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Razia Sultan ZeeWorld, Wednesday 8th March 2023 update

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TV series

Razia Sultan on zee world Wednesday 8th March 2023 update, Altamash telling Mirza that he cannot marry Razia to him. Mirza asks why?? Altamash shows his informer to Mirza and says he got all info of him. He told you are an orphan and haji jamal bought you up and just for a few coins, u can kill any innocent, so he cannot get Razia married to him. Mirza says he left everything now. Altamash says his past is still behind him and no father would give is daughter’s hand into a murderer’s hand. He starts coughing and asks him to get out now.

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Mirza sadly walks out from there. He then comes back and says whole world call him intelligent and pious, but he is completely opposite. He is evaluating him based on his past and not present and forgot his own past. Altamash turns and asks with whose permission he came back. Mirza sees blood on his mouth and gets tensed.

Altamash tells he is inching fast towards death and he must be knowing now why he is taking this drastic decision, he does not want his daughters to fall i.nto trouble after him. He starts coughing more and Mirza gives him water. Mirza holds his hand and says he himself will inform Razia that they are not made for each other and their destiny is on opposite sides. Altamash says he has a big heart and asks him to keep his illness a secret and not even inform Razia. Mirza promises him that he will not. Altamash says after snatching everything from him, he cannot even bless him to be happy and prosperous, he can only bless for his long life. Mirza silently walks from there sadly. Altamash hopes Razia will forgive him as he did this for her betterment.

Joker Ruknuddin yells that Turkan that she has left him like a beggar and even Mirza is wearing bet ter clothes than him. Turkan says even she has only 2 clothes to wear because of Razia. She says it is better as everyone’s attention is away from them and they both will destroy whole kingdom, he has to wait and watch.

Razia nervously waits for Mirza and tells Fathima that Mirza must have spoken to abbu and she will feel shy next time when she goes in front of abbu. Fathima smiles and says she has gone mad in love. Mirza walks in lawn sadly. She hugs him and asks if he spoke to abbu. He nods yes.

Shamshad asks Altamash his opinion about Mirza. He says he is a good man and stood with his family when whole world went against them, but is not fit for razia.

Mirza tells Razia that Atlamash does not want to talk about their marriage until he announces officially and he broke promise made to Altamash by revealing it to her. Razia apologizes him and says just a few days, then nobody will be able to separate them.

Altamash says he has a big dream that Razia should own his sword. She asks if he means he wants Razia to be sultan. He says yes after him, Razia should be sultan. Razia on the other side is seen smiling.

Altamash informing Shamshad that he wishes Razia to become sultan after him. Shamshad says Razia is an woman. He says she has all the qualities of a sultan and can fight her enemies better than males. She says what about kingdom people who did not accept her as savior sultan. He says when they can accept a slave like him as sultan, why can’t they accept a woman. Shamshad says Razia may not accept it. He says he will convince her.

Altamash orders his servants to invite all his relatives and friends. Razia comes and asks if he called her. He says yes and says she must be knowing he married Nadira begum before marrying her mother Qutub jaan. She says she knows and she even has a step brother. He says he called her also and even other relatives. She asks reason. He says it is a special reason. She thinks he must be thinking about her marriage and tells she will take care of guests and will not let him complain. He says he was expecting same from her. She thinks when dad wants to keep it secret, she will until he says himself.

Mirza in lawn sadly thinks how to inform Razia that he cannot marry her on her abbu’s request. Razia comes and says they will go to hill station after marriage. He says he cannot marry her. She says she will kill herself and him, calms down and says she cannot think of life without him. He says she is right they will go to hill station after marriage. Fathima comes and informs that relatives have come.

Nadira and sultan Khwacha’s wife Uzma enter palace with their sons in a palanquin. Nadira yells at servant for bringing palanquin via a rough route. He apologizes. Khwacha’s son Iqbal shouts how dare he is to confront his mom and asks him to get out before he kills him. Nadira’s son Mulkuddin who is an eunch asks why did they call her here. Razia enters and greets them in. She says since mom is not alive, she is taking care of guests. Nazira yells that she did not like her mom as she is Altamash’s another wife and continues… Mirza interferes and asks Fathima to give them cold rose drinks to cool down their minds and asks them to get into place.

Khwacha’s wife Urzma starts crying reminiscing her husband and says she cannot forget how her innocent husband was killed here. Mirza says due to qutub’s death and altamash’s illness, they all forgot khwacha’s sacrifice. Razia consoles her. She calms down. Altamash enters and says he is happy to see all his dear ones. Nadira says he at last called her dear one. He says she left the palace and him. Uzma says she came here with a lot of grudge, but calmed down seeing razia and this man’s hospitality, pointing at Mirza. Altamash says he is mirza althunia and invites everyone for lunch.

Altamash calls Mirza and by garnering his guest’s favoritism is he thinking he will change his decision. Mirza says is not. Altamash asks why did not he inform Razia that he does not want to marry her.

Mirza says he did not find time. Altamash says he will inform Razia. Razia gets shocked hearing their conversation. K