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Razia Sultan ZeeWorld, Friday Saturday 18th February 2023 update

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TV series

Razia Sultan ZeeWorld, Saturday 18th February 2023 update, Razia bringing prasad for Yasir and feeding him. Yasir’s poison vainshes and he wakes up. Shamshad and Shazia get happy seeing him waking up. Razia feeds him remaining prasad. Fathima comes running and informs that Mirza is fighting with joker ruknuddin as a savior sultan in Lal chowk. Razia gets worried for him. Shamshad says that means Mirza is sultan.

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Mirza fights with Ruknuddin but due to poison falls down repeatedly and Ruknuddin easily overpowers him. Ruknuddin boasts himself in front of kingdom people that he will punish whoever threatens him and his throne. Mirza asks him to keep his promise now and give Yasir’s antidote. Ruknuddin says he is cruel, but will keep his promise. He drags Mirza and throws in grave and is about to close it when Razia enters to rescue Mirza and stops joker Ruknuddin. Joker asks who is he. Razia says just like he is fake sultan, Mirza is a fake savior sultan, she is real savior sultan instead. Ruknuddin challenges Mirza and Razia/savior sultan to fight and whoever wins will be real savior sultan.

Shamshad does not find Razia in her room and asks Fathima where is she. Fathima says she does not know. Shamshad slaps her and says she knows Razia is savior sultan. Yasir comes running and informs that Mirza is fighting with savior sultan in lal chowk and he wants to watch it. Shamshad says even she will see Razia’s fight there.

Razia and Mirza’s fight starts with their nok jhok and witty talks. He asks why did she come. She asks why did he take her identity. He says he came to get antidote for Yasir from turkan and ruknuddin. She says that is why he misguided her. He says yes ands says wants to marry her. She says he cannot this life. He sees Yasir standing and gets happy. She starts fighting with him. He says he wants her to survive as she is future sultan of this kingdom and it is better that he dies. Razia falls down. Ruknuddin says whoever is real sultan will be punished for betraying kingdom. Mirza hears that and says he is real sultan and asks ruknudidn to arrest him.

Razia during fight with mirza opening her mask and telling she is real sultan, Razia sultan. People are shocked to see her. Prostitute turkan says her joker son ruknuddin that she told love birds will romance will start. Razia asks people why are they mum seeing her and says how could she see her family being killed and her kingdom people being punished. She is great sultan altamash’s daughter and will never tolerate anyone eyeing wrong on her people.

Ruknuddin asks his mom what is happening, why people are not listening to Razia. Turkan says it is an age-old rule that people punish their savior. Razia pleads people whom she saved to stop and listen to her. They say they are ashamed that a lady saved them and cannot see a lady ruling them and walk out silently. Turkan senses an opportunity and starts taunting. Shamshad fumingly walks from there and asks Razia to come along. Turkan says Razia her naani is calling her.

Razia meets Shamshad who says when she heard savior sultan saved qutub minar and rescued people from ruknuddin, she thought god sent them a savior, but she did not realize her own family member is burning her house. Razia says she is thinking wrong. Shamshad starts alleging that she wanted people’s trust to become sultan of Delhi. Razia says again she is thinking wrong. Shamshad continues alleging that she sensed opportunity seeing altamash ill and went out to garner’s people’s trust and become sultan. Because of her, people are spitting on her and praising ruknuddin. She continues that she did not want to mary old man yaldos and become ghazni’s queen due to her ego. She says it is better if she goes from here as soon as possible.

Razia silently walks out of Shamshad’s room shattered. Mirza sees her and says nobody is as loyal and pious than her in this world. She says she is going to correct her mistake and asks him not to wait for him.

Prostitute turkan tries to provoke old man yaldos that he has become blind in Razai’s love and joker ruknuddin says he should kill Razia. They both continue provoking her. Razia comes there. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.