a surprise for Paragi on Valentine’s Day. On the first day of office, Paragi has a face-off with DM Aryan Batra, who gives her a warning. Shiva decides to take advantage of Paragi’s rank.

Friday 2nd June 2023

Sushma reminds Paragi of her warning as she returns home late from office. Sanjay and Paragi celebrate Valentine’s Day. Vinod and Sushma have a fight. Sushma asks Paragi to come home from the office on time for puja. Prem Narayan, the Pathaks’ family friend, attends the puja with his family.

Saturday 3rd June 2023

Akshay tells his plan to his father, Prem Narayan. Prem Narayan talks to Vinod about Ashi’s marriage. Prem Narayan asks for Ashi’s hand in marriage for Akshay. Paragi accompanies Batra to a factory for inspection, where her integrity is questioned.

Sunday 3rd June 2023

The family feels happy when Ashi’s ‘Roka’ is fixed. Paragi gets suspicious about Prem Narayan’s family. Batra and his team raid Prem Narayan’s factory. After receiving this news, Prem Narayan accuses Paragi of cheating.

Monday 4th June 2023

Sushma requests Prem Narayan not to break ties, but he walks away angrily. Batra decides to expose Prem Narayan. Paragi sees Akshay with a girl. Meanwhile, Chanda learns that she has been cheated. Sushma prepares for Ashi’s engagement.

Tuesday 5th June 2023

Ashi and Akshay’s engagement begins. Meanwhile, Paragi finds Akshay’s lover, Sheetal. Paragi tries to expose Akshay during the engagement, but Akshay proves her to be a liar. Prem Narayan decides to call off the engagement.

Wednesday 6th June 2023

The family members are upset with Paragi, but Vinod asks her to find out the truth. Paragi gets transferred, and Akshay gives this news to Prem Narayan. Paragi and Rumi, who enter the factory as workers, find the child labourers hiding there. Sanjay’s family attends the Shivratri puja at the factory.

Thursday 7th June 2023

Akshay orders his goons to kill Paragi and Rumi. On not receiving Paragi’s call, Sanjay is worried about her. Batra saves Paragi’s life and arrives at Prem Narayan’s factory with her. The Pathaks learn the reality of the Narayans. Sanjay apologises to Paragi, but she does not forgive him.

Friday 8th June 2023

Ashi hugs Paragi and apologises to her. Paragi continues to be upset with Sanjay and this does not go down well with Sushma. Paragi visits Chanda after learning of her illness. She finds out that the family suffered an insurance fraud.

Saturday 9th June 2023

Sanjay exposes the fraud that Chanda had to face. Paragi slaps Atul and forgives Sanjay. Batra assigns Paragi a new task. Sanjay visits Paragi’s office and clicks her photo while she works. Chanda gives Sanjay and Paragi gifts for Holi.

Sunday 10th June 2023

Paragi leaves the Holi celebrations midway and arrives at the office for a meeting with Batra. Sanjay, intoxicated with ‘bhang’, creates a spectacle in Batra’s office and a man records it. Sanjay questions Paragi and Batra’s relationship.

Monday 11th June 2023

Pramod receives a video on his phone. Sushma accuses Paragi of insulting Sanjay. Meanwhile, Atul and Shiva rejoice over their move. Paragi tells Sushma about Sanjay’s mistake. Vinod forbids Paragi to leave the house. Paragi later starts working on the assignment and runs into a dilemma.

Tuesday 12th June 2023

Sanjay scolds Atul and Shiva. Pramod gives the family a piece of good news. Sanjay gets a summon for investigation against Sanjay Coaching Centre. Sanjay and Vinod support Paragi. The investors pull out of Sanjay’s project. Paragi learns a fact during the investigation.

Wednesday 13th June 2023

Sanjay visits Paragi’s office. Paragi’s sudden work causes Sanjay to wait outside her office. Sanjay asks Sushma to go home. Paragi and Batra interrogate Sanjay and accuse him of money laundering.

Thursday 13th June 2023

Paragi tells Sanjay that Pramod is involved in the fraud, but Sanjay denies it. The police arrest Atul and Shiva at Sushma’s complaint. Sanjay withdraws the case filed by Sushma against Atul and Shiva. Paragi’s suspicion turns into conviction when Pramod threatens her.

Friday 14th June 2023

Following Paragi’s advice, Sanjay checks the accounts of the new project. Sanjay informs Pramod about the issues in the accounts and Pramod lashes out at him. He suspects Pramod, but Vinod trusts him.

Saturday 15th June 2023

Shiva gives a piece of news to Bebi and Pramod. Baby devises a plan against Paragi, in which Mayank helps her. Mayank makes Batra and Paragi’s video and sends it to Baby. Sanjay is worried about being unable to talk to Paragi and visits her office.

Sunday 16th June 2023

Paragi and Batra regain consciousness and get upset on seeing the news. Vinod asks an upset Sanjay to have faith in Paragi. Paragi leaves the house with the intention of revealing the truth. Batra decides to find out who is trying to malign him and Paragi.

Monday 17th June 2023

Pramod instigates Sanjay to divorce Paragi. Baby advises Sushma to get Sanjay remarried. Paragi decides to save her relationship when Chanda motivates her. Later, Sanjay tells Paragi the truth about his act. Sanjay tells Paragi the whole matter and apologises to her. Baby suggests Sushma an alliance for Sanjay.

Tuesday 18th June 2023

Paragi learns that the security in-charge was Mayank. Sanjay calls up Paragi and informs her about some files. On seeing Sushma preparing for Sanjay’s second marriage, Vinod gets upset with her. Paragi doubts Atul and Shiva and she tells Sanjay about them. Sanjay gives Paragi an idea to expose the truth.

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