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Razia Sultan ZeeWorld, Friday 17th February 2023 update

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TV series

Razia Sultan on zee world Friday 17th February 2023 update, Shamshad and Shazia thinking of praying for Yasir’s recovery. Daru on the other side asks Mirza how will he get antidote from turkan without killing savior sultan. Mirza gets a plan and smiles that he will. Razia scolds hakeem/doc for being so careless and asks him to find out what poison Yasir has been given.

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Razia tells Fathima that she doubts joker Ruknuddin and prostitute Turkan are behind this poisoning and must be having antidote seeing the recent events and says she will not go and fight with Ruknuddin as a savior sultan this time. Mirza enters and says she must be thinking joker Ruknuddin and prostitute turkan must be having antidote. She asks how does he know. He says anyone who is normal can easily sense that and says they don’t have antidote, but he knows where it is. She asks where is it. He says if she is sure she will go. He tells vaid Chandra bhatt must be having antidote and gives fake address.

Razia goes to Yasir’s room and tells Shamshad that she will bring antidote. Shazia says if she had known horse riding like Razia, she would have brought antidote. Hakeem says he knows all hakims and vaids and never heard of vaid chandra bhatt and someone has given her wrong info. Razia says she trusts Mirza more than herself and leaves. Fathima helps her climb horse and wishes her good luck.

Daru asks Mirza what is he up to. He says he misled Razia and there is no one called chandra bhatt. He does not want savior sultan to be defeated.

People in the market discuss that sultan will punish joker Ruknuddin and will set an example for cruel rulers. Everyone shout sultan’s slogan.

Ruknuddin’s puppet informs him that Mirza is missing from palace and ruknuddin panics. He tells Turkan that mirza must have eloped getting afraid of sultan. Turkan says she knows mirza well and he is so courageous and brave that he can fight the whole army, he will come back soon.

Razia rides on Mirza’s given route map and finds herself in deep jungle. She realizes that Mirza has tricked her. She shouts if anyone is there. A bush traps her and she realizes that bush will not leave her till morning, but she does not have so much time. She shouts for help.

Ruknuddin’s puppet addresses people in market that soon ruknuddin will fight with savior sultan and kill her and teach them all a lesson.

Razia hears bell sound and thinks it is from ashram. She picks her knife, cuts bush and comes out of it. She then thinks Mirza is right and she cannot doubt him.

Razia hearing shank sound and thinking vaid chandra bhatt’s ashram must be somewhere around. Ruknuddin joker gets ready to fight with savior sultan, but gets afraid of being killed. Yaldos says if he wants to get into people’s heart he should stop being coward and says a day of warrior life is better than 100 years of coward life.

Razia reaches river bank where she sees people praying surya/sun and asks where is vaid chandra bhatt’s ashram. Lady theres says she came to wrong place and there is no ashram here. Razia says her brother’s life is at risk due to poisoning and needs antidote. Lady asks her to perform pooja. Razia says she is a turk and muslim. Lady asks her to perform namaz then and pray god. Razia performs namaz. Lady then gives her prasad and asks her to feed it to her brother.

Ruknuddin waits for savior sultan and boasts in front of people that sultan escaped fearing him. Just then, Mirza enters wearing savior sultan’s attire and removes his mask. Ruknuddin and turkan are shocked to see him. Ruknuddin asks how come he is sultan when he was there when he was about to kill sultan last time. Mirza says it was his friend and asks if he remembers how he saved his friend. Ruknuddin reminisces the incident. Turkan says if he is sultan, then he can easily trick him and kill and even don’t give antidote.

Mirza comes near Ruknuddin and asks him to give antidote now. Ruknuddin says he troubled him a lot and now it is his turn to slowly kill him. He boasts people that he is very generous and wants to hug sultan before fighting, who knows who will survive after this fight. He hugs mirza and stabs him with poisonous nail and says slowly he will go unconscious and he will easily kill him.

Razia walks towards palace with prasad and thinks she saw humanity and learnt a lesson that all religions are equal. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.